Chapter 139 - General Manager Li is My Friend

    Chapter 139 - General Manager Li is My Friend

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    When Qin Feng knew of Lin Bei Bei's condition, he was extremely sad. However, he could not fall. He comforted Mother Lin for a while and waited until her emotions stabilized before sitting in front of Lin Bei Bei's bed. He lightly caressed her fair, soft, and smooth face. He incessantly prayed that she could regain consciousness soon.

    "Master, is there a need to be so excessive? You possess the Hedonist Sovereign System. It's just a cerebral hemorrhage; it's not a big deal." Little Pig's voice resounded in Qin Feng's brain: "If Master can concoct magic pills, then you could even create nature-defying medicine that could bring the dead back to life or make you never grow old. As for this cerebral hemorrhage, you could concoct any old Blood Qi pill and cure it completely."

    "Master, I suddenly feel that it's really embarrassing to follow a master like you!"

    "Little Pig, I'm punishing you and preventing you from coming out of the system for a whole year," Qin Feng said with anger.

    After yelling at Little Pig, Qin Feng thought for a bit and changed his expression. He looked at Little Pig with the desire to gain his favor. He smiled: "Haha, Little Pig. I was just playing around at first... Is what you said true? If I concoct a Blood Qi pill, I could wake up Lin Bei Bei?"

    "Blood Qi pills can help ordinary people quickly step onto the path of a martial artist and allow them to possess the ability to congeal and stimulate blood flow. Also, it can also restore and nourish damaged channels of Qi flow and organs. Lin Bei Bei had only hit her head with her own strength, so the damage isn't that large. Even using the Blood Qi pill to cure her is a bit excessive," Little Pig said all this with a bit of anger.

    Qin Feng was a bit down, but he suddenly became excited.

    The Hundred Year Blood Lotus Su Qiu Yue shoved him was coincidentally the most important ingredient necessary to create the Blood Qi pill. Now, all he had to do was raise himself to the fourth stage of Inner Qi so he could create the Blood Qi pill. Then, Lin Bei Bei would regain consciousness.

    With this, Qin Feng's desires to become more powerful became more voracious.


    A breezy and rainy night in Jincheng City, Yun Province

    Though it was already the wee hours of the night, many people in Jincheng City were still awake. To people on the road, this night was a strange one. The Yu Family who had a stable position as the Number One Overlord Family of Jincheng City had its entire clan eliminated in the night.

    When the other large underground powers heard this report, they became restless. They all surrounded and attacked near the Yu Household in hopes of getting a piece of this big fatty meat.

    In a luxurious villa in another corner of Jincheng City, the lights were still blazing brightly.

    Two men sat in the lavish and majestic lounge: one was old while the other was young. The youth lay leisurely on the sofa while the elderly man stood to the side and waited for the youth to speak.

    "Uncle Ghost, have you discovered who exterminated the Yu Family?" The youth was imposing and impressive. He wore a long traditional Chinese robe, and his voice was calm and stable.

    "Second Young Master, those that were sent out to investigate said they were unable to find the culprit. All of the surveillance in the Yu Household has been destroyed. Also, that person was extremely cunning. They probably didn't drive over and didn't leave and come using the same route. I'm afraid we don't have any leads to follow," Uncle Ghost said.

    If Qin Feng was here, he would go all out in a fight with Uncle Ghost. Last time, when he killed and beheaded Ma De Hu, he was that someone clad in black who took Ma De Hu away. He was talented, nimble, and impossible to predict.

    After hesitating for a bit, Uncle Ghost said: "During the time that the Yu Family was obliterated, the spy we planted in Acropolis City had reported that Qin Feng had gone missing."

    After hearing Uncle Ghost's words, malicious light flashed through the previously calm and cold eyes of this youth: "You think Qin Feng annihilated the Yu Family?"

    If these words were spoken a month ago, the youth would be the first to burst into laughter. However, after watching Qin Feng for a month, both the youth and Uncle Ghost began to reacquaint themselves anew with this seemingly crazy hedonistic young master.

    First, he found Feng Tian Hua and Ma De Hu to deal with Qin Feng, but Qin Feng saw through his plans. Then, Feng Tian Hua's father was captured and the Feng Family fell like the setting sun past the hills. Also, Ma De Hu was killed and his father Ma Da Long's Flying Dragon Gang was suppressed by the Qin Family.

    Then, he found Chao Yang to frame Royal Group, but he was also caught by Qin Feng. The evidence of skimping on resources was still sitting in the police station.

    Then, he joined hands with Hao Yun of the Hao Family to deal with Qin Feng. Hao Yun was killed at the scene, and a war began between the Hao and Qin families. At this time, the Hao Family had already fallen into dire straits. Only the Hao Elder was left, and he was hiding for his life.

    All of of this occurred clearly because Qin Huang was helping Qin Feng, but Qin Feng's own ability and intelligence could not be overlooked anymore.

    The Second Young Master originally never paid attention to Qin Feng, but at this time, he sat up straight on the sofa. His eyes grew increasingly cold. He didn't need Uncle Ghost to respond because he had already come to a conclusion on his own.

    He planted countless spies in Acropolis City specifically to watch Qin Feng's every move. The Second Young Master naturally knew about Yu Wen Xiang making a move on Lin Bei Bei. Yu Wen Xiang had just provoked Qin Feng and then the Yu Family was wiped out. If this was a coincidence, then it was too coincidental.

