Chapter 143 - Its Great to be Young

    Chapter 143 - It's Great to be Young

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    A total of twenty people were invited to this class reunion. Though there were originally forty-eight people in their high school class, after five years they had lost contact with a lot of classmates and some classmates moved to other cities so it was inconvenient for them to attend the reunion at this time.

    The starting point of the reunion was set at Royal Hotel because this hotel was a landmark in Acropolis City; it was somewhere that everyone could find. At this time, Qin Feng and Bai Qing sat waiting and chatting on the sofa in the lobby.

    After around ten minutes, over ten people arrived in succession.

    Bai Qing was clearly a bit moved to see these people. After all, they were high school classmates that she hadn't seen in five years; they were all comrades-in-arms that struggled together in preparation for the fight against the college entrance exam. When she saw them, Bai Qing's emotional state returned to that of her school life from five years ago.

    At the time, she was the Genius Goddess of the school; she was an influential figure; she was a dazzling celebrity. She was supposed to have a limitless future ahead of her, she was supposed to have beautiful future to look forward to. But now...

    "Y-you're Wang Lei right?" Bai Qing was the manager of the Royal Hotel, so she took up the job of receiving her old classmates. She stood in the middle of the crowd and greeted everyone: "Haha, how did you become so fat? I almost couldn't recognize you."

    "Haha... I sit in the office all day and I don't work out. Let's not bring it up."

    "Zhao Bin, not bad, how did you get these muscles? You must attract a good amount of beautiful women."

    "Goddess Qing Qing, don't tease me. I'm a fitness instructor now, I encounter plenty of beautiful women every day but no one has invited me to dinner."

    "Then you have to take the initiative to ask them out. Women are sensitive."

    Bai Qing stood in the crowd and chatted happily with the people there. Qin Feng was slightly enchanted by the genuine and bright smile she had on her face.

    She lost the polite smile that she put on for work as well as the false charm and flattery she used on him. She was an eternal goddess standing amongst the crowd; a crane amongst a group of chicken; she regained her true self. She seemed to have returned to her high school days, and looked like a youthful and bright young lady that was enjoying happy times without worries.

    Without the pressures of life and the restrictions of society, there was only the happiness and laughter of the school days; there was only sincere friendship and pure love. Those beautiful memories will remain in her heart for her whole life. She'll reminisce about it repeatedly and yearn for...

    Slowly, Qin Feng also began to reminisce about his high school days.

    Besides the beautiful women (with names Qin Feng couldn't really remember) that he played with; besides him already forgetting when he lost his virginity; besides how he ruined his family by showing off and spending recklessly... if Qin Feng disregarded all of these things, he found that he didn't really have memories of anything else about his school days.

    But these were all manifestations of his ignorant youth. He thought his best memories would be when he courted over three digits of beauties during his school days, and spent over eight figures of yuan. But looking back, these events became muddled long ago. However, the image of a cute, pretty, and cold noble girl gradually became clear.

    That image was Zhao Ling Xian.

    A series of memories surged up like the tide right after this.

    In elementary school, he snuck caterpillars into Zhao Ling Xian's pencil case. She would be so scared that she burst into tears in class. In middle school, boys blocked Zhao Ling Xian after school to touch her body. After Qin Feng saw this, he beat them up and they had to transfer to another school the next day. In high school, after the self-study session, Zhao Ling Xian was surrounded by some hooligans on her way home. These people looked to rob and rape. At the time, Qin Feng was just a hedonistic young master without enough strength to truss a chicken, but he picked up a brick and fought with four hooligans holding daggers. He didn't hurt the hooligans, but he was stabbed four times, and the way he looked while he was injured with blood pouring out of him made the hooligans run in fright...

    There were too many memories. Precious memories drift away with the passing of time, and become increasingly fewer. But the things still remembered become the most precious and important memories.

    Everyone has an unforgettable and public impression of their youth.

    How great it was to be young!

    "Zhao Qian... Ah! It really is you! You're really getting prettier and prettier the older you get." At this time, one of Bai Qing's high school dorm mates arrived. Bai Qing was extremely moved, she hugged the trendy and elegantly-dressed woman and shouted in surprise.

    "Bai Qing, you're one to talk. Look at you, you look like a famous celebrity. I instantly look like an ugly duckling when I stand next to you." Zhao Qian laughed and scolded Bai Qing, immediately arousing the agreement of the others.

    The gazes of the males that arrived never shifted away from Bai Qing. Among them, some were still single. They immediately began to praise Bai Qing. They didn't know if they had an opportunity to take this goddess.

    "Goddess Bai Qing, you keep getting more and more beautiful as time passes."

    "In high school, Bai Qing was the goddess of the whole school. Now, five years have gone by in the blink of an eye. If I suddenly saw Goddess Bai Qing on the streets, I would definitely think she was a famous celebrity."

    "Goddess Bai Qing is not only as beautiful as a fairy, but also outstandingly talented. Back in the day, you were the top scorer in the humanities for the whole city... A beauty that is both talented and attractive is truly admirable."

    "Look that that. Men are outwardly calm but internally passionate. Once they see our Goddess Bai Qing, they can't handle themselves." Zhao Qian feigned anger and glared at everyone. Then, she looped her arm in Bai Qing's and said with a smile: "Goddess Bai Qing, hurry and tell everyone. You're so talented and outstanding, and you're a goddess with matchless beauty. You probably got a boyfriend long ago. Maybe you're even a hot mom right now.

    "Hurry and let these stinking men give up."

    Zhao Qian's words made some people embarrassed. They scratched their heads awkwardly and laughed: "Zhao Qian, don't twist our meaning. We were praising out of the bottom of our hearts, we did not mean for the praise to be impure in any way. Even if Goddess Bai Qing got married, she will eternally be a goddess in our hearts."

    "That's right, that's what we meant," the men who were praising Bai Qing all echoed in agreement.

    Laughter immediately passed through the group, but a flash of sadness passed through the main character Bai Qing's face.

    She was indeed talented and attractive; she was a pure beauty. The people that chased after her could form a united group. But that was all in the past. Beginning from that night, she lost her chastity and her halo.

    Only she knew the suffering she experienced these past five years. When did she get married and have kids? Until now, she hadn't even had a relationship that filled her with longing.

    She wasn't as grand as these people made her out to be, but she had to pretend for the sake of living and preserving face. This was the helplessness of reality.

    "Wow... look who's here. Hurry and see who's here everyone." Earlier, the men in the group were endlessly excited. Now, the women could finally scream crazily.

    There was someone wearing a white suit with white leather shoes and a white hat. He wore all white as if he were the prince charming in fairy tales. He walked in with his head high and his chest puffed.
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