Chapter 136 - Making People Equal

    Chapter 136 - Making People Equal

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    Editor: Levs

    "Ding Tian, don't f*cking cry crocodile tears. When you found out that Xiang'er died, who knows how happy you were? Now your son can smoothly become the new successor of the younger generation," Yu Hua Long glared and shouted at Yu Ding Tian.

    Yu Ding Tian's face dropped: "Older Brother, you can't say things randomly like that. You're framing me right now... We all know what kind of person Yu Wen Xiang was. According to the intelligence I gathered, he was beaten to death because he forced himself on a campus beauty. Even I think this kind of immoral behavior is despicable."

    "What are you saying? F*cking say that again," Yu Hua Long suddenly burst out. He pointed at his second younger brother and growled: "You think your brat is proper? Doesn't he also force himself on the maidens of Jincheng City all day? Who knows how many families he's wrecked. And you f*cking have the nerve to talk about my son? I'll kill you first." The Yu Family began in the underworld, so this kind of explosive and dirty talking was a habit that lingered in their bones.

    The Yu Family Elder coughed twice and stood when he saw that Yu Hua Long and Yu Ding Tian were about to start fighting: "Both of you stop right now. By doing this, you are both rebelling."

    "Currently, the Yu Family has experienced an enormous humiliation: the Yu Family's direct descendant and grandson has been murdered. And you two are in the mood for internal strife? ...I don't care whether or not Xiang'er forced women into bed, but if someone dares to touch someone of our Yu family, they need to pay the painful price."

    "Dad, you're right. Xiang'er's life is the most important; nothing else matters much. Even if these there were hundreds of these tramps, they're worth nothing compared to our Xiang'er's one life."

    "How is the research going on the murderer? Have you found out who it is?" The Elder sat back onto his tiger head chair and opened his mouth slightly.

    "We're in the middle of looking into it. I believe we'll have the results very soon," Yu Hua Long said.

    "There's no need to research anymore, this young master has delivered himself to your doorstep!" A low bellow passed through the lobby. The audience was extremely shocked. They looked towards the doorway.

    All they saw was a youth with regular features and clear pale skin appear at the doorway. He stood straight and tall like a pine tree. He looked impressive, and exuded a faint chill from his body. Though this feeling couldn't be seen or touched, the audience in the manor felt how vivid it was. Some people even began to shiver.

    "Stinking brat, who are you?" The Yu Family Clan was just in the middle of a meeting. They were mad that an outsider suddenly appeared.

    Yu Hua Long directly stepped out and glared coldly at Qin Feng. His eyes were like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark night.

    "You could call me a butcher because I just killed a domestic animal. This animal's name was Yu Wen Xiang."

    Qin Feng's voice was soft and deliberate, but when this phrase fell into the ears of those in the Yu Family's lobby, it was like a shock of lightning that blasted their brains open. The audience was dumbstruck. They stared at Qin Feng wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

    This time, they truly examined and sized-up Qin Feng anew.

    He was just a youth. He had no weapons in his hand and there was nothing hidden on his body. They questioned his mental abilities because he ran over to the doorstep of the mansion of the Number One Underworld Family and said these bold words in a calm and collected manner.

    This guy wasn't a fool, he was a lunatic!

    "Hahaha, stinking brat, are you here to pay for your crime?" Yu Hua Long suddenly laughed loudly. Halfway through laughing, his expression became sinister. He glared viciously at Qin Feng: "You think our Yu family members are a bunch of idiots? Tell me, who sent you? Who dared to kill my Xiang'er? I'm going to shred him into ten thousand pieces."

    Qin Feng had a soft and calm expression. A fresh breeze blew his soft hair, and he said lightly: "I killed Yu Wen Xiang. You all no longer need to be suspicious."

    "Hmph, you think I'll believe you? You're treating our Yu Family like some inferior clan. You killed my son and you dared to personally come to the Yu Family to deliver yourself into the hands of death? I saw through your little show right from the get-go and I'm fed up with it. If you're straightforward and you tell us who the person behind the scenes is, I might spare your life."

    "Whoever dares to bother someone of our Yu family will not meet a good end!"

    Yu Hua Long was not the only one who didn't believe Qin Feng was the murderer, even the rest of the audience in the Yu Family lobby didn't believe him.

    Yu Wen Xiang had just broken through to Stage Four. Among those of his generation, he was already considered a glorious and talented martial artist. Externally, Qin Feng looked young; he didn't look like a capable expert. It clearly made no sense to say he killed Yu Wen Xiang.

    "You think the lives of the Yu Family are precious?" Qin Feng refuted coldly. He did not care about these people's deliberations.

    "Of course they're precious. Our Yu Family members are the dragons and phoenixes of humanity, how can ordinary people compare to us? You killed Xiang'er just because he forced himself on a woman. Even if she had ten thousand lives, her value still wouldn't be comparable to one of our Xiang'er's fingers."

    Yu Hua Long yelled with agitation: "So many women fight to get into the front doors of our Yu Family. If Xiang'er were to take an interest in that girl, that's luck she acquired through eight generations of cultivation. And she still wasn't willing? What a f*cking lowlife."

    Qin Feng's expression became malevolent. He began to exude a icy aura: "In this world, people are born equal; they aren't categorized as 'precious' or 'base.' Yu Wen Xiang deserved to die, and so do you!"

    As his voice fell, Qin Feng already pounced at Yu Hua Long!

    "Damn it! Hurry and surround this man and cripple his arms and legs." When he saw that Qin Feng was about to make a move, the Yu Family Elder shouted. Then, over ten strong men wearing black tank tops rushed in from outside. They immediately surrounded Qin Feng.

    These hoodlums were subordinates of the Yu Family. These devils and monsters all looked at Qin Feng and wordlessly pounced at him.

    Over ten big hoodlums rushed over unarmed and defenseless. They were quite frightening. Qin Feng stood in the middle of the circle, and his expression remained unchanged. He waited until the fist of the foremost man rushing over was about to fall onto the tip of his nose. Suddenly, Qin Feng gave a kick. A powerful force fell onto that man's stomach, and he was sent flying away. All of the people standing behind him fell onto the ground.

    While that man flew away from the kick, Qin Feng borrowed this energy to suddenly rise into the air. He flipped spectacularly, and stepped on another man's head during his descent. An enormous weight immediately forced the man to fall to his knees. He was unable to stand.

    Qin Feng stood on one leg and stood tip-toed on top of the man's head. He stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the audience with with his eyes ablaze: "Today, I came to get even with the Yu Family. As for the irrelevant people, if you want to leave, then hurry up and f*ck off!"

    When the words "f*ck off" fell, an imposing air shot out of Qin Feng's body. He delivered a flying kick and sent the man he was standing on flying, and he knocked over another row of hoodlums.
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