Chapter 138 - Destruction of the Yu Family

    Chapter 138 - Destruction of the Yu Family

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    "Hahaha, you want to run? Then run you show-off. Aren't you just a brat whose hair hasn't completely grown yet? What era are we in? You think that if you're a martial cultivator,  you'd be able to do anything? Why don't you f*cking rise to the heavens for me to see? ...hmph, in the end, you've trained so hard for over ten years only to be killed by my handgun."

    "Idiot... It is now the era of technological advancements. You're all f*cking idiots. You still think we're in an era of cold weapons? You all used your fists to punch and legs to kick, and you even pulled out a sword? F*ck, you even smeared fluorescent yellow powder on it? You really have a f*cking personality."

    Bang bang bang!

    Yu Ding Tian fired another three shots into the air. At this time, the whole audience stopped. They were so scared that they didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

    "I would like to announce right now that the Yu Family Elder is already dead. My older brother Yu Hua Long is also dead, and Third Younger Brother Yu Da Zui is also dead. Now, the Yu Family has already become mine. From now on, don't worry and follow me to conquer lands under the heavens. I won't treat you all unfairly."

    Yu Ding Tian was immensely pleased with himself. He looked toward Qin Feng and let out a large laugh: "As for this brat, he has pretty good skills. At his young age, he even eliminated my older brother. What a pity, what a pity. Idiots like you put in the effort to practice martial arts, but why don't you practice your marksmanship? I want to let you know right now that no matter how impressive your abilities are, when faced with my handgun, you're only a..."

    Yu Ding Tian wasn't able to say "nobody" when a spray of blood splashed from his head. A Little Li Throwing Knife had already run through his head. He fell over with his body straight and tall. Though he died, his eyes were wide open and he died with grievances.

    Even during the instant he died, he still didn't understand how his death had occurred.

    "Ugh... I had to waste 100 Hedonist Points to kill this scum. What a pity." Qin Feng didn't even look at the dead Yu Ding Tian. He sighed and shook his head.

    He looked into the Hedonist Sovereign System and found that his Hedonist Point Balance was zero. He had just used his last 100 points to buy a LIttle Li Throwing Knife to kill Yu Ding Tian. Once again, he longed to acquire 3000 Hedonist Points so he could quickly buy the 'Wind Blade' Martial Skill. Then, he'd be able to throw knives whenever he wanted... and these would be formless and shadowless throwing knives.

    Qin Feng was pretty lucky. He ran over to obliterate the Yu Family during a moment of internal strife. That idiot Yu Ding Tian helped him a lot. However, Qin Feng depended on his ability more and more. If he didn't have absolute abilities, he would have been killed by Yu Hua Long long ago.

    Qin Feng didn't feel a shred of sympathy when he watched the Yu Family get completely annihilated. This conclusion was of his personal creation. He didn't give these people another glance, leapt away, and disappeared into the night.

    In the large Yu Family courtyard, over a hundred hooligans stood scattered. They stood there looking like they lost their souls. Who knew what they were thinking about.

    Suddenly, in the dark night, a wave of power rushed into the Yu Household. This group of people wore red tank tops and black pants. There were close to a hundred of them in total. In the dark night, they looked like a massive black snake that quickly rushed forward.

    Very quickly, they rushed into the Yu Family courtyard.

    "Big Brother Biao, have all these people gone crazy?" When the people in red entered the courtyard, they noticed something strange. All of the Yu Clan members were standing there stupidly. Even if they were beaten, they wouldn't even know how to retaliate.

    "Someone was here before. The Yu Family has probably provoked someone that could not be offended so their entire clan was annihilated." The man called Big Brother Biao's eyes filled with shock. He looked at the core members of the Yu Family and found the scene hard to believe.

    He was big and tall and kept a full beard. If Qin Feng left any later, or if Big Brother Biao arrived a tad earlier, they would have met and would definitely cry and hug one another.

    Deep in the night, Big Brother Biao led the Red Clan, which had close to a hundred people into, the Yu Household. This just so happened to be the Zhang Biao that took the blame for Qin Feng and escaped out of Acropolis. After, he arrived in Jincheng City and joined their Red Clan. He relied on his own body and comradeship to become valued by the boss of the Red Clan. Not even a month had passed and he already became the second in command.

    "The Yu Family has already been annihilated. Brothers, hurry and grab onto this opportunity to completely crush the remnants of the Yu Family's power... Keep those that are willing to surrender and join our Red Clan, and kill those that are unwilling." Under Zhang Biao's command, many of his subordinates were incessantly excited.

    They originally thought there would be a vicious battle tonight. Who would have thought that before they rushed over, someone had already obliterated the Yu Family? Though they hadn't seen Qin Feng's hot-blooded battle, they were impossibly moved even just by imagining it.

    The Yu Family wasn't that easy to wipe out. Qin Feng had already become a mysterious expert in the hearts of the spectators.


    When Qin Feng returned to Acropolis City's First Hospital, it was already the wee hours of the morning. He changed his clothes and looked clean, fresh, and refined. No one would connect this current him with that sword-wielding Devil King Qin that went to the Yu Household on his own and killed without blinking.

    He lightly pushed open the door to the intensive care ward room that Mother Lin was in. Right away, Qin Feng saw Lin Bei Bei lying in the adjacent bed. The moonlight just so happened to shine on her lovely profile. She was a gentle and serene beauty mixed with an icy coldness.

    "Qin Feng, you're here." Mother Lin had not slept. She suddenly spoke quietly.

    "Auntie Lin." Qin Feng felt ashamed. He didn't know how to face Mother Lin.

    "Qin Feng, come sit." Mother Lin pointed at her bedside. Qin Feng hesitated before sitting.

    When she saw Qin Feng seated at her bedside, Mother Lin exhaled deeply. She seemed to have aged ten years in an instant. Her face was filled with distress: "Qin Feng, someone named Uncle Fu told me what happened. These people are not even comparable to wild beasts. I can't believe they did such a thing to Bei Bei... It's my fault for spoiling Bei Bei so much. I shouldn't have let her go outside on her own in the middle of the night. I just have one daughter, and she's at the age of overflowing youth. If she never awakens and leaves her youth in the hospital room on the sickbed, w-what will I do?"

    Mother Lin was just an ordinary citizen, and she suddenly suffered such a great blow. She wept noiselessly. Qin Feng patted Mother Lin's back and said staunchly: "Auntie Lin, don't worry. I'll find the best doctors in the country. We'll definitely be able to cure Bei Bei and wake her up. And you don't have to worry about the money, our Qin Family is influential and our company is large, so this money is nothing much to us."

    When Qin Feng rushed back to the hospital, Uncle Fu was still guarding the door to the hospital room. The results regarding Lin Bei Bei's condition had come out. The impact to her brain led to internal bleeding. Her life was preserved, but there was no knowing when she could awaken... and maybe she would lie in bed for the rest of her life in a vegetative state.
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