Chapter 145 - His Style is So Cool

    Chapter 145 - His Style is So Cool

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    "That's right, we're driving to the mountain resort this time. Mr. Qin, you're definitely someone with a car right?" Fang Zhi Ming smiled playfully at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng nodded seriously: "Mmhmm, I have a vehicle." [TLN: The word "" is more of a general term meaning "vehicle," so anything from a car to a bike or train would be considered a type of "." In this case, Fang Zhi Ming asks whether or not Qin Feng has a car or "," but since a bike is also considered a "," Qin Feng replies in the affirmative.]

    "Of course, nowadays, a QQ or a shoddy car made in the country is less than fifty thousand yuan. It would be laughable if Mr. Qin couldn't even afford that." Fang Zhi Ming shook his head with pity: "Ai... Originally, I thought Goddess Bai Qing was still single so I purposely sped over in my two-seater Benz supercar and left shotgun for her as well. Now it seems as though I was thinking too much."

    While Fang Zhi Ming was talking, he stole a meaningful glance at Bai Qing. He saw a gleam flash through her eyes so he immediately felt pleased with himself: "Miss Bai Qing, our classmates were correct, this Mr. Qin isn't good enough for you. Right now, I would like to cordially invite you to sit in my Benz supercar to go to the vacation area. I don't know if you'd be willing."

    Fang Zhi Ming was confident and arrogant. His expression was one of someone who had the win in his grasp.

    Who knew how many beauties he took using money and influence. Thus, when facing a loser without money or influence like Qin Feng, he planned in advance and was sure that Bai Qing would stand out and take the initiative to take his arm, dump Qin Feng, and become his lover from here on out.

    He waited for this moment for a long time. A gust of pride and excitement swept through his heart.

    "There's no need for that, my boyfriend has a car so I'll take that there," Bai Qing said through clenched teeth.

    Bai Qing knew Qin Feng's identity; his family background was much more illustrious and wealthy than Fang Zhi Ming's. However, Bai Qing didn't care about money or influence. Otherwise, she would have been on good terms with Qin Feng long ago.

    Ever since she graduated from high school and entered the workforce, she had the mindset of a young girl when it came to relationships. She longed for a happy and romantic love like the one between Snow White and Prince Charming. She still hadn't seen Fang Zhi Ming's true colors so she thought he had the air of Prince Charming.

    Thus, she had a sliver of positive feelings towards Fang Zhi Ming. However, in order to take revenge against Qin Feng, she rejected this invitation. She felt a bit down and helpless inside.

    She knew that that the pure romantic love from fairytales had completely left her long ago in one of the days after she graduated from senior year of high school. She had to accept this reality; she didn't want to be delusional any longer.

    Bai Qing's rejection struck Fang Zhi Ming like a burst of violent lightning. His arrogant and tyrannical aura fell apart. This undisguised slap in the face made Fang Zhi Ming feel extremely awkward. He paused a bit before laughing a jolly laugh. He looked at Zhu Da Niu: "Miss Zhu, you'd certainly be a rational person. Would you be willing to sit in my luxury supercar to the vacation area?"

    If this were the Zhu Da Niu from before, she would immediately and eagerly follow the tall, handsome, and rich young master Fang Zhi Ming if he invited her. But this time, she rejected him, and rejected him resolutely.

    She came this time to court Qin Feng. She clearly knew that compared to Young Master Qin, Fang Zhi Ming's background was nothing.

    "Mr. Fang, I'm really sorry. I haven't seen Bai Qing in a while so I would like to chat with her some more. I'll sit in Mr. Qin's car."

    "Hmph, how stupid." Fang Zhi Ming was slapped a third time. Enraged, he turned and left immediately.

    At this time, the classmates attending the reunion already drove up to the door of the hotel. They waited there in a long line. The cars were of different styles, and there was at least one beauty in every car. The number of beauties was determined by the grade of the car.

    However, all of these cars were all parked in the ordinary parking area, so they got their cars quickly. Fang Zhi Ming and Qin Feng's vehicles were parked in the VIP section. At this time, the two of them re-encountered one another there.

    Zhu Da Niu and Bai Qing knew of Qin Feng's identity, so they knew it made sense for Qin Feng's car to be in this area. On the other hand, Fang Zhi Ming's eyes flashed with surprise when he saw Qin Feng getting his car from the VIP area.

    "Mr. Qin, is your vehicle here as well?"

    "Yeah, but it's a bit annoying to retrieve your vehicle here, so I won't be parking here in the future." Qin Feng happily wrapped his arm around Bai Qing the whole way. At this time, he had already arrived before the 28" bicycle. The security guard was still there.

    "Thanks for your hard work, have five yuan to buy a bottle of water to drink." Qin Feng grandly tossed the security guard five one-yuan coins and sent him away. He patted the seat of his bike and looked at Bai Qing with a smile: "Qing Qing, what do you think? Isn't my new ride great?"

    Bai Qing, Zhu Da Niu, and Fang Zhi Ming all looked at Qin Feng with different expressions, but they were all frozen and speechless.

    "Haha, Mr. Qin, I'm not seeing things am I? ...this, this is the vehicle you were talking about? Hahaha, you've really opened my eyes. You city people really know how to have fun, normal people wouldn't even be able to find a toy like this!"

    Fang Zhi Ming was tickled to death. He didn't know where Qin Feng found the guts to ride this bicycle. If it were him, he wouldn't embarrass himself this way even if he were beaten.

    To ride a bicycle? And an old-styled 28" one at that? ...for a rich young master like Fang Zhi Ming, he felt like he had time-travelled.

    "Qin Feng, can you be more serious? Hurry and bring out your car." Bai Qing didn't believe that this was his vehicle. She thought he was fooling around to mess with Fang Zhi Ming.

    She had seen Qin Feng's Batmobile before, but didn't see it in the parking lot.

    "This is my new ride, I'm not lying to you. I think this bicycle is great. It has great speed and it's environmentally friendly... Don't you think? And the style is really cool!" Qin Feng said with honesty.

    Bai Qing and Zhu Da Niu's mouths twitched, and Fang Zhi Ming had finally laughed enough. He looked at Bai Qing again: "Bai Qing, you won't go to the reunion on a broken bicycle would you? Those are our old classmates, who would embarrass themselves like that?"

    "Let's go. Get in my racecar, it's the Yellow Benz AMGGT. You're a beauty, you should be matched with a nice car."

    "What era are we in right now? It's better to get ahead in the world by abandoning your scruples than to be poor. Bai Qing, I hope you can understand. Otherwise, it might be too late to regret it later." Fang Zhi Ming continuously egged Bai Qing on.

    Bai Qing looked at Qin Feng's expression, and it didn't look like he was joking. She hesitated for a bit before walking directly up to Qin Feng's bicycle. She said expressionlessly: "Let's go."

    Qin Feng smiled and carried Bai Qing onto his bicycle. Then, he looked at Zhu Da Niu who stood stupidly to the side: "Zhu Da Niu... Oh no, Miss Angel, I'm so sorry, my bicycle can only take one passenger. Think of a way to get to the vacation area on your own."
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