Chapter 135 - Walk Down Without Looking Back

    Chapter 135 - Walk Down Without Looking Back

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    Editor: Levs

    Five minutes later, a bodyguard from the Qin Manor arrived. Once he entered, he looked at Qin Feng, bowed, and said: "Young Master Qin, the car awaits downstairs and Uncle Fu is on his way. Let me take you to the hospital first."

    Qin Feng carried Lin Bei Bei and followed the bodyguard downstairs. They got into the black BMW, and the bodyguard rushed down the road to the First Hospital.

    Uncle Fu probably had everything prepared long ago. At this time, Fang Wen Tian, the Director of the First Hospital, waited outside the front entrance of the hospital with four doctors wearing white gowns standing behind him. Once they saw Qin Feng carrying Lin Bei Bei, they immediately rushed forward and welcomed him.

    "Young Master Qin, what's the situation?" Fang Wen Tian looked at Lin Bei Bei. His heart jumped in shock when he saw blood all over her head. Anyone who saw such a pure and beautiful girl hurt to this extent would feel a heartache.

    "Director Fang, I think she hit her head on the corner of a coffee table. You have to think of a way to save her." When Qin Feng saw Fang Wen Tian, he grabbed his arm.

    Because he was so anxious, he couldn't control his strength. Fang Wen Tian winced: "Young Master Qin, d-don't be anxious, let go first."

    Qin Feng realized he was impolite and immediately let go: "Director Fang, you have to save her."

    "Don't worry Young Master Qin, we will definitely try our best. Hurry and follow me to the operation room." After Fang Wen Tian finished speaking, he quickly led the way. Qin Feng carried Lin Bei Bei and followed behind him.

    They arrived before the doors of the emergency room. Qin Feng bent over and kissed Lin Bei Bei's bloody forehead: "Bei Bei, you have to hang in there. Nothing can happen to you, you hear?"

    "Young Master Qin, give us the patient. Even delaying a second is dangerous," Fang Wen Tian couldn't help but urge when he saw how reluctant Qin Feng was to part with Lin Bei Bei.

    After this, Qin Feng placed Lin Bei Bei on the stretcher. The four doctors wearing white gowns immediately pushed Lin Bei Bei into the operation room, and the door to the room shut tightly behind them. Qin Feng sat alone on the bench outside; his mind was flooded with Lin Bei Bei's smile.

    He thought of how Lin Bei Bei courageously stood out to cheer for him the first time he trained his body on the sports field; he thought of when he brought Lin Bei Bei to eat at the Royal Hotel and fooled that idiot Tie Meng; he thought of how she angrily pouted her lips when they sat at the same desk at school and he couldn't help but pinch her cheeks and touch her thigh; he thought of that time she wore the qipao and looked like a beautiful fairy that walked out of a painting; he thought of that pitiful girl that went to the Royal Clubhouse to sell her body to make money to cure her mother...

    And also...

    Qin Feng suddenly realized that he had too many memories with Lin Bei Bei, so many that he wasn't able to recall them all. In his mind, Lin Bei Bei was a pure girl that loved to laugh. Her destiny was turbulent, but she never lowered her head. She was unyielding, independent and hard-working.

    Qin Feng couldn't understand how Yu Wen Xiang could make a move on such a cute and kind girl. If he could start over, Qin Feng still wouldn't hesitate. He would still punch Yu Wen Xiang into the wall fist by fist and make him dangle between life and death.

    "Young Master Qin..." After who knows how long, a familiar voice passed into his ear. Qin Feng turned his head to find that Uncle Fu was already beside him.

    "Uncle Fu, you're here..." Qin Feng said listlessly.

    Uncle Fu gave a long sigh. He already clearly understood the situation. When he looked at Qin Feng, there was a strange glow in his eyes. This kind of Young Master Qin was a bit unfamiliar, but also likable.

    Because of a girl, he beat the prince of Jincheng City's Yu Syndicate to death. This kind of courage wasn't something normal people could possess.

    "Young Master Qin, the situation is pretty much under control. Qin Feng looked for someone to bribe the boss of Wan Feng Hotel to destroy the security tapes. I also got someone to clean the site, so there won't be any of Young Master Qin's fingerprints," Uncle Fu said calmly.

    Qin Feng nodded. He was always reassured by the way Uncle Fu did things.

    "Young Master Qin... How is Miss Lin?" After hesitating for a bit, Uncle Fu opened his mouth to ask.

    Qin Feng didn't know how to respond to Uncle Fu. He also wanted to know how Lin Bei Bei was doing right now. At this time, the doors to the emergency room opened. Fang Wen Tian walked out with a worried frown.

    "Director Fang, how's the situation? Lin Bei Bei's fine now, right?" Once he saw Fang Wen Tian, Qin Feng immediately rushed forward.

    Fang Wen Tian shook his head helplessly. He took a deep breath and said: "Young Master Qin, we really did all we could... If someone didn't apply some mysterious medicinal powder on Miss Lin's wound, I'm afraid she actually wouldn't have made it while on the way here."

    "There are both good and bad aspects to the current situation: Miss Lin's life is no longer in danger, but she can't wake up. To use a professional term, she has fallen into a vegetative state."

    When he heard the words "vegetative state," Qin Feng's heart dropped sharply. He couldn't accept this reality. How could a kind and beautiful little lady in the prime of youth fall into a vegetative state?

    No one had the right to strip her of her smile, her every move, or the feelings she expressed in her youth.

    Yu Wen Xiang couldn't, Qin Feng couldn't, no one could!

