Chapter 137 - Escaping For Ones Life

    Chapter 137 - Escaping For One's Life

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    At this time, Qin Feng was like a fish in the water: his figure was strong and his movements were flowing and natural.

    He speedily scuttled amongst the crowd and continuously punched tyrannically. Every time a fist fell, there were slight sounds of explosions. Those ten hoodlums in black were no match for Qin Feng. With a couple of moves from him, they all fell to the ground.

    "Brat, you must be looking to die if you dared to run and cause trouble with our Yu Family!" Yu Hua Long suddenly exploded. He wielded a large blade and slashed at Qin Feng.

    He could tell that Qin Feng wasn't an ordinary person since he displayed a flawless External Fists Technique. And from the strength revealed earlier, he was at least a Stage Two Expert. This kind of expert would be largely unaffected by the punches and kicks of ordinary people.

    This blade was like a crashing wave. It was imposing and majestic, and hid an enormous power. This made Qin Feng instantly more alert.

    He didn't have the courage to block Yu Hua Long's blade head-on. He put more strength into his legs and retreated violently all the way out of the Yu House and into the empty courtyard.

    "Stinking brat, you want to leave? Since you're here, stay here forever." Yu Hua Long brandished his blade and gave chase.

    Compared to Yu Wen Xiang, his old man was clearly more ferocious. Half of the Yu territory was beaten and won over by Yu Hua Long. Every slash of this large blade in his hands was meant to kill, it was completely different from those fake flowery and showy techniques.

    In the pitch black night, several glints of a blade and flashes of winter light shone occasionally. The gloves and large blade clashed time and time again, releasing ear-piercing and wind-tearing noises. The opponents were able to gauge one another's ability through this exchange.

    At this time, Yu Hua Long was at the peak of Stage Five External expertise. He brandished his large steel blade with 7x strength. He was incomparably fierce and impossible to block.

    At this time, Qin Feng was at Stage Two. In addition to the Strength Potion he drank previously and the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, he could only use 6x strength. But, he had 1.6x speed, so he was faster than Yu Hua Long, and this made up for his inferior strength.

    For a moment, the two fought with no clear victor.

    This fight was extremely intense. In the lobby of the Yu House, Elder Yu's face darkened dramatically. His deep and handsome eyes flashed. He looked at Yu Ding Tian and commanded: "Ding Tian, go out and help your older brother deal with that brat. How dare he come cause a ruckus at our house? Kill him!"

    "Yes Elder."

    An almost imperceptible cold smile skirted through Yu Ding Tian's face. He casually walked behind the elder. Suddenly, a dagger with winter light appeared in his hands. He forcefully stabbed it into the elder's lower back.


    The blade fell but Yu Ding Tian did not feel reassured yet. He pulled out the dagger and stabbed it into the elder's back. This time, he pierced the heart from behind. A surprised and angry expression hung on the elder's face; he died with unresolved grievances.

    "Elder, you're already so old. It'd be good to die. You'll be able to sleep and live in ease and comfort all day." After stabbing the elder to death, Yu Ding Tian's expression turned cold: "Don't blame me. Who told you to give all the good things to Older Brother and that lowly animal Yu Wen Xiang but ignore my son and I?"

    "Now, the heavens can't take it anymore; they got someone to kill Yu Wen Xiang. How could I turn my back on providence? I'll kill you first. Then, I'll let that stinking brat who came to cause trouble and Older Brother fight one another. I'll just sit here and accept the benefits without lifting a pinky. Then, the whole Yu Family will be mine. Haha, I'm truly a genius!"

    Yu Ding Tian sat on the tiger head throne in the lobby. He excitedly caressed the carved jade chair. Not long before, every time there was a clan meeting, he restlessly watched the elder sitting on the tiger head throne. He wondered when he would be able to sit on it and possess the Yu Family's power.

    Today, his desires were going to be realized. At this moment, Yu Ding Tian's mood was indescribably ecstatic.

    "Second Older Brother, what happened to Elder? ...Y-You killed Elder?" The Yu Elder had three sons in total. At this time, the third son, Yu Da Zui, walked into the lobby. When he saw the scene before him, he shouted with shock.

    "Third Younger Brother, I killed Elder. From now on, the Yu Family belongs to your Second Older Brother. In the future, follow me and I can guarantee that you'll be able to eat and drink well." Yu Da Zui was twenty-five this year, he hadn't married or begotten children yet. In Yu Ding Tian's eyes, he was not threatening. Thus, he decided to take in this brat.

    "Yu Ding Tian, you're insane. You even killed dad? You're no different from a wild beast. I have to avenge Father. I'm going to kill you!" Yu Da Zui fiercely pounced at Yu Ding Tian.

    Yu Ding Tian sat calmly on the tiger head throne. His lips quirked into a cold smile. He pointed a pitch-black handgun at Third Younger Brother and strongly pulled the trigger. With a "bang," the bullet pierced Yu Da Zui's brain. Yu Da Zui also completely disappeared from this world.

    "What an idiotic choice!" Yu Ding Tian sassily blew the tip of his gun.

