Chapter 148 - Bikini Beauties

    Chapter 148 - Bikini Beauties

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    Editor: Levs

    "Young Master Fang, you're too handsome. You're truly too handsome."

    "The result is too great. Your body could be compared to Schwarzenegger. If I were female, I would fall into your arms Young Master Fang," Zhao Bing and Liu Ming gasped.

    "You two stinking brats, you only know how to kiss ass." After hearing their words, Fang Zhi Ming was unable to contain his glee. He pulled out a large mirror and examined himself. He discovered that his muscles were much more apparent. In particular, the planes and lines of his muscles were much more defined.

    Fang Zhi Ming nodded in satisfaction in regards to the quality of his muscles. He tossed away the mirror in his hand, put on a pair of black sunglasses, and stood. He walked on the beach naturally. He looked to be walking aimlessly, but he was actually walking towards the area where his high school classmates were gathered.

    "Wow, look, that man is really handsome. His muscles are really big, I really want to touch his pecs."

    "You have to look at the abs of men that have truly trained. That man doesn't only have pecs, he also as a clear six-pack. He really is a muscle man."

    "Don't you all feel as though that person looks kind of familiar? Look closely, isn't that our classmate Fang Zhi Ming?"

    It wasn't just men that liked looking at bikini beauties, beauties like to admire muscular men even more. By revealing his body, Fang Zhi Ming immediately elicited a wave of gasps.

    He was tall, large, healthy, and strong; he had lots of muscles; he wore cool sunglasses; and had a fashionable air about him. He easily became the focal point of the gazes of beautiful women.

    "Fang Zhi Ming, you're really handsome!" Someone from the crowd suddenly shouted.

    The corner of Fang Zhi Ming's lips formed an almost imperceptible evil smile. He suddenly stopped and turned slightly towards the direction that the shout had come from. At the same time, he confidently and casually removed his sunglasses, furrowed his thick eyebrows, and said calmly: "What did you say?"

    "Fang Zhi Ming, you're really handsome!" The female strained her throat and yelled.

    Fang Zhi Ming pretended not to hear. He was so excited that he wanted to fly: "Louder, I can't hear you!"

    Fang Zhi Ming faked it extremely well. That woman yelled again a good number of times, and attracted the people all around.

    "Wow... It really is Fang Zhi Ming, it really is Fang Zhi Ming!"

    "Fang Zhi Ming, you're too handsome. I'm still single, do you want to consider me?"

    Fang Zhi Ming's high school classmates looked over. The women screamed when they saw his sexy muscles, while the men looked on with envy.

    There were too many people on this beach, so the gazes of a good amount of strangers were also attracted to the scene. They expressed some shock when they saw Fang Zhi Ming. It was considered a feast for the eyes to see such a strong and handsome pretty boy on this beach.

    Fang Zhi Ming immediately became the focal point of the spectators. He continued to uphold a natural expression externally, but he was extremely excited internally. He basked in the feeling of being treated like a famous celebrity and being the focus of ten thousand eyes.

    "Wow, look over there, that woman has a really nice figure. She's really beautiful, she couldn't be a famous celebrity here on vacation, could she?"

    "So sexy; her figure is really too sexy!"

    "I hope a strong gust of wind blows by and blows away this beauty's bikini!"

    Fang Zhi Ming enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention when a series of gasps resounded from all around.

    The commotion was even greater than that elicited in response to Fang Zhi Ming. It was like a vicious downpour; it could not stop.

    No one paid any more attention to Fang Zhi Ming, but he still stood there posing like a fool. He lost the halo of a famous celebrity and looked more like a sculpture of no interest to anyone. After all of the gazes fell on Bai Qing, they could not peel their eyes away.

    She had a tall and slender figure, skin fair and clear like snow, a lovely pair of slim and straight legs that reflected dazzling rays of light, a sexy and raised behind that swayed side to side as she walked, a flat stomach, an attractive belly button, a small and full waist, a full and spectacular chest, fair and refined collarbones, and black lustrous hair that flowed over her shoulders and was mussed by the wind. The spectators' hearts were similarly mussed.

    The woman was too beautiful. Though she wore large red sunglasses that covered half her face, spectators were certain that she was an ultimate beauty. The sky blue bikini that she wore was simple, fashionable, and timeless.

    In an instant, all of the men who saw Bai Qing immediately fell to the ground. They admired her beauty by looking up at her.

    Fang Zhi Ming finally came to his senses. So the crazy screams were not elicited by him. He awkwardly looked over. After his gaze fell on Bai Qing's body, his entire body immediately reacted. However, when he saw that the person Bai Qing was currently holding onto was Qin Feng, this reaction immediately dissolved, and a cold expression appeared on his face,

    "Bai Qing, here!" After straightening out his emotional state, Fang Zhi Ming waved Bai Qing over.

    Bai Qing acknowledged him with a nod. She held Qin Feng's arm and walked calmly and steadily towards Fang Zhi Ming.

    "Bai Qing, you're really too beautiful in a bikini." When Bai Qing arrived by his side, Fang Zhi Ming found that Bai Qing was clearly even more enchanting and seductive.

    "If Qing Qing wasn't wearing clothes, you'd find her even more attractive, huh?" Qin Feng said this casually as he played with Bai Qing's long hair that cascaded down her shoulders.

    Fang Zhi Ming immediately held the expression of someone who had just eaten sh*t, and he was so choked up that he couldn't speak for a good while.

    "Bai Qing, all of our old classmates are playing in the water." Fang Zhi Ming changed the topic; he decided to ignore Qin Feng.

    He extended his arm and pointed at the ocean. He looked to be indicating a direction to Bai Qing, but he was secretly flexing and using the opportunity to display his muscles.

    Bai Qing looked in the direction Fang Zhi Ming point in. A good amount of classmates were waving at her. Bai Qing smiled and waved in return. She didn't notice Fang Zhi Ming's well-built muscles.

    When he saw that Bai Qing hadn't noticed his well-built physique, Fang Zhi Ming suddenly put his arms behind his head and used it as a pillow. He puffed up his chest in a stretching position and flexed his abdomen to condense his six-pack. He said casually: "Ah, the weather today is great. We chose the right place by planning our class reunion here. Bai Qing, what do you think?"

    Fang Zhi Ming had asked, so Bai Qing looked at him politely. This time, she noticed Fang Zhi Ming's conspicuous muscles, but she continued to have a calm and normal expression. She said lightly: "I heard that you organized this class reunion, I must thank you."

    "Oh, why are you being polite with me? I'm also extremely happy that I could organize this class reunion and help our high school classmates find their memories and pasts. Bai Qing, in the future, we have to work hard together."

    Fang Zhi Ming revealed a bright and sunny smile. He realized that Bai Qing didn't have much of a reaction towards his pectoral muscles, so he intentionally pumped his fist and naturally flexed his biceps.
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