Chapter 133 - Would Rather Die Than Concede

    Chapter 133 - Would Rather Die Than Concede

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    Lin Bei Bei listened to her mother's words well. She didn't leave the hospital. After all, she was also afraid to walk outside at night alone. She arrived at the pavilion in the garden behind the hospital and sat down. She looked at the stars in the night sky and fell into a daze once again.

    Suddenly, two dark shadows leapt out from behind Lin Bei Bei. They hit her in the neck and she fainted. The two carried her in a van and quickly disappeared into the night.

    "Young Master Yu, we got her. We're heading over now." Within the van, a bearded man spoke into the phone with a dark smile.

    "Hurry up!" Two words came from the phone before the line was cut.

    There were a total of three people that kidnapped Lin Bei Bei: one was in charge of driving and two sat in the back and guarded her. Of the two in the back, one of them was the man with the big beard that just made the call while the other was a bald man.

    When the gazes of the two in the back fell onto Lin Bei Bei's body, their eyes glinted with evil.

    "Big Beard, this gal is quite pure. She looks like one of the fairies in paintings, I can't help but want to get refreshed," said the Baldie with a smile.

    Big Beard smacked his shiny head: "You must want to die. This is the gal that Young Master Yu is interested in. The most we can do is feast our eyes. If you dare to secretly touch her and Young Master Yu finds out, then eighteen generations of your ancestors will be annihilated."

    Baldie was so frightened that he pulled his hand back and scratched his head with a silly grin: "I was joking, I was joking."

    Once again, Qin Feng brought his 28" bicycle to its full speed. He rode the bicycle in such a way that it was about to fly. Very soon, he arrived at the Royal Clubhouse.

    "Hey Young Master Qin, you're here!" The chubby Manager Liu immediately welcomed him.

    "There's none of your business today, f*ck off!" Qin Feng was in an extremely bad mood. He waved Manager Liu away and flew to Lin Bei Bei's room alone.

    He opened the door and rushed in. He took a loop around the large suite and was immediately disappointed.

    There was no trace of Lin Bei Bei in the room; even her clothes and toiletries were missing. It was clear that Lin Bei Bei moved away, and she left without saying goodbye.

    Qin Feng dialed a number and called Manager Liu over.

    "Young Master Qin, h-how can I help you?" Manager Liu could tell that Qin Feng was extremely off today. He knew Young Master Qin for a long time, but this was the first time he saw him so agitated.

    "Where is the person in this room?" Qin Feng shouted at Manager Liu.

    Manager Liu wiped the cold sweat that was all over this head. He trembled and said: "Young Master Qin... Sh-she left."

    "Where did she go?"

    "I don't know. Sh-she left quietly. I thought she was moving to the Qin Manor to live with you Young Master Qin, s-so I didn't pay much attention to the matter."

    He couldn't be blamed. After all, Qin Feng had just taken Lin Bei Bei out all day. And the next day, she moved out. Given Qin Feng's prior track record, Manager Liu naturally concluded that she was taken into Young Master Qin's grasp and moved to the Qin Manor to play the bamboo flute with Qin Feng every night.

    "I'll deal with you when I get back." Qin Feng shoved Manager Liu away and ran out of the Royal Clubhouse.

    After a series of guesses, he realized that since Lin Bei Bei was currently homeless, if she didn't stay at the Royal Clubhouse, then she could only have gone to her mother's hospital room.

    Ten minutes later, Qin Feng arrived at Acropolis City's First Hospital. He went over to Mother Lin's hospital room, pushed open the door, and saw Mother Lin lying quietly on the hospital bed. However, he did not see Lin Bei Bei.

    "Auntie Lin, has Lin Bei Bei been at the hospital these past couple of days?" Qin Feng's heart was filled with worry for Lin Bei Bei. Once he walked in, he got straight to the point.

    Mother Lin sat up. She closely considered Qin Feng: "You must be Qin Feng?"

    "That's me. Auntie, Bei Bei hasn't gone to school for the past couple of days so I purposely rushed here to gauge the situation."

    "Qin Feng, Bei Bei has stayed here with me these past three days. I could tell she was in a bad mood... Did you guys fight?" When Mother Lin saw that Qin Feng worriedly ran over in the middle of the night, the worry in her heart lessened. She could tell that Qin Feng cared about her darling daughter.

    "Auntie, then where is Bei Bei?"

    "Bei Bei? She was just here. She said she wanted to go out for fresh air... Wait, this girl went out for a good while. I told her not to run around so all things considered, she should be back by now?" Mother Lin suddenly became worried.

    Qin Feng's expression turned cold. He already had a bad premonition, but in order to prevent Mother Lin from worrying, he stood and said: "Auntie, don't worry. I'll go out and find Bei Bei. You rest and don't think about anything."

    "Okay okay, then I'll trouble you to find her," Mother Lin said.

    After leaving the intensive care hospital room, Qin Feng called Uncle Fu to pinpoint the location of Yu Wen Xiang's cell phone. He already came to the detailed deduction that the only person in Acropolis University that had the guts to violate Lin Bei Bei was Yu Wen Xiang.

    Very quickly, a text message arrived containing Yu Wen Xiang's current location: the Wan Feng Hotel. Since Yu Wen Xiang was at a hotel at this time, this reaffirmed to Qin Feng that he had abducted Lin Bei Bei.

