Chapter 144 - A Tall, Rich, and Handsome Man Has Arrived

    Chapter 144 - A Tall, Rich, and Handsome Man Has Arrived

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    The man had attractive features, a chiseled face, an impressive appearance, and a dominating aura like that of a king. With a glance, one could tell he was a handsome and accomplished youth.

    This man's name was Fang Zhi Ming. He was an influential figure in high school and the most handsome boy on campus in Cloud City. Not only was he handsome with a good family background, he was also a Prince Charming that a lot of girls pined after.

    Their classmates considered him and Bai Qing an ideal couple; a match made in heaven.

    This reunion was held due to Fang Zhi Ming's suggestion, and he paid for all of the expenses.

    "Fang Zhi Ming, Young Master Fang, is here."

    "Wow... Even after not seeing you for so many years, Young Master Fang is still just as handsome as ever. Little white-collared workers that sit in offices like us really can't compare to you."

    "That's a given. Young Master Fang covered all the expenses on his own for this trip to the mountain resort, and it's where the rich in Acropolis City hang out. Young Master Fang must have started a good number of large companies, and maybe the companies are already on the market."

    Fang Zhi Ming squeezed through the crowd, he enjoyed the flattery from these people. He maintained a calm smile on his face and greeted the people around him.

    Fang Zhi Ming's gaze was fixed on Bai Qing the whole way over. At this time, he suddenly stopped beside her.

    "Bai Qing, long time no see!" Fang Zhi Ming had a gentlemanly smile and looked at Bai Qing with water-like tenderness.

    The air seemed to stand still; time stopped and fell quiet.

    Five years ago, the two were a match made in heaven. Now that they met again five years later, one was overbearingly handsome and the other was as beautiful as a fairy. They stood together quietly like a beautiful landscape.

    Bai Qing's heartbeat couldn't help but increase. Back then, she didn't accept Fang Zhi Ming's affections due to her studies. Now that they met again after stepping into society, she couldn't help but feel a bit affected.

    "Fang Zhi Ming, long time no see!" Bai Qing blushed slightly and spoke softly.

    "You're getting more and more beautiful." Fang Zhi Ming's gaze gradually heated. He had the urge to rush up and ravage Bai Qing, but buried this feeling very deeply. On the outside, he looked like a noble and gentlemanly prince: "Your hair got messy, let me fix it for you."

    Fang Zhi Ming extended his long and slender fingers to touch Bai Qing's face. Bai Qing suddenly took two steps back when she saw the hand approaching her face. But, she didn't move backwards on her own volition, she was pulled back into a man's embrace.

    "Hey, what are you doing? Bai Qing is my woman, so don't get too cosy with her or I might beat you up!" Qin Feng appeared at the perfect time. He glared at Fang Zhi Ming.

    He used this kind of gentlemanly, cool-guy act so much back in high school that he had become tired of it.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? Let go of me." Bai Qing extricated herself from Qin Feng's embrace with some anger. This was the first time Qin Feng saw this bone-chilling gaze with a light murderous aura in her eyes.

    He thought about the System's quest regarding Bai Qing: "Dissolve Bai Qing's hatred toward the Host." However, Qin Feng couldn't understand why Bai Qing would hate him because they were not even on familiar terms.

    He didn't really have much of an understanding of Bai Qing, and felt nothing towards her if her sexy figure and beautiful features were disregarded. Thus, Qin Feng was not angry even though she was shy towards Fang Zhi Ming.

    However, while women have accurate perceptions of other women, men have accurate perceptions of other men. Especially since Qin Feng was a dissolute young master with lots of experience with relationships, he could tell right away that Fang Zhi Ming didn't really like Bai Qing, he just wanted to dominate her body.

    If someone loved you and hadn't seen you for five years, the first thing they'll ask you is whether or not you're doing well when they see you. They'll closely examine the changes in you that occurred during these five years with an expression of heartache. However, once Fang Zhi Ming came up to her, he only complimented her beauty and wanted to touch her face. Qin Feng cursed all of them to impotence.

    When Qin Feng thought about how he used to be that kind of person, he silently and internally retracted his curses.

    "Hey, where the hell did you come from? How dare you disrespect our Goddess Bai Qing? Are you looking for a beating?"

    "What a pervert, how could you do these despicable things in broad daylight? Just you wait, I'll have you arrested immediately."

    Bai Qing had a high status in the hearts of the audience. They dreamed about her for eight years but never actually hugged Bai Qing. They hadn't even touched her hand. Now that Qin Feng roughly hugged Bai Qing before their eyes, they were enraged. They wanted to beat him up.

    "Calm down everyone... This, this is my boyfriend Qin Feng," Bai Qing checked the audience through clenched teeth.

    After speaking, she snuck a glance at Fang Zhi Ming. When she saw the hate flash through his eyes, she felt a bit a bit disappointed.

    Qin Feng was never afraid of trouble. At this time, he hugged Bai Qing and even roughly touched her waist. He looked at the audience with self-satisfaction: "What, you want to cause trouble because there are a lot of you? This is my woman. What's wrong with hugging her? I can even kiss her."

    While saying this, Qin Feng purposely caught Bai Qing while she was unprepared and kissed her on the cheek.

