Chapter 142 - Meeting with a Beautiful Woman

    Chapter 142 - Meeting with a Beautiful Woman

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    Qin Feng opened the notification manager again. It turned out to be the person from before. The profile hadn't changed, but the profile picture had changed again.

    Based on Qin Feng's expertise from inspecting countless chests, he had to say that this weapon had the strength of over 50,000. It had the ability to kill a field of single men in seconds. However, since this chest was too stunning, Qin Feng wondered if this person had just downloaded a picture from the Internet. They were like the lovely legs from before: so beautiful they looked kind of fake.

    He also became increasingly certain that this person had to be one of those women that used their bodies to cheat people of their money. Qin Feng viewed those kinds of people with disdain, so he rejected her request once again.

    "What? This cleavage is still not good enough? Do you want me to strip myself bare?"

    In the office, Li Yu Chen was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. Originally, she wasn't the kind of person who used sex appeal to curry favor with people, but she forced herself to do these things she was unwilling to do in order to fulfill her mother's wish. In the end, Young Master Qin didn't even care to add her.

    She knew that if she sent another friend request like this he would definitely be annoyed. He might even blacklist her forever. After some consideration, Li Yu Cheng could only give up and stop. She decided to try and add him again in a couple of days...

    Without the distraction of the friend request, Qin Feng's cell phone suddenly rang again. He looked at the notification for an incoming call. It was an unfamiliar number.

    "Hello, thank you for calling the Sales Department of Royal Group. I'm the Gold Medal Sales Representative Qin Feng. If you wish to buy a house, I can speak with you about it in detail... I am this company's elite salesperson. All business is limited to negotiations and signing contracts in the company. I will decline all dinners and appointments that use the excuse of buying a house or negotiating a contract. Of course, if you're a beauty, that's another story." As a sales representative, Qin Feng said all this with complete seriousness.

    When Xu Ruo Rou, who was sitting across from him, saw how Qin Feng said all this with seriousness, she couldn't help but burst into laughter.

    Bai Qing, who was on the other side of the phone, had an expression of shock. She thought she called the wrong number: "Oh? I was wondering why Young Master Qin hadn't been coming to Royal Hotel, so he has switched jobs and became a sales representative... If all of the beauties of Acropolis City found out, wouldn't they all jump into the river or hang themselves?"

    "Oh it's Miss Qing Qing. I was just thinking of you and was about to call you. I even had your number pulled up and was about to press on it when you called first." Qin Feng recognized Bai Qing's voice right away.

    He thought about how he still had a quest relating to Bai Qing, so he could use this opportunity to take care of it.

    "Young Master Qin, if I remember correctly, you never asked me for my phone number, how would you call me?" Bai Qing's voice was extremely flirtatious. Whoever heard it would feel limp and numb. However, her current expression was exceptionally icy.

    She bit her lip tightly and a bit of a murderous air flickered in her eyes.

    The last time she and Qin Feng met was half a month ago when Qin Feng brought her to the Royal Jewellers and bought a 890,000 yuan five carat diamond necklace. However, after the necklace was purchased, Bai Qing hadn't worn it at all.

    Why would she wear the necklace Qin Feng gifted to her? She hated Qin Feng to no end.

    If this necklace was gifted to her four years ago, Bai Qing would have been moved to tears, and she'd marry Qin Feng. But, he gave it now and gifted it to her with the intention of courting her. This made Bai Qing hate Qin Feng even more.

    "Ahem, is something the matter that you're calling me Miss Qing Qing?" Qin Feng's lie was caught, so he coughed twice and changed the subject.

    "Young Master Qin, we have a high school reunion and everyone's bringing their significant others. I want to bring you to this reunion as my boyfriend. Would you happen to have the time to attend?" Bai Qing said coquettishly.

    "As a fake boyfriend?" Qin Feng raised his eyebrows. He felt that this wasn't really a good idea.

    "It could be considered that." Bai Qing said: "This reunion will be at the Mountain Resort. We'll leave in an hour and stay for a night. If you attend this reunion as my boyfriend, we'll certainly be living together tonight."

    Qin Feng's expression changed. He said with extreme sincerity: "A high school reunion is a really important reunion. How could you not bring a boyfriend if you want to preserve face? ...wait for me, I'll be there in ten minutes. Don't you dare leave without me!"

    After hanging up, Qin Feng suddenly stood. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou with seriousness: "Ruo Rou, don't wait for me after work, go back in Older Sister Ying Ying and Chairman Qin's car. And tell them that a master of sales who will share his many years of sales experience is coming to Acropolis City for a lecture. I must listen to this lecture and learn some sales techniques from this senior. Don't wait for me tonight for dinner... And after eating, don't wait for me either. Rest early."

    After saying this, Qin Feng ran out like the wind. After running halfway, the voice of an ass-kisser called out from behind him: "Qin Feng, it's work time, where are you running to... Hey, did you hear me? Hurry and get back here, Group Leader Wang is looking for you."