    "We've all underestimated Qin Feng." The Second Young Master sighed. Suddenly, a bone-chilling murderous aura shot out of his eyes. He stared at Uncle Ghost closely and commanded: "No matter what, within three months, I want to see the Qin Family heavily damaged and Qin Feng become a cripple."


    Qin Feng stayed beside Lin Bei Bei in her hospital room for three days before he could resume his normal life.

    At this time, he sat in the lobby of the sales department. His head was filled with quests. Qin Feng wanted to die when he saw the bright red value of 0 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng opened the Hedonist Sovereign System and looked closely at his taskbar. If he didn't look he wouldn't have known. He took a look and jumped with surprise... He still had twelve pending quests.

    "Make Lin Bei Bei the Host's girlfriend: 100 Hedonist Points. Time remaining: 7 days."

    "Conquer Han Ying Ying: 500 Hedonist Points. Time remaining: 2 months and 9 days."

    "Investigate and discover the criminal behind Ma De Hu: 500 Hedonist Points. Time remaining: 10 days."

    "Dissolve Bai Qing's hatred toward the Host: 500 Hedonist Points."

    "Break through to Stage Three, 1,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Help Teacher Yun Xiao get rid of her fear and social anxiety: 1,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Eliminate all of the Capital's Liang Family's forces: 20,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Train Liu Bing Bing: 3,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Train Xu Ruo Rou: 3,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Rise into the second level of internal techniques: 500 Hedonist Points."

    "Help Li Yu Chen rid herself of marriage entreaty headaches: 2,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Take down the Sky City Su Family's Company: 10,000 Hedonist Points."

    After looking at these twelve quests in succession, Qin Feng chose five of them based on the time he had left to complete them and the ease of their completion. He was prepared to hurry and finish them as soon as possible.

    At this time, he was in dire need of Hedonist Points. If he wanted to awaken Lin Bei Bei, he would need to concoct a Blood Qi pill. However, only those that had broken through to the fourth stage of Internal Techniques could concoct pills. At this time, Qin Feng was only had stage one internal abilities. Who knew when he could break through?

    However, the System sold ready-made Blood Qi pills for 10,000 Hedonist Points. Qin Feng was prepared to finish his quests more quickly. If that really didn't work out, then he'd use Hedonist Points to buy a Blood Qi pill and wake up Lin Bei Bei first.

    The five quests he chose were as follows:

    "Make Lin Bei Bei the Host's girlfriend."

    "Train Xu Ruo Rou."

    "Help Teacher Yun Xiao get rid of her fear and social anxiety."

    "Help Li Yu Chen rid herself of marriage entreaty headaches: 2,000 Hedonist Points."

    "Investigate and discover the criminal behind Ma De Hu."

    Of these five quests, some were about to expire and some were what Qin Feng considered to be comparatively easier.

    "Qin Feng, what are you thinking about?" Suddenly, Xu Ruo Rou's voice drifted over.

    "I'm thinking about you," Qin Feng said with a smile as he looked at her.

    A crimson blush immediately arose in Xu Ruo Rou's pure and fair face. She gritted her teeth and said: "Qin Feng, y-you seem to have something on your mind these days. You can talk to me about whatever's making you unhappy. Though I'm not really one for comforting others, I've heard people say that if you tell someone the things on your mind when you're upset, you'll feel much better.

    "Don't worry, no matter what you say to me, I'll make sure to keep it a secret. I'll never let anyone else know about it." Xu Ruo Rou smiled at Qin Feng and looked at him with her large and expressive eyes wide.

    "Xu Ruo Rou, come to my office for a bit." Qin Feng had not yet spoken when Li Yu Chen's voice suddenly drifted from her office.

    Xu Ruo Rou was so shocked that she stuck out her tongue. She looked nervously at Qin Feng: "Oh no, oh no. General Manager Li discovered that you were secretly talking during work. I'm sure she's telling me to go over right now to scold me."

    Qin Feng pinched Xu Ruo Rou's face when she saw how apprehensive she looked: "Don't worry, if General Manager Li makes things difficult for you, say that my friend... I gave General Manager Li a pair of stockings before and she did give me some face."

    Xu Ruo Rou walked into Li Yu Chen's office half-believing and half doubting Qin Feng's words.

    "General Manager Li. Y-you were looking for me?" She entered and shut the door.

    "Ruo Rou, don't stand, come sit." Li Yu Chen smiled at Xu Ruo Rou and indicated for her to sit in the chair across from her.

    After Xu Ruo Rou sat, she was extremely nervous and didn't dare move about carelessly.

    "Ruo Rou, don't be nervous. I wasn't looking for you because of something work-related. I just wanted to casually chat with you about your family." Li Yu Chen laughed when she saw that Xu Ruo Rou still looked afraid.

    In fact, Li Yu Chen had a request for Xu Ruo Rou.

    Ever since she saw Xu Ruo Rou sit in Chairman Qin's car and leave with him, Li Yu Chen took the time to observe her every day after work. She realized that for the past three days, Xu Ruo Rou left in the same car as Assistant Han and Chairman Qin. This time, Li Yu Chen was certain about Xu Ruo Rou's identity. She was most certainly a part of the Qin Household, but she just kept a low profile.

    The whole time, she was forced by her mother to marry into the Qin Family. This time, she was prepared to use Xu Ruo Rou as her entry ticket.

    "Ruo Rou, is there anything you're not used to in the company? If there's anything you don't understand or find difficult, don't be shy. Just tell me." Li Yu Chen first said these courteous words before presenting her request.
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