    "Did you see that? I kissed her. I'll have you all know that I can even do more," Qin Feng said this and began to remove Bai Qing's dress.

    The audience swallowed their drool. This time, no one came out to stop him. They all internally urged Qin Feng to hurry and remove all of Bai Qing's clothes so they could all feast their eyes.

    Qin Feng's hand was poised above the zipper on Bai Qing's back. Suddenly, he stopped and grinned evilly at the audience: "Stop your delusions everyone. Why would I remove my girl's clothes in front of you all? I'll have a good time with Bai Qing at night when none of you are around."

    Bai Qing was using all her might to suppress her rage. She watched as the hatred in Fang Zhi Ming's eyes continued to intensify. She knew that any possibility of a relationship between them was now gone, so her hatred towards Qin Feng increased exponentially.

    "This guy has really gone crazy... How would we want to see Goddess Bai Qing's body? She's a pure and saintly goddess in our hearts, she's not someone we could recklessly violate."

    "Goddess Bai Qing, why would you date a stinking man like him? He's clearly a hoodlum. Ai... I really can't watch on."

    "Bai Qing, hurry and break up with him. We'll all support you."

    The people that couldn't see Bai Qing's body began to hate Qin Feng even more. They all realized that they were played like monkeys by Qin Feng.

    "Stop guys... We're having a reunion. We haven't seen each other in so long, but we were able to gather today. Let's be happier." Bai Qing scrambled out of Qin Feng's embrace. She walked up to Zhao Qian's side and linked arms with her as she said this.

    "Bai Qing is right, we came here today for a reunion. Seems that most of us are here so let's get going." Fang Zhi Ming glared at Qin Feng. Then, he put on the airs of a leader and led everyone towards the exit of the hotel.

    Right after walking out of the hotel, a gorgeously-dressed beauty ran over. Qin Feng even knew her. Last time, they bumped into her at the Royal Jewellers. She was Chao Yang's little lover and Bai Qing's other dorm mate Zhu Da Niu.

    Oh... That's not right, she's called "Angel," like the beings in the sky.

    Back in the day, Zhu Da Niu was also one of the school beauties. Now that she put on makeup, she was even more movingly charming. When the audience discovered that Bai Qing had a boyfriend, they shifted their attentions to Zhu Da Niu. When they saw her walking over, they went to greet her fawningly.

    Zhu Da Niu held a polite smile as she greeted everyone. There was a bit of anxiousness in her eyes. She looked around while greeting everyone. When her gaze fell on Qin Feng, she was so excited that she almost shouted aloud.

    Zhu Da Niu was originally too lazy to go to the reunion, but ever since Chao Yang was arrested and she discovered Qin Feng's true identity, she wanted to hook in this rich young master.

    Zhu Da Niu lingered outside the door of the Royal Hotel and the Royal Jewellers for half a month, but she didn't see Qin Feng. Thus, she wanted to use this class reunion to see Qin Feng.

    She knew about the relationship between Qin Feng and Bai Qing, so she guessed that Qin Feng would come for sure. Now that she saw Qin Feng, she was even more certain that she guessed correctly.

    "Bai Qing, long time no see! I've missed you to death!" Zhu Da Niu immediately dashed up beside Bai Qing, but glanced occasionally at Qin Feng and gave him flirty glances.

    Bai Qing gave Zhu Da Niu a weird look. The two of them got into a tussle just half a month ago, and Zhu Dao Niu even got slapped by Chao Yang. This person hated her to no end, so why would she take the initiative to run over and greet her?"

    "Zhu Da... Angel, how do you do?" Bai Qing kept her distance and asked simply.

    "Oh Bai Qing, don't call me Angel, that's such an unsophisticated name. I'm Zhu Da Niu, I want to be myself," Zhu Da Niu said with a sugar-coated voice as she gave Qin Feng another flirtatious glance.

    However, from beginning to end, Qin Feng didn't even glance at her. He clearly didn't see this vomit-inducing flirtatious glance.

    "Are the two beauties still chatting? Let's leave, it's time for us to head out." At this time, Fang Zhi Ming walked over and called the two to leave.

    He intentionally ignored Qin Feng who was standing to the side. He clearly did not want to take Qin Feng along.

    "Qin Feng, let's go." Fang Zhi Ming didn't call Qin Feng, but Bai Qing took the initiative to walk over to Qin Feng and hook her arm around his.

    Bai Qing had her own thoughts and plans. If Qin Feng wasn't there, there'd be no need to go to the mountain resort.

    When he saw this scene, Fang Zhi Ming's face darkened slightly. He challenged Qin Feng: "Mr. Qin, who would've thought that our pure jade beauty would be taken by you? I wonder how you did it?"

    "I didn't really do anything, I'm just a sales rep in the company." Qing Feng hugged Bai Qing more tightly in front of Fang Zhi Ming. He even intentionally touched her body: "What Qing Qing and I have between us is true love: we don't consider money or influence."

    When Fang Zhi Ming heard the words "true love," he almost threw up: "Ai, I really feel sorry for Bai Qing. Nowadays, if you don't have money or power, you can't survive in society. When the time comes, you won't even have the money to buy milk powder for your baby."
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