    Qin Feng was angry. He was so angry that his heart was ablaze with fury. Fang Wen Tian and Uncle Fu stood beside him and could feel that the surrounding temperature began to rise. Even Fang Wen Tian, an elderly with bountiful life experiences, didn't dare to look directly into Qin Feng's blazing and severe eyes.

    "Young Master Qin... I'll go try again and see if a miracle happens." The atmosphere was too stifling. Fang Wen Tian couldn't stand it and ran back into the emergency room.

    Only Qin Feng and Uncle Fu were left in the empty entrance to the emergency room.

    "Uncle Fu, help me take care of the paperwork for Bei Bei's stay at the hospital... I still have something to take care of." Qin Feng suddenly opened his mouth.

    A gleam flashed through Uncle Fu's eyes. His voice trembled a bit as he said: "Are you going rush over to Jincheng City's Yu Household completely alone?"

    "Yes." In front of Uncle Fu, Qin Feng didn't have to hide anything. He nodded resolutely.

    "Do you have to go alone? You can order me to send people over," Uncle Fu said.

    "This time, I won't trouble Uncle Fu. I'll take care of my own business," said Qin Feng word by word through clenched teeth.

    Uncle Fu fell quiet for a good while. He considered Qin Feng again. The expression on his face changed completely, he didn't seem like an underling of the Qin Manor that always put on a look of respect and obedience. His gaze was deep as he looked closely at Qin Feng. He seemed more like an elder closely examining his successor.

    "Qin Feng, I followed your father for twenty years. I watched you grow, and in my heart, you're no different from my own son. I won't comment on how you were in the past, but from today onwards, I'm going to get to know you again. I'm going to watch you bring Chairman Qin and I changes and surprises; watch you become stronger; and watch you gain the ability to stand on your own."

    "At that time, you won't need Chairman Qin and I to constantly wipe your behind. At that time, you will even able to protect Chairman Qin and I. All these years of effort were worth it... Qin Feng, this time, I support you!" Uncle Fu suddenly stuck out a fist.

    Qin Feng also stuck out a fist and fist-bumped Uncle Fu. He said solemnly: "Thank you Uncle Fu! You're an elder that has always been someone I respect. This was the case before, and is still the case now."

    Uncle Fu's eyes reddened slightly: "Qin Feng, I'll go with you. We'll fight side by side."

    Qin Feng looked at Uncle Fu and bowed. He said sincerely: "There's no need Uncle Fu. Stay at the hospital. Before I return, help me take care of the Lin mother and daughter. I'm afraid someone will come harm them."

    "I'm leaving. Please don't tell my father about this yet." Qin Feng left.

    He knew about this perils of this task. If he told someone that he was going to challenge a powerful family, he would certainly be ridiculed. He also knew that what he was doing defied rationality. This kind of impetuousness might bear extremely severe consequences.

    But, who never went crazy during their youth? That kind of youth isn't called "youth."

    Qin Feng could go fight to the death and he wouldn't regret it. But, if he didn't go, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

    He walked resolutely. To use song lyrics to describe it: "Don't turn back, don't turn back and keep going!" [TLN: The lyrics are from a song called "Goodbye" by the Taiwanese artist Chang Chen-yue or A-yue.]


    Jincheng City, A Manor in the Jiao District

    When natives of Jincheng City passed this large manor, they would definitely take a detour around it. They didn't dare to casually stop there.

    After all, this was the territory of Jincheng City's Number One Syndicate.

    It was said that the ancestor of the Yu Family was a troublemaker that came out of a group of beggars. After, he set his roots in Jincheng City and began to develop his abilities. From this time up to Yu Wen Xiang's generation, it had already been in development for thirty years. They had a completely stable foothold on Jincheng City because of their long history of underworld undertakings and their viciousness and mercilessness.

    Even if Jincheng City's underground was a mixture of both the good and bad, and there were a large number of sects, the eldest son of the Yu Family was still not someone they would casually mess with.

    There weren't very many problems with this kind of syndicate. At this time, they were in the living room of the villa. All of the relatives and descendants of the Yu Family were gathered. These people all held gloomy expressions. They were split in two rows and sat on the two sides of the room with seriousness. Their shining gazes were directed towards an elder sitting in the lobby.

    The elder was a little more than seventy years-old. He wore black clothes for practicing martial arts. His aura was as cold as ice, and he was calm and prestigious. This was the family elder with the highest status at the moment: Yu Wei.

    "Dad, our Yu Family holds power over Jincheng City, and our name is spread far and wide. Who the hell dared to offend our Yu Family? Today, my Xiang'er was killed in Acropolis City. I hope you can take responsibility for this situation. I want to mobilize all of the Yu Family forces. We have to find this stinking brat even if we have to overturn Acropolis City. I'm going to throw him into a deep fryer and swallow him whole." Yu Wen Xiang's father Yu Hua Long suddenly stood with agitation.

    Then, a man in his thirties stood. This was Yu Hua Long's second younger brother Yu Ding Tian.

    When he discovered Yu Wen Xiang died, he wasn't mad at all. On the contrary, he looked at his older brother with a merry laugh and said: "Older Brother, don't be so agitated just yet. We're all saddened by this murder, but we don't even have a clear image of the situation yet, so how could we just jump in and act on this situation?"

    "Plus, Yu Wen Xiang is the strongest among the younger generation of the Yu Family and he just broke through to the fourth stage. If his opponent didn't have even a bit of ability, how could he kill him? He must be someone from an important family to be able to murder a Stage Four Expert. We cannot act without thinking," Yu Ding Tian shook his head and sighed.
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