Chapter 140 - Not Seeking to Progress

    Chapter 140 - Not Seeking to Progress

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    Xu Ruo Rou was overwhelmed by the favor she was receiving. She would have never thought that the General Manager of the Sales Department would call her over to talk about these things during work hours.

    She suddenly thought of Qin Feng's words from earlier. Could it really be that General Manager Li was being friendly with her to give Qin Feng face? Xu Ruo Rou thought to herself that when she had the time, she should buy a pair of stockings for Li Yu Chen as well.

    It was said that it's really important to network with both upper management and the lower class employees in a workplace.

    "General Manager Li, the company is great and the co-workers all care about me. I'm very happy working here, and I've learned a lot of things," Xu Ruo Rou said.

    "Mm, that's good, that's very good." Li Yu Cheng said absent-mindedly. She suddenly switched the topic to the real one: "Ruo Rou, there aren't many of us females in the Sales Department. You're a very earnest and diligent worker, so I also really like you.

    "If possible, outside of work, we'll consider ourselves good sisters? What do you think?" Xu Ruo Rou didn't completely understand, but she nodded.

    "Since we're good sisters, then I want to ask you something: are you a member of the Qin Family?" In the end, Li Yu Chen asked her burning question. After asking, her little heart was stuck in her throat.

    Xu Ruo Rou wasn't sure why Li Yu Chen was asking this. Since General Manager Li was her superior and since she had a weak and soft personality, she naturally didn't have the guts to ask too many questions. She thought for a bit. She wasn't a member of the Qin Family, but she worked in their home. According to the custom of the Qin Family, she was actually considered a family member: "Yes, I can be considered that." [TLN: The word for "family" can also mean "house" or "household."]

    Though this response was ambiguous, Li Yu Chen was impossibly excited. It was clear that if a member of the Qin Family were to work in their own company and start as a sales representative, they were looking to experience the life there. How could she bring up this matter directly?

    This unclear answer proved everything.

    "Ruo Rou, so you're a member of the Qin Family. Then you must know Young Master Qin... You aren't Young Master Qin's little sister are you?" Li Yu Chen grabbed Xu Ruo Rou's hands and asked excitedly.

    "Huh? I-I'm not." Xu Ruo Rou was scared stiff.

    Li Yu Chen realized that she had lost control of her emotions. She retracted her hands and smiled awkwardly: "Ruo Rou, y-you have the means of contacting Young Master Qin right? Can you tell me?"

    Xu Ruo Rou stared blankly at Li Yu Chen. She couldn't comprehend why Li Yu Chen would want this. General Manager Li was very strange today.

    However, since General Manager Li was her superior at work, Xu Ruo Rou didn't dare ask questions. She thought a bit before saying: "General Manager Li, I only know Young Master Qin's QQ number."

    "Okay okay, a QQ number is good enough. Hurry and tell me," Li Yu Chen said directly.

    She knew that she guessed correctly. It seemed that Xu Ruo Rou really was a member of the Qin Household. If she could get Young Master Qin's QQ number and slowly form a relationship with him, she should have a little bit of hope in marrying into the Qin Family."

    Xu Ruo Rou pulled out her phone, pulled up Qin Feng's QQ, and read it out loud. Li Yu Chen immediately whipped out a pen and wrote it down.

    After acquiring a way to contact Young Master Qin, Li Yu Chen was impossibly excited. She began to talk to Xu Ruo Rou about some superficial things again when Xu Ruo Rou took the initiative to suggest that she take her leave: "General Manager Li, if there's nothing else, then I'll go back to work first."

    "Okay okay, you go do what you need to," Li Yu Chen had a friendly smile. She looked like she had suddenly remembered something and immediately asked with her eyebrows raised: "That's right, Little Sister Ruo Rou, is that Qin Feng also someone of the Qin Family?"

    Xu Ruo Rou's heart violently trembled. Why was General Manager Li so concerned about this question today? After hesitating for a bit, she nodded: "He is. He's like me and doesn't really have a high position in the Qin Family."

    At this time, Li Yu Cheng understood everything. No wonder the Deputy Manager of the Administrative Department covered for Qin Feng; no wonder she always saw Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou arrive and leave work together. So they were both members of the Qin Family.

    It didn't matter whether or not they had high positions, if they were members of the Qin Family, they could not be provoked by ordinary people. Li Yu Chen deeply experienced the idea that danger lurks on every side in a workplace. Luckily she hadn't previously offended Qin Feng or Xu Ruo Rou. Otherwise, she could kiss her position as general manager goodbye.

    Xu Ruo Rou felt a bit ill at ease. Before leaving, she looked at Li Yu Chen again: "Manger Li, don't tell any outsiders about this. I-I'm also in a difficult situation."

    "Little Sister Ruo Rou, don't worry, I definitely won't say anything." After receiving Li Yu Chen's promise, Xu Ruo Rou was then able to feel reassured. She returned to her work desk.

    "What happened? Did you give Manager Li my famous name? She didn't do anything to you, did she?" Qin Feng asked casually when he saw Xu Ruo Rou return.

    Xu Ruo Rou shook her head. She thought a bit and decided she wouldn't tell Qin Feng about the events that just recently transpired. She was afraid that Qin Feng would yell at her if he knew she revealed information about Young Master Qin.

    "Nothing, Manager Li was looking for me for a very normal chat."

    This was the second time Xu Ruo Rou lied. After speaking, her face turned red. She lowered her head and pretended to work to prevent Qin Feng from noticing. On the other hand, Qin Feng didn't pay attention. He continued to think about the quests.

    At the same time, the atmosphere in Wang Chao's office became extremely cold.

    Wang Chao sat on the chair facing his newly-hired ass-kisser Xiao Zhang. When Xiao Zhang noticed that Wang Chao looked like he had eaten sh*t, he forced a smile and asked: "Group Leader Wang, you were looking for me?"

    "F*ck, I'm pissed to the moon. This Qin Feng has recently become more and more arrogant. Ever since the cafeteria incident, he has a good reputation and is well-regarded. When he walks into the company and stands in the elevator, you could hear practically employees everywhere talking about him-and most of them praise him. What kind of taste do these people have?"

    Wang Chao didn't seem to be having a conversation with Xiao Zhang, it was more like a middle-aged woman whining: "This brat hadn't come to work for the past three days and didn't even greet me, much less mention anything about the leave of absence slip... The atmosphere of the Sales Department used to be quite good, and they all listened to me well. Ever since Qin Feng's arrival, everything changed. This is really a case where a piece of rat sh*t ruined a whole pot of soup.

    "Look at Xu Ruo Rou. She was originally such a cute and innocent girl. Now she hangs around trash like Qin Feng. Pretty soon, she's going to become a lowly woman... And General Manager Li; I think she also has something improper going on with Qin Feng.

    "Say, are all the beauties of the Sales Department blind? They won't even look at a handsome and talented man like me, but they run over to associate with a hooligan with no future like Qin Feng instead. I can only use four words to describe these people:

    "Not seeking to progress!"

    Wang Chao's incessant nagging was like Tang Seng chanting Buddhist scriptures. Xiao Zhang's head felt as though it was about to explode. He wanted to rush up and sew Wang Chao's mouth closed. But in reality, he could only retain a smile and look really earnest and interested while he listened to Wang Chao's unceasing complaints.
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