Chapter 150 - Ill Say it to Them Anew

    Chapter 150 - I'll Say it to Them Anew

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    Editor: Levs

    Among these people was a middle-aged man with long hair dyed fire-red, a goatee, and a vulgar smile. He was called Elder Brother Fire, and he was the leader of the group. He stroked his goatee and watched Bai Qing with a smile: "What a high quality beauty. Hurry and get her over here for your elder."

    Two people sat beside Brother Fire. They looked at him awkwardly: "Brother Fire, there are a lot of people watching us on this ocean. Plus, there's a man next to this gal, getting her over won't be so simple.

    Brother Fire slapped the two atop their heads. He lectured: "It's f*cking easier to act in the ocean because that woman wouldn't be able to resist. Even if she cried for help, there'd be no one to help. So what if there's a man?

    "We have over ten people and we're f*cking afraid of one person? Tell Skinny Monkey and the other two to mess with that brat and shove him into the ocean to fend for himself. Then, get that beauty onto our boat. We'll drive to a place where no one is so we can play however we like!"

    "Haha! Superb! Brother Fire's plan is too superb."

    "I'll go tell Skinny Monkey and the other two. We have great luck today."


    After a period of screaming, Bai Qing slowly got used to wakeboarding. She found that it wasn't as terrifying as she had thought. At least due to Qin Feng's work, she hadn't yet fallen into the water.

    Bai Qing mustered the courage to open her eyes. She looked at the wave as tall as a person that arose beside her and the limitless ocean and blue skies that surrounded her. Her fear dissipated in an instant, and she became excited instead.

    "Qin Feng, this is really exciting. Don't stop! Go faster!"

    Qin Feng immediately nodded. He intentionally squeezed Bai Qing's body a couple of times: "Qing Qing, like this? Don't you feel even better?"

    Bai Qing's expression immediately darkened. She glared coldly at Qin Feng: "I said riding the waves was really exciting and I wanted the boat to go even faster. Qin Feng, why don't you go die? ...hurry and get your grubby paws off me."

    Qin Feng revealed an apologetic expression when he found that he had misunderstood Bai Qing. Bai Qing was just wondering how Young Master Qin could be so straightforward and kind. Suddenly, she felt a strong wave rush over, causing her body to tremble as she almost fell into the water.

    "Qin Feng, hurry and hold me... I'm about to fall off!" Bai Qing yelled with shock.

    Qin Feng looked shyly at Bai Qing: "Qing Qing, I can't hug you. Men and women should not have physical contact unless they're man and wife, this would affect your reputation."

    Bai Qing suddenly had the urge to stab Qin Feng to death. She shouted: "Hurry and hug me, I'm really going to fall down!"

    Qin Feng was unhurried. In reality, he was discreetly protecting Bai Qing the whole time; there was no way she could fall. He had a conflicted expression: "If I hug you, then I can only hug you so we can find your center of balance... Ai, forget it, this is too unfair to you."

    The speedboat turned at top speed, forming a violent wave. Bai Qing felt like her whole body was going to fly out. She could care less about anything; she grabbed Qin Feng's hand and placed it on her waist. She yelled: "Hold me properly, don't let me fall..."

    When Bai Qing saw the evil glint in Qin Feng's eyes, she suddenly understood why he insisted on dragging her to wakeboard.

    After she was tightly held by Qin Feng again, she was no longer afraid. She began to shout excitedly again: "Oh, this is too fun, it's really too fun!"

    "Does this Beauty want to play something even more fun? These older brothers will play with you!" Evil laughter suddenly passed through their ears. They looked over to see that three boats surrounded them in a triangle formation.

    There were three men wakeboarding behind the three boats. The wakeboard of one of the men that was behind Qin Feng suddenly sped up and rushed towards him. The man held a large wooden stick and looked like he was about to beat Qin Feng to death.

    "So you're having fun holding the beauty huh? Hahaha, now lend your girl to these big brothers to play with. When we're done, we'll return her to you. Haha!" Skinny Monkey suddenly appeared behind Qin Feng and struck down at Qin Feng's back.

    A self-satisfied smile bursted onto his face. He held the expression of someone who had the win in his grasp and pictured how Qin Feng would look after he was hit into the water and became a drowning dog. But when the wooden stick was about to smash Qin Feng's back, a spray of ocean water suddenly arose.

    The wave was as tall as two people, it made Skinny Monkey unable to open his eyes. He hadn't even seen what had happened when an enormous force hit his abdomen. Then, he was like a broken kite and flew headfirst into the ocean.

    "Qin Feng, be careful!" Qin Feng already kicked Skinny Monkey into the ocean when Bai Qing's shocked cry resounded. One could see how quick Qin Feng's reaction speed was.

    The other two brats wakeboarding had originally seen Skinny Monkey about to attack Qin Feng's back so they thought Qin Feng would be beaten into the water for sure and were prepared to see a good show. However, a wave suddenly appeared. The two couldn't open their eyes. Even when the wave dispersed and they looked at Qin Feng again, they still were bug-eyed and slack-jawed.

    They saw that Qin Feng continued to hug the beauty leisurely and contentedly while Skinny Monkey disappeared. His surfboard floated at the surface of the ocean but he was missing, so it was clear that he fell into the water.

    "F*ck, why are you guys standing there like dummies? Attack together and kill this brat!" After Skinny Monkey fell into the water, swam upwards and floated above the water. He stuck out his head and began to yell.

    The remaining two people reacted this time. Skinny Monkey really had fallen into the water. Though they hadn't seen the situation clearly, they were alarmed and didn't dare to underestimate Qin Feng any longer.

    Skinny Monkey was tossed into the ocean due to the large waves, but Qin Feng was hugging a woman and surfed through the waves unscathed: this was a clear indication of his abilities.

    "Stinking brat, be tactful and let go of this gal. Then, jump into the ocean on your own and swim back. Otherwise, there older brothers will teach you a lesson."

    "How dare you misbehave in front of your elder brothers? You must be tired of life."

    The two stood on wakeboards and rushed towards Qin Feng. They even wanted to use harsh words to scare him away.

    Qin Feng was clearly unafraid. He waited for the two to come over with an extremely calm expression. However, the Bai Qing in his arms tightened her grip on him. She said with some worry: "Qin Feng, if you leave me alone and run away, then you aren't a man."

    Qin Feng looked at Bai Qing with a laugh. Then, he looked at the two people and said lightly: "I'm sorry, this is my girl. Other people can look, but they can't play with her. If you want to play, then bring out your money."

    After speaking, Qin Feng felt a pain at his waist. He saw Bai Qing's cold expression and hurriedly explained: "I've seen too many soap operas so it just slipped out. I didn't mean it, I'll say it to them anew."
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