Chapter 147 - Need to Pretend to be a Muscular Man

    Chapter 147 - Need to Pretend to be a Muscular Man

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    With his eyes alone, Fang Zhi Ming was unable to confirm whether or not this was Qin Feng's bike. He extended his hand to caress the bike's handlebars, seat, body, and even its tires. He looked to be lovingly caressing a beloved treasure.

    In truth, he already had the answer. In the current day and age, the chance of seeing a 28" bicycle was lower than seeing a car crash. If Qin Feng said he was riding his bike over, and a 28" bicycle that was exactly the same as his was parked at the mountain resort, the answer was clear.

    However, Fang Zhi Ming was still unable to accept reality. How could he ride a broken bicycle with Bai Qing and make it to the mountain resort before him? Fang Zhi Ming suspected that Qin Feng switched to a car midway with his bicycle in tow.

    "Young Master Fang, what are you doing?" The remaining people encircled him. They saw Fang Zhi Ming caressing and inspecting a broken bicycle lovingly with a strange expression on his face.

    "Huh? I-I'm not doing anything. I just thought this bike... was really cool, don't you think?" Fang Zhi Ming was nervous, so he was unable to find any other excuse. He just blurted out and repeated what Qin Feng said before without thinking.

    However, Fang Zhi Ming received an answer from the faces of these people that clearly wanted to laugh but didn't dare to do so. He suddenly felt that he was a bit idiotic.

    "Haha, there's nothing to it. It's just that this old-styled bicycle aroused a lot of memories from my high school days so I couldn't help but look at it. Let's go, it's really hard to reserve rooms here so I reserved twenty rooms half a month in advance. Let's get everyone to their rooms so we can rest and put down our luggage. We'll meet at the banquet hall on the eighth floor at eight o'clock." Fang Zhi Ming's emotions stabilized quickly, and he led these people into the hotel.

    They were all assigned rooms in the reception hall of the hotel.

    In addition to Qin Feng and Bai Qing, there were a total of twenty-three people at the reunion, so twenty rooms seemed inadequate. However, the reality was that after the room assignments were made, there were six extra rooms. After all, these old classmates hadn't seen each other in such a long time. With the foundation of three years of deep friendship in high school, the hour-long car ride nurtured an even deeper friendship.

    Also, a fair amount of men and women exchanged gazes and directly got a room in preparation to reminisce about the past and completely examine one another's bodies at night.

    The travel arrangements for this reunion was made for one day and one night.

    They were to arrive in the afternoon and leave the following afternoon. The thing they were looking forward to the most was tonight's dinner at eight o'clock. At the moment, there were a good number of hours until it would be eight. These people seldom had the chance to take time off and have fun at the beach. Thus, after putting down their things in their respective rooms, they all ran to the beach...

    At this time, Qin Feng and Bai Qing were on the balcony of the presidential suite. Bai Qing sat under a parasol drinking juice and admiring the scenery. Qin Feng stood with a pair of binoculars and admired the beauties in bikinis on the beach.

    "Qing Qing, your ass-kissing classmates are here. They're currently playing on the beach," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    Bai Qing changed into a sky blue bikini and had a white silk shawl draped over her shoulders. Her sexy and well-developed body was faintly discernible, and exuded a charming flirtatiousness.

    She arrived beside Qin Feng and picked up the binoculars. She looked through them to see that her classmates really had arrived. She gave Qin Feng a slightly dissatisfied look: "Your classmates are ass-kissers."

    "Let's go. We'll head over as well. They're classmates I haven't seen in five years, I kind of miss them," Bai Qing took Qin Feng by the arm and they headed to the beach together.

    The mountain resort vacation area was Acropolis City's Grade AAAAA scenic area. Royal Group had turned this area into a beach. From a glance, all one could see was blue ocean and skies. The beach was filled with people: there were those that were buried in the sand and comfortably basked in the sun, and there were also bikini-clad beauties playing volleyball.

    The playing techniques of these beauties was unimportant, what was important was that when they jumped up and down, the severe trembling of their chests was visually pleasing. This attracted the gazes of who knew how many men at the beach.

    Fang Zhi Ming and the rest arrived at the beach. Each of them chose the types of entertainment they enjoyed. Fang Zhi Ming, on the other hand, lay on the beach. Two men, Zhao Bin and Liu Ming, sat beside him and rubbed olive oil especially used by body-builders on his body.

    "Zhao Bin, how is it going? How much longer will it be?" Fang Zhi Ming asked with anxiousness.

    "Young Master Fang, don't be anxious, I'll be done soon. This olive oil is used especially for American body-building competitions. When you rub it on your body, it darkens the skin to emphasize a healthy tan and shines under the sunlight, making the muscles more prominent and distinct." As a fitness instructor, Zhao Bin was an expert in these aspects.

    "Okay, then don't be anxious either. Apply it well, make sure the olive oil is rubbed on evenly. The best would be to try and exhibit my well-built physique." After hearing what Zhang Biao said, Fang Zhi Ming didn't rush him again.

    All in all, he set up this high school reunion to trick Bai Qing into bed, so it really took Fang Zhi Ming a lot of effort to set it up.

    He intentionally set this reunion at the mountain resort so he would have the chance to see Bai Qing wearing a bikini. At the same time, he wanted to wear swim trunks and bare his upper body. For the past couple of months, he exercised and trained his muscles under Zhao Bin's instruction so he could show off his muscles to Bai Qing. He wanted her to admire him and look at him with a blush and accelerated heartbeat.

    "Liu Ming, have you seen Bai Qing?" Fang Zhi Ming looked around the beach but was not able to spot Bai Qing's figure.

    Liu Ming was also on the lookout the whole time, but he also had not seen her. He shook his head and said: "Nope. Don't be anxious Young Master Fang, I'll tell you the instant I see her."

    "Young Master Fang, it's done." Zhao Bin was done applying the olive oil.

    Fang Zhi Ming sat up excitedly and used all his strength to flex his pectoral and abdominal muscles. He looked at Zhao Bin and Liu Ming and asked: "Look at me first, how are the results?"

    After graduating, Zhao Bin and Liu Ming were not getting by so well. When they found out that they would see Fang Zhi Ming at the reunion, and that he opened his own company, they began to think of ways to gain his favor. They thought to themselves that no matter the result, they would shower him with a barrage of praise.

    However, when their gazes fell on Fang Zhi Ming's body,  they were clearly stunned. Fang Zhi Ming trained himself these past couple of months so the muscles on his body were budding. Now, with the polishing provided by the olive oil, the muscles were clear and defined. The defined lines of his muscles; his full, large pectoral muscles; and his already extremely prominent six pack could compare to some of the body builders on magazine covers.
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