Chapter 141 - An Absolutely Brilliant Scheme

    Chapter 141 - An Absolutely Brilliant Scheme

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    Editor: Levs

    "Xiao Zhang, tell me, who's more handsome between me and Qin Feng? Who is more talented?" Wang Chao suddenly looked towards Xiao Zhang with a cold and wintry air.

    Xiao Zhang looked at Wang Chao's shoehorn face and said without thinking: "Group Leader Wang, of course you're more handsome and more talented... Qin Feng is on a completely different level from you. How could he compare to Group Leader Wang?"

    Wang Chao's icy gaze warmed, and a hint of a smile was revealed on his face. Suddenly, he said severely: "Xiao Zhang, say that again with your hand to your heart. If you're lying, you'll be struck by lightning five times."

    Xiao Zhang's lips twitched. He unwillingly placed his hand on his chest and thought to himself that it was no big deal. If there was lightning in the future, he just wouldn't leave his house. He gritted his teeth and said:

    "Group Leader Wang, of course you're more handsome and more talented!"

    This time, Group Leader Wang bloomed with happiness. He walked up beside Xiao Zhang with a jolly laugh and patted his shoulder. He nodded with extreme satisfaction: "Xiao Zhang, of the people I've seen in this company, you're the one with the best taste. You have outstanding abilities; I will definitely never mistreat you."

    After hearing Wang Chao's words, Xiao Zhang felt that it was worth lying on his conscience at first: "Group Leader Wang, you want to deal with Qin Feng?"

    Now that Xiao Zhang was considered one of his own, Wang Chao didn't pretend in front of him. He revealed a cloudy and fierce expression: "I look forward to his death."

    Xiao Zhang saw that his opportunity had arisen. He immediately said with a smile filling his face: "Group Leader Wang, I have a way of dealing with Qin Feng that could get him immediately ousted from the company."

    "What is this method? Hurry and tell me... If it really works, then I'll help you nab first place in the Sales Department for this month," Wang Chao asked excitedly.

    "Group Leader Wang, you've already said that there was something strange going on between Qin Feng and General Manager Li, so we can't use her to suppress Qin Feng. However, we can look to even higher levels of the company. If we can get Qin Feng to offend someone in senior management, no one would be able to save the brat. Sooner or later, he'll be sent out of the company." A sinister smile appeared on Xiao Zhang's face.

    Wang Chao furrowed his eyebrows and nodded. Xiao Zhang's larger target really wasn't bad. However, Wang Chao couldn't think of concrete details on how to carry this out: "Xiao Zhang, do you already have a plan? Spit it out, you don't need to beat around the bush with me."

    Xiao Zhang was pleased with himself when he saw that he had piqued Group Leader Wang's interest: "I do indeed have a brilliant plan. The target is the newly arrived lofty beauty Assistant Han. She is a famous person that is right beside Chairman Qin. If someone offended her, they'd be offending Chairman Qin. Isn't that a way to get someone to beat it in minutes?"

    Once they thought of Han Ying Ying, her elegant and sexy appearance and her charming and enchanting expression arose in their minds. They fantasized for a bit on their own before returning to the issue at hand.

    "Group Leader Wang, think about it. If Qin Feng offended Assistant Han, and if it were something extremely severe, then what would happen? According to Assistant Han's strict and tyrannical personality, she'd destroy him on the spot."

    "You're very right. Then how would we get Qin Feng to offend Assistant Han?" Wang Chao felt that this plan was becoming increasingly plausible.

    Xiao Zhang revealed a sinister smile. He pulled out a condom from his wallet. This gave Group Leader Wang a fright. Wang Chao immediately stepped back three steps and looked nervously at Xiao Zhang. He said indignantly: "What are you doing? I'm not the kind of person you think I am... And even if we're actually doing it, I want to be the initiator that carries out the attacks."

    Xiao Zhang had an expression of confusion. He didn't know why Wang Chao was suddenly so agitated.

    He looked at the condom in his hand, then looked at Wang Chao. He came to a sudden realization. His lips twitched and he said with disgust: "Group Leader Wang, you've misunderstood me. This condom was prepared for Qin Feng."

    "Prepared for Qin Feng?" Wang Chao became aware that he had forgotten himself. He immediately straightened out his white dress shirt and cleared his throat. He said with complete seriousness: "Why did you prepare such a thing for him?"

    "My plan is to make make Qin Feng deliver documents to Assistant Han's office and to place this condom in the documents. When Assistant Han looks through the documents and discovers this plaything, she will certainly be furious. Maybe she might even cripple Qin Feng and terminate him on the spot. Qin Feng would then be notorious far and wide. If the plan goes as expected, Group Leader Wang would be rid of his eyesore, the Sales Department would still be your territory, and everyone would have to listen to you." Xiao Zhang said his entire plan in one breath. He was deeply afraid that Wang Chao would misunderstand him again.

    "Xiao Zhang, that's clever! It truly is clever!" After hearing the plan, Wang Chao's eyes glowed and he smiled so much that his mouth was about to cramp up: "I didn't realize that you'd be even more sinister than me."

    "No no, I couldn't compare myself to Group Leader Wang," Xiao Zhang immediately said with a jolly smile.

    Group Leader Wang's expression suddenly fell: "What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I'm more sinister than you? Are you saying I'm a vile and sinister person?"

    Xiao Zhang was originally trying to kiss ass, but he didn't think Wang Chao would interpret it this way. He was drunk. He hurriedly explained: "I was saying that I only know how to do these little schemes and crafty ideas, I can't compare to someone on the scale of Group Leader Wang. The ideas that you'd come up with would be much greater in both idea and action. People like me can't compare to that."

    Wang Chao's anger completely dissolved and his face broke into blooming smile: "You little brat, you only know how to kiss ass. Go. Hurry and call Qin Feng over. I can't wait to see him get turned into waste."

    "Okay, then I'll go," Wang Chao and Xiao Zhang exchanged glances and extremely vulgar smiles.


    At this time, Qin Feng was splayed on his desk in the lobby of the Sales Department. He was thinking about which quests he should complete first in the afternoon. Suddenly, a friend request notification popped up in his QQ.

    Qin Feng tapped on the notification and examined the profile: a single 26 year-old female. Her profile picture was a pair of beautiful fair legs. Qin Feng despicably rejected the request. He had seen plenty of these random requests from strangers and most of them were cheats fit for losers. They clearly weren't to the taste of this hedonistic young master.

    "How could he reject my friend request?"

    Li Yu Chen sat in her office and looked nervously at her computer screen. She saw Young Master Qin reject her friend request and suddenly felt disheartened.

    She heard that Young Master Qin liked beauties and long legs. She purposely took a picture of her beautiful legs and used it as her profile picture. However, she was still rejected.

    However, Li Yu Cheng clearly wouldn't give up just like that. She thought for a bit. Then, her face flushed slightly as she ran to lock the door to her office. She copied those fujoshis and tugged her collar down a little, a little more, and a little more.

    She lifted her phone over the top of her head emphasized her chest, revealing a deep chasm. After hesitating three times, she switched this to her profile picture and sent Young Master Qin another friend request.

    "F*ck, another person wants to add me. Isn't this young master too charming?"
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