    Anger erupted within Qin Feng. His eyes turned completely red and his entire body was ablaze. He rushed out of the hospital and sped towards Wan Feng Hotel on his 28" bicycle.


    Wan Feng Hotel, Top Floor Presidential Suite

    At this time, Yu Wen Xiang leaned comfortably on the sofa. A cigar dangled from his mouth and a glass of red wine was in his hand. He daydreamed about the wonderful and passionate time yet to come.

    The doorbell suddenly rang. With a look from Yu Wen Xiang, the two people wearing black standing by the door ran to open it.

    "Young Master Yu, we've brought her!" Big Beard and Baldie had smiles of flattery as they brought Lin Bei Bei in.

    Yu Wen Xiang bolted upright. He looked at the unconscious Lin Bei Bei with a green glint in his eyes: "Very good, you all can leave to receive your compensation."

    "Thank you Young Master Yu!" The two smilingly left the room. At this time, Yu Wen Xiang's expression fell serious. He gave the two wearing black by the door a look. They nodded in acknowledgement and followed the other two out the door.

    Not a minute later, the two wearing black returned to the presidential suite with blood stains on their hands that had not yet dried. They said respectfully: "Young Master Yu, the nuisances were eliminated."

    Yu Wen Xiang suddenly laughed maniacally. This time, he was completely at ease. Now, besides the two bodyguards in black standing by the door, no one else knew about his abduction of Lin Bei Bei. He could now peacefully enjoy this lovely meal.

    "You both are dismissed." With this command, the two wearing black retreated and shut the door.

    Yu Wen Xiang gleefully arrived before Lin Bei Bei. He splashed the red wine he was holding onto her charming face. In an instant, Lin Bei Bei woke up.

    "What do you two want to do? Let go of me, hurry and let me go!" After awakening, Lin Bei Bei's memory was still at the time where she was knocked unconscious. She knew she was in danger and struggled with all her might.

    Her body was tied with rope and her hands were bound behind her back. No matter how strongly she struggled, she couldn't break free. She began to look around the premises. When she saw Yu Wen Xiang standing before her, her heart sank abruptly.

    "Young Master Yu. L-let me go."

    "Haha... let you go? Do you think that's possible?" Yu Wen Xiang squatted and admired Lin Bei Bei's beauty.

    Because she was struggling with all her might, her hair and clothes were disheveled, revealing an enticing unruliness. Yu Wen Xiang became restless as he watched her.

    "Young Master Yu, I beg of you, let me go." Lin Bei Bei continued to struggle. She was so frantic that tears sprang from her eyes. She looked both lovely and pitiful.

    "Alright, once I finish satisfying myself, then I'll let you go," Yu Wen Xiang said.

    "Yu Wen Xiang, release me quickly. I won't let you touch me... If you dare touch me, I'll tell Qin Feng for sure and have him take care of you." Lin Bei Bei knew that there was no use in begging for mercy with a beast like Yu Wen Xiang, so she thought she might as well burst out and use Qin Feng to suppress him.

    Yu Wen Xiang's expression immediately turned cold. He gnashed his teeth and glared at Lin Bei Bei like an enraged beast. He sent a slap flying over.


    This slap was powerful. Fresh blood trickled out of the corner of Lin Bei Bei's mouth. However, there was no trace of fear or pain in her face. She stubbornly lifted her head and looked coldly at Yu Wen Xiang: "Hit me. For every slap that you give me, Qin Feng will help me give you ten in return."

    "You b*tch!" Yu Wen Xiang was thoroughly enraged. He threw another slap.

    He suddenly pounced at her and wanted to tear her clothes: "You think Qin Feng is really great, do you? I'm going to come onto you right now, what can he do to me? Where is he right now? Maybe he's having a good time hugging some young girl. You've overestimated your place in his heart."

    Yu Wen Xiang began to wildly tear at Lin Bei Bei's clothes while she struggled with all she had. However, her two sleeves were completely torn off, revealing two white shoulder straps. The sight made Yu Wen Xiang's desire shoot up into the sky.

    "Haha, Number Two Beauty of the Art Department, let me taste you tonight and see how delicious you are." Yu Wen Xiang's eyes glowed green as he stared at Lin Bei Bei. This time, he pounced at her thighs and wanted to remove her jeans.

    Lin Bei Bei's tears fell like rain. Her weak and tender heart was already filled with Qin Feng and it could never contain another man. She had to either live as Qin Feng's woman or die before getting violated by anyone else.

    Suddenly, Lin Bei Bei leapt with all her strength and rushed towards the coffee table beside her.


    With a crunch, Lin Bei Bei crashed headfirst into the corner of the coffee table. Fresh blood immediately poured out of her forehead. Her vision went black and she fell unconscious.

    "F*ck, what bad luck." When he saw this scene, Yu Wen Xiang's face turned cold. He spat: "Since you'd rather die than have me touch you, then you're pretty f*cking chaste. But, I'm not doing what you want. Even if you're going to die, you have to satisfy me before I'll let you die."

    Yu Wen Xiang's eyes were completely red. He had already become a complete pervert. When he saw Lin Bei Bei's completely bloodied face, he not only didn't stop. Instead, he became even more excited and wild. He extended his hand to tear apart Lin Bei Bei's pants.
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