Chapter 149 - To Become a Drowning Dog

    Chapter 149 - To Become a Drowning Dog

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    Editor: Levs

    "Mm, yeah," Bai Qing didn't even look at Fang Zhi Ming. She smiled and waved at the classmates by the edge of the water.

    In an instant, Fang Zhi Ming's entire body failed. He felt a pain equivalent to ten thousand arrows piercing his heart.

    He spent three months of hard work developing his muscles to show them off to Bai Qing at this reunion. As a result, Bai Qing had no reaction to it. This was a strong blow to Fang Zhi Ming.

    He was depressed and wondered whether or not he wanted to show Bai Qing his gluteal muscles, back muscles, and his most private muscle. Maybe it would catch her eye? Suddenly, a bucket of icy, bone-chilling water splashed onto him. It felt as exciting as the Ice Bucket Challenge. Fang Zhi Ming was completely unprepared; he was so shocked that he hopped about and howled continuously.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, are you crazy? Why did you splash me with cold water?" Fang Zhi Ming's lungs were about to explode due to his anger. He saw Qin Feng joyfully dancing about and laughing: "Haha, you fell into the trap, you fell into the trap. Huh? What did you rub on your body? Why is it oily? That's disgusting."

    Fang Zhi Ming hurriedly glanced at his body and realized the carefully-applied olive oil was rinsed away by the water. It ran unevenly through different parts of his body. The true shape of his previously defined muscles was immediately revealed, and turned him from a muscle man to a chicken-breasted man.

    "Ah! Look! Where did the muscles on Fang Zhi Ming's body go? He clearly had full pecs and a six-pack earlier, why is it not as prominent now?"

    "Wow... Look at Bai Qing's boyfriend. So he has some goods, no wonder Bai Qing fell for that loser. From a glance, you can tell he's a macho man. She must be with him because he won her over with his endurance."

    Since Qin Feng was standing with Bai Qing, everyone previously looked only at Bai Qing and ignored Qin Feng. Now that their gazes fell on Qin Feng's body, they discovered that the muscles on his body were magnificent.

    His tall, bulging, and firm pectoral muscles surpassed the chests of half of the women at the beach. Even when his arms hung casually beside his thighs, his muscles were still firm and defined. His abdomen was made completely of muscle, and he had a clear twelve-pack. His thigh and calf muscles were also extremely strong and taut.

    Though these muscles were on Qin Feng's body, they were not out of place. He wasn't like Schwarzenegger who had discordant muscles formed by hormone injections. Qin Feng's muscles were extremely harmonious, and formed perfect lines with his figure. Since his muscles were formed through training and exercising while Fang Zhi Ming's was for show, Fang Zhi Ming's muscles made through last-minute preparation could not be compared to Qin Feng's.

    At this time, Qin Feng was wearing his Flying Dragon Armour. He made it invisible so no one could see it. However, these 300 kilograms weighed on Qin Feng's body so even while he was standing motionless, all of the muscles on his body were taut and naturally very defined.

    The people attending the class reunion all looked at Qin Feng. When Qin Feng and Fang Zhi Ming stood side-by-side, one was large, tall, straight, and well-built while the other was bent over after getting splashed by water and had a belly with excess fat.

    This clear comparison turned Fang Zhi Ming into a drowning dog. His previously imposing and energetic manner was shot away beyond the highest clouds.

    "Qin Feng, wait for me, I'm not done with you!" Fang Zhi Ming had no face to continue on. He ran away after saying these angry words in a low voice.

    "Huh, why did he suddenly leave? It's not often that you get to vacation together, so why not have fun with everyone else? What a weirdo." Qin Feng shook his head at Fang Zhi Ming's back with dissatisfaction.

    Bai Qing's gaze fell on Qin Feng's body. She was uninterested in Fang Zhi Ming's muscles because the sight of Qin Feng's muscles made her immune to all other muscles: "Qin Feng, you're terrible."

    "Thank you for your praise!" Qin Feng hugged Bai Qing with a smile, and they arrived at the edge of the beach.

    After playing at the edge of the water with Bai Qing and her old classmates for a while, Qin Feng got bored. He pulled Bai Qing with him to go wakeboarding.

    In the past, Qin Feng spent over a month at this mountain resort every summer. He wakeboarded so much that he had mastered the art of it.

    "No, I'm not going. I don't know how to wakeboard; it looks really scary." Bai Qing was frightened just looking at the several people wakeboarding in the deeper part of the ocean.

    Qin Feng carried Bai Qing like a princess and dragged her to the side of the boat: "What are you afraid of? Nothing will happen to you with me protecting you."

    "Boss, are we going?"

    Two men sat on the yacht. They wore straw hats that covered most of their faces. They didn't raise their heads, but kept them lowered instead. One of the two said in a low voice, "Go!"

    The boat set off. It went faster and faster!

    Since Bai Qing was too afraid to wakeboard on her own, Qin Feng shared the board with her. He held the rope tied to the back of the boat with one hand and hugged Bai Qing with the other to prevent her from falling. However, despite all this, Bai Qing could still feel the ocean breeze whistle past her ears and the cold splash of the ocean spray. She was still so frightened that she screamed. She didn't dare open her eyes.

    At this time, Qin Feng had an extremely evil smile!

    He insisted on taking Bai Qing wakeboarding for an extremely simple reason: he wanted to stick closely to Bai Qing and feel the suppleness of her body.

    "Boss, faster!" Qin Feng said with a smile.

    "Okay." The two people in the boat never raised their heads. They sped up again.

    The boat was like an arrow shooting out of a bow. It was so quick that it was about to fly. Bai Qing, who stood on the wakeboard, felt a tremor pass through her body. This was over ten times more exciting than a rollercoaster.

    "Qin Feng, I can't do it, I can't do it anymore." Qin Feng didn't have to say anything. At this time, Bai Qing was like an octopus clinging tightly onto his embrace.

    One of Qin Feng's arms supported Bai Qing by her raised buttocks: "It's alright, it's alright. If you really can't do it, just scream."

    Right after, Bai Qing screeched continuously like a dolphin into Qin Feng's ear. He couldn't help but wonder if Bai Qing would get into his bed tonight. He thought that it would be great if she were this loud in bed as well.

    "Big Brother Fire, look at that pretty girl in the bikini." There was a group of wakeboarders not far ahead of Qin Feng. When they saw Qin Feng and Bai Qing join them, someone shouted in shock.

    There were a total of around ten of them: three of them were wakeboarding while the others were sitting in boats. At this time, they all looked behind them. When they saw Bai Qing, who was in Qin Feng's arms, their eyes glowed green.
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