    The more Xiao Zhang shouted, the louder his shouts became. In the end, he hurt his throat, but from start to finish, Qin Feng didn't spare him a glance. At this time, he disappeared from sight.

    Ten minutes later, a low-key 28" bicycle stopped lavishly in the VIP parking area of the Royal Hotel. Right when Qin Feng got off his bike, he saw an angry security guard run over.

    "Hey, stinking brat, this is Royal Hotel's VIP parking lot. You're riding a..." The security guard stopped mid-shout because he recognized Qin Feng. This was the prince of Royal Hotel: Young Master Qin.

    The security guard's expression changed like he was putting on a show. In an instant, he went from being furious to putting on a favor-currying smile: "Young Master Qin, you're really too domineering for riding this 28" bicycle!"

    "In the current flighty society, as long as they have some money, those dogfart rich young masters love competing and flaunting their wealth with their luxury cars. They want to etch their family property on their heads for others to see... There are too few people like Young Master Qin who are so wealthy and powerful yet so low-key and eco-friendly. This is the sad state of society."

    While talking, the security guard's eyes moistened: "Young Master Qin, you're truly a great role-model that I should learn from. I'm truly touched."

    "Are you done kissing ass? If you say any more, I won't give you a tip." Qin Feng said lowly: "Go. And watch this young master's Seat of Compassion. If it's scraped, rubbed, or stolen, I'll come looking for you."

    "Young Master Qin, don't worry. This little one will definitely watch it for you well!" The security guard promised while trying to gain Qin Feng's favor.

    He watched Qin Feng's slowly receding back before he dared to reveal a despicable expression. He muttered quietly to himself: "Tch, what kind of Young Master Qin are you? I praised you for so long but you didn't even give me enough to buy a bottle of water-what a miser."

    Qin Feng sneezed all the way from the parking lot to the Royal hotel. He knew that there must be someone talking smack about him behind his back.

    "Young Master Qin, you're here!" Once Qin Feng walked into the hotel, all of the managers and various employees that welcomed guests ran over.

    He had not come to the Royal Hotel in a long time. With his sudden appearance, the employees of the hotel did not dare to neglect anything.

    Qin Feng ignored these people's sweet-talking. After entering the hotel lobby, he stood there blankly. His vision went straight ahead and fell on the body of a seductive beauty.

    In Qin Feng's memory, Bai Qing always wore her work uniform: a black suit with black pantyhose. This was the first time he saw her dressed casually.

    She wore a long, blue silk dress, and there were some simple designs weaved into the dress. Her smooth and exquisite legs were unrestricted, and she wore a pair of black crystal high heels. She gave off a high-class and sexy aesthetic appeal.

    This was a long dress with a low neckline, it revealed the lovely fairness of Bai Qing's chest. Her beautiful and refined collar bones and her long jade neck were both details worthy of admiration. Also, the addition of a diamond necklace that shone with an air of extravagance on her impossibly fair jade neck upped her dress style a couple of levels.

    Bai Qing could already see Qin Feng. She wore a charming smile on her face and walked towards Qin Feng with small quick steps.

    With every step she took, there was a crisp clack of her high heels hitting the marble floor. The sound echoed in Qin Feng's heart. It was rhythmic and extremely sexy. The edge of her dress covered her knees and fluttered slightly with the wind. The sight attracted Qin Feng's gaze. She hadn't yet arrived, but he could already smell the fragrance that was exuded out of the bottom of her skirt.

    With a sincere heart, Qin Feng prayed that Bai Qing would fall so he could take a peek and see if she was wearing safety shorts under her dress.

    "Young Master Qin, what are you looking at that you're so entranced?" Bai Qing walked up beside Qin Feng and naturally placed a tender and fair jade hand onto his shoulder. She intentionally stuck her body close to Qin Feng's and stuck out the soft white of her chest for Qin Feng to see.

    Qin Feng suddenly used his strength to pull Bai Qing tightly into his embrace. He blew into her ear: "Miss Qing Qing, how about we skip the vacation village? Let's get a room. I have lots of questions regarding academic research that I would like to discuss with you about."

    Bai Qing was caught off guard; Qin Feng's sudden actions made her squeak in surprise. At this time, her chin was pressed into Qin Feng's shoulder and her face was stuck to Qin Feng's ear. She could clearly feel Qin Feng's hands fall restlessly onto her behind, causing a faint iciness to pass through her charming eyes.

    "Young Master Qin, so many people are looking. How could you be so rough? Everyone feels embarrassed." Bai Qing smiled tenderly and struggled out of Qin Feng's embrace: "I've already agreed to the reunion and I took today and tomorrow off for it. Wait until we get to the vacation village. We're going to live together at night Young Master Qin, so don't be in such a hurry."

    Once again, Bai Qing took the initiative to lean into Qin Feng's embrace and lightly punched his chest. Qin Feng took Bai Qing's jade hand with a jolly smile: "Okay, okay. I won't be in a hurry, I won't be in a hurry. When we get to the vacation village, we'll study well."
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