Chapter 134 - Regret You Were Ever Born

    Chapter 134 - Regret You Were Ever Born

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    Editor: Levs


    An enormous sound came from the door. Yu Wen Xiang jumped in shock and looked towards it. The front door had already disappeared, and it soared into the room. A large and tall man stood at the door with a heavy expression and a wintry coldness. Yu Wen Xiang trembled at the sight.

    Qin Feng bent his body slightly and stood at the doorway. His swift and fierce gaze swept through the room. When he saw Lin Bei Bei lying on the ground with blood all over her head, his heart stopped abruptly. A burst of murderous energy exploded out of his body. He rushed forward and appeared by Lin Bei Bei's side.

    "Bei Bei, what's wrong with you? Bei Bei, wake up." He embraced her and called her name gently, but Lin Bei Bei seemed to be in a sleep of death. She heard nothing.

    He immediately pressed his fingers onto Lin Bei Bei's neck. He was still able to feel Lin Bei Bei's pulse. He was previously extremely nervous, but this allowed him to relax slightly. With a thought from Qin Feng, he spent 100 Hedonist Points, bought an Elementary Gold Sore Medicine, ground the pill into powder, and lightly dabbed it onto Lin Bei Bei's wounds.

    After doing all this, Qin Feng slowly put down Lin Bei Bei, stood, and looked at Yu Wen Xiang like he was looking at a dead man.

    "Tell me, how do you want to die?"

    His voice was low and strong, his aura seemed to have the power to swallow rivers and overturn oceans, and his gaze was as cold as frost. At this time, Qin Feng stood there with his body slightly bent. He looked like an undefeated god of war that had the ability to sentence someone to death and provide them with the ability to choose from different types of death.

    Qin Feng's sudden arrival scared Yu Wen Xiang. But, after calming down, he threw his head back and laughed loudly. Last time when they fought on the sports field in Acropolis University, they were evenly matched and it was hard to determine who was superior.

    However, Yu Wen Xiang underwent frantic training and went from Stage Three to Stage Four abilities. He obviously would not be afraid to face Qin Feng again.

    "Haha, I should be asking you that... You think you can touch me? How funny. Even if you didn't come, after finishing up with this tramp, I'd come to crush you personally."

    Yu Wen Xiang laughed arrogantly. Qin Feng didn't care at all, and his expression didn't change in the slightest. He stood there quietly, then said icily: "Since you don't want to choose, I'll choose for you!"

    Right after speaking, Qin Feng made his move.

    He moved like lightning and instantly arrived before Yu Wen Xiang. The Winter Iron Gloves flashed with a wintry light and fell ruthlessly on Yu Wen Xiang's abdomen. The simple punch was incomparably powerful and imposing. It sent Yu Wen Xiang flying. He crashed heavily into the wall and sank into it.

    After the fist fell, Qin Feng moved his foot and arrived before Yu Wen Xiang once again.

    At the moment, Yu Wen Xiang had an expression of fear and incredulity. He had Stage Four abilities with 5x strength and 1.5x speed. However, in front of Qin Feng, he fell after a single blow. Before he was able to react, he was already defeated.

    His rear and waist were already submerged into the concrete wall. His legs and the area above his abdomen were outside suspended in midair. This was an extremely strange situation that could only be seen in movies. Now that this occurred in real life, even Yu Wen Xiang had a hard time believing it.

    "That's impossible, completely impossible... I have Stage Four abilities, how could I be unable to beat you? Qin Feng, I'm going to trash you."

    Yu Wen Xiang forgot about the sharp pain in his body. His eyes were lifeless; it looked like someone pulled out his soul. Completely deranged, he brandished his fists to hit Qin Feng. He cut a sorry figure and looked unspeakably comical.

    "Yu Wen Xiang, you're definitely going to regret you were ever born."

    Qin Feng threw another punch with a snarl. His destructive abilities were terrifying when he wore the Winter Iron Gloves. He smashed one of Yu Wen Xiang's legs.

    With a "ka-cha," Yu Wen Xiang's thigh snapped.

    With a "bang," his leg was also smashed into the wall. It would never come out again.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, h-hurry and stop. Let go of me and I'll never bother you again. I'm begging you to let me go." This punch brought Yu Wen Xiang to his senses. The sharp pain in his body forced him to cry out pitifully.

    He lost his previous arrogance and confidence. If he wasn't currently stuck in the wall and unable to move, he would undoubtedly be kneeling before Qin Feng and kowtowing in a plea to have his life spared.

    In the eyes of these rich young masters, face and dignity were nothing compared to survival.

    "Do you think that's possible?" Qin Feng growled coldly as he punched again.

    This punch pounded into Yu Wen Xiang's other leg. The bones in this leg also shattered, and the leg was smashed into the wall.

    Qin Feng did not stop. He continuously brandished his fists and pounded Yu Wen Xiang. He intentionally avoided Yu Wen Xiang's crucial areas but smashed every other part of his body. Yu Wen Xiang watched helplessly as his body was hit bit by bit into the wall. It hurt so much that he hovered between life and death, but he could do nothing about it.

    A sense of previously nonexistent despair sprang involuntarily. It was exactly as Qin Feng had previously said: Yu Wen Xiang suddenly regretted-deeply regretted-abducting Lin Bei Bei. He regretted provoking the powerful Qin Feng... and regretted coming into this world.

    This kind of living was worse than death. He wanted to die but he couldn't; he lived but hurt in every way possible. Yu Wen Xiang didn't want to experience this again for the rest of his life.


    Yu Wen Xiang's arm was smashed into the wall.


    His other arm was also smashed in.


    This fist slammed into his abdomen and sent his entire body into the wall. Only his head dangled outside of it.

    Yu Wen Xiang suddenly began to laugh maniacally. Finally, in this final moment before his death, he was able to break free. He was not afraid; he was actually incomparably expectant.  He wanted Qin Feng to quickly smash his brains... He couldn't continue to withstand this torture.


    A fist smashed into Yu Wen Xiang's skull and the world fell quiet.

    However, in Qin Feng's mind, this hadn't ended-it was just the beginning. Because Lin Bei Bei was injured, Qin Feng was utterly infuriated. After this, he was going to take the initiative to step through the doors of the Yu Household and completely annihilate the entire clan out of existence.

    He said previously that Yu Wen Xiang would regret ever coming into this world.

    Qin Feng wasn't joking when he said those words...

    Qin Feng looked at Yu Wen Xiang who was currently sunken into the wall with a tinge of emotion. Then, he felt too lazy to spare this human scum another glance and turned to go towards Lin Bei Bei.

    He squatted and wrapped Lin Bei Bei in his embrace. Qin Feng called her several times, but Lin Bei Bei still felt nothing and stayed in her state of unconsciousness. Qin Feng immediately pulled out his cell phone and called Uncle Fu. He summarized the situation and told him to send people over as quickly as possible.
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