    "Now only Yu Hua Long is left. I'll first let him fight that brat. When everything is done, then I'll come out and clean you all up. Hahaha!"


    Qin Feng and Yu Hua Long had their hands full fighting one another. After testing one another out, they both had a good grasp of the other's strengths and weaknesses. At this time, they went all out to kill their opponent.


    Yu Hua Long roared in anger. He leapt up again. The large blade in his hand glinted coldly in the moonlight. "Die you stinking brat!"

    "Blood Rays Fill the Sky!"

    The large blade in Yu Hua Long's hand suddenly danced crazily and swayed left and right. The speed became increasingly quick. In the end, it looked like he held a phantom fan.

    At the same time, Yu Hua Long suddenly leapt and arrived above Qin Feng's head. He slashed downwards with his large blade, forming phantom images that joined to form the image of a long blade that was at least a meter.The blade surged downwards like a waterfall, imposing and vast. Even when it was a couple of meters from Qin Feng, he was able to hear the fierce sound as it sliced through the air.

    Qin Feng's expression was extremely heavy. Yu Hua Long was clearly using moves of certain death. When he exchanged blows with him initially, Qin Feng knew how frightening his strength was. His current violent slash almost touched Qin Feng, and he could imagine himself flying if the blow were to connect.

    He stood in his original spot and didn't react. When he saw that the blade was about to hit his shoulder, he suddenly detached his Flying Dragon Armour and its weight. At the same time, he used Inner Qi to bring his speed to its maximum.

    This happened so quickly that Yu Hua Long's eyes spun. He couldn't see Qin Feng's position clearly due to the shock that filled his eyes.

    When he was fighting with Qin Feng earlier, Yu Hua Long was shocked by Qin Feng's ability time and time again. If he didn't see it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe that there'd be someone in the four cities of Yun Province of this ability at Qin Feng's young age.

    This kind of ability was enough to kill his own son. He began to believe Qin Feng's arrogant boasts that he made upon his arrival. Maybe he really was the one that killed his son.

    Within this blurry phantom image, a pale yellow light suddenly flashed. The next second, the light became clearer and nearer. A gust of icy death enshrouded Yu Hua Long. Fear arose from the bottom of his heart.

    Qin Feng's body finally came back into clear sight. He stood before him with a long and sharp sword with a pale yellow glow. Who knew when this sword appeared in Qin Feng's hands?

    He wore gloves with gleaming winter light and held the Truesteel Sword with a pale yellow glow. This dazzling equipment alone was enough to stun Yu Hua Long.

    He fought with Qin Feng so viciously and for so long that one could say that he had beaten Qin Feng from head to toe but hadn't discovered that he had been hiding any sort of weapon. However, a sharp and long sword truly appeared in Qin Feng's hands. This defied logic. Yu Hua Long thought about it until his head was worn out, but he still couldn't understand it.

    "I think you should die first!" Qin Feng didn't need to clarify because the shroud of death enveloped Yu Hua Long completely.

    Qin Feng slashed downwards with his sword. The move billowed over with the seeming ability to split the earth and sky, and overturn rivers and oceans.

    Qin Feng's sword moved too quickly, giving Yu Hua Long no opportunity to dodge. Yu Hua Long did not even feel the icy feeling of the sword piercing his chest. He stared blanking for a good number of seconds before he felt a himself splitting from the top of his head slowly down to his feet. That pain of getting split felt like someone was tearing his heart and lungs.


    Yu Hua Long's body burst. He was cut in half, and fresh blood dyed the green grass.

    The hooligans of the Yu Household were dumbstruck. Ever since Yu Hua Long jumped in to fight Qin Feng, these people didn't dare make any moves. They all had eyes and could tell that this was a match between experts. They were only small fries, so even if they contributed to the fight, they would only make a mess for Yu Hua Long.

    All of those present were well aware of Yu Hua Long's ability-they even feared it. He was the number one expert of the Yu Family and the number one expert of Jincheng City. The Yu Family could only stably preserve their position on the throne as the number one overlord of Jincheng City due to Yu Hua Long's existence. No one dared to offend him.

    But on this day, the Yu Hua Long with a god-like existence in their hearts was killed by a youth. The scene was so violent and fiery that these people looked at Qin Feng differently. Their previous anger towards him had become endless dread.

    "I'll say it one more time. If you're not someone of the Yu Household, f*ck off now. In a bit, even if you want to leave, I won't let you!" Qin Feng held the long sword in his hand and stood on the ground. When he said these words again, no one dared to question the validity of his threat.

    Close to a hundred hooligans surrounded the courtyard at this time, and they all looked at one another. In the end, they arrived at a unanimous certainty. They rushed out of the Yu Household gates, and ran for their lives.

    That's right... they were running for their lives.

    Bang bang bang!

    The spectators had just begun to run away when a series of gunshots rang out from outside. Yu Ding Tian stood at the entrance of the Yu Family villa with a cigar dangling from his mouth. The pitch-black handgun blended in with the dark night. He didn't even look and fired randomly into the crowd thrice.

    After the three gunshots, two people fell to the ground. Next, there was the sound of Yu Ding Tian's arrogant laughter.
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