Chapter 151 - Heart-Thumping Playing

    Chapter 151 - Heart-Thumping Playing

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    Qin Feng stood perfectly straight and relaxed. His expression was indifferent like water. He looked at the two of them coldly: "Listen to this Young Master well, only I can play with my women. No matter how much money you have, don't even think about playing with her."

    Bai Qing's mouth twitched. She always felt that no good words ever came out of a scoundrel like Qin Feng.

    "Hahaha, so this person here is a fool." Brother Fire with the head of fiery red hair burst into laughter: "Mengzi, A-Wei, attack together and throw this brat into the ocean to feed the fish. Then, get that gal and bring her onto my boat. I'll teach you guys a lesson today. Rather than inferior car-shaking or horse-shaking, I'll let you guys feel the ocean shaking on the boat."

    Qin Feng's eyes glinted. He looked at Bai Qing and said honestly: "Qing Qing, shaking the ocean is good, shaking the ocean is good. Do you want to try it out?"


    After Brother Fire's command, Mengzi and A-Wei no longer hesitated. They became fierce, brandished their arms, and rushed towards Qin Feng from both sides with wooden sticks in their hands.

    Qin Feng didn't want to make the scene any bigger. If these people were tactful and left after Skinny Monkey was kicked into the ocean, then Qin Feng wouldn't have to bothered with them.

    At this time, Qin Feng's gaze gradually became icy. A-Wei, who was coming from the left, was a little quicker. He brandished his wooden stick and was about to crash down on Qin Feng's head. Mengzi, who was on the right, followed closely behind and swept at Qin Feng's calves.

    The two were veterans in fighting, and they often fought together. Their cooperation was flawless: there was one on the right, and one on the left; one attacked the top, and the other attacked the bottom. Also, they attacked on the surface of the ocean, so a normal person would have no way to dodge the hits.

    However, Qin Feng clearly wasn't an ordinary person. When the sticks were about to hit him, he suddenly launched himself into the air while holding Bai Qing.

    This jump wasn't considered high, the height was around one meter. After jumping, Qin Feng turned their bodies into a horizontal position and spun multiple times midair. They had just avoided the hits from the two people.

    The two wooden sticks hit air at the same time and whistled through it. At this time, Qin Feng landed. He stood on the wakeboard accurately and continued to speed forwards.

    This scene scared A-Wei and Mengzi silly. They froze and forgot to continue attacking Qin Feng. These two were wakeboarding veterans as well, but wakeboarding on through the waves was still not as simple as standing on solid ground. Earlier, Qin Feng's move was something most people couldn't even do on solid ground, let alone on the surface of the ocean.


    As someone who experienced it personally, Bai Qing was so shocked that she screamed continuously.

    Though this move had a five-star difficulty, Qin Feng already held her safely on the wakeboard once again. However, the excitement made it impossible for one's heartbeat to slow down. Her heart was still beating rapidly and felt as though her heart would jump out of her throat.

    The frightening scene that just passed was still replaying in her mind. The bodies of her and Qin Feng were stuck together tightly, they were suspended midair for a couple of seconds, and then there was an incomparably exciting falling sensation. It was more frightening than the thriller events at the amusement parks. However, this thrilling and exciting move made Bai Qing blush. The two of them were pressed too closely together during this time. She could feel that Qin Feng reacted and moved around restlessly a couple of times. She thought he was impossibly despicable.

    This crazy and exhilarating scene naturally did not escape the eyes of the people admiring the scenery on the beach.

    A small portion of the people were watching other people surfing. When they saw what had just happened, their mouths were open so wide that it could fit a whole duck egg in it.

    "Look everyone, that bikini beauty went wakeboarding and that muscle man is holding the beauty and doing flips in the air!"

    The crowd on the beach watching Qin Feng and Bai Qing grew larger and larger. Originally, Bai Qing was the audience's point of interest. When they saw that she went wakeboarding, the men on the beach began to imagine how great it would be if they could become the wakeboard she was stepping on.

    "Damn, this brat has trained before, no wonder he was so cocky... Brother Fire, toss me an empty beer bottle, I'm going to knock him from the wakeboard into the ocean." A-Wei and Mengzi came to their senses. They experienced Qin Feng's quick and agile movements so they didn't have the confidence to interact closely with him. At this time, they got two bags of empty beer bottles from Brother Fire and prepared to play and shoot into the air.

    "Haha, the time of your death has arrived. I hate people like you who act like pretentious pricks the most." With beer bottle in hand, A-Wei immediately put on an imposing manner. He looked at Qin Feng with a playful smile as if Qin Feng was a little lamb that entered the wolf's den for slaughter.

    After saying his harsh words, A-Wei took the initiative to toss a bottle. Because the wind was strong on the ocean, the bottle was blown off course after he threw it. Qin Feng just shifted his body slightly and avoided it.

    "F*ck, I don't believe I can't smash you." Though he missed once, A-Wei was not anxious.

    This time, he took the direction and strength of the wind into account. The instant the beer bottle was thrown, its path deviated slightly. Then, with the gust of wind shifting its path, it headed straight for Qin Feng's head.

    A-Wei used all his strength to toss the bottle. He wanted to hit Qin Feng in the head and smash a hole through it.

    A flash of iciness passed through Qin Feng's eyes. While holding Bai Qing, he jumped up three or four meters. They stayed midair for a while. Bai Qing's body was on the bottom, and Qin Feng held her back and waist tightly.

    The two faced the ocean and formed a lovely scene.

    Qin Feng held Bai Qing and she was so afraid that she kept screaming. She instinctively spread her arms into a flying posture.

    "F*ck, a mid-air Titanic pose!" The crowd on the beach went crazy screaming, they were shocked silly by the startling scene.

    A larger wave of screams and cheers swept by. A-Wei and Mengzi heard this.

    They originally came to teach Qin Feng a lesson. In the end, this became the brat's performance. There were a good amount of spectators at the beach. This was plainly a slap to their faces; a slap that made their face and ears red and made them grind their teeth.

    "Mengzi, don't just stand there, attack with me. We'll fire together. Don't worry about whether or not you can hit him, just throw like crazy. I don't believe that we can't hit him when we have all of these bottles."

    A-Wei was enraged. He yelled towards Mengzi. Mengzi was also extremely angry. He began to throw bottles at Qin Feng wildly.

    At this time, the two of them fired bottles rapidly and continuously at Qin Feng. The air was filled with rising and falling empty beer bottles like fish jumping out of the ocean to take breaths of fresh air before falling back into the water.

    This wave of attacks was pretty fierce. Qin Feng held Bai Qing and did various startling moves. The two were like a pair of happy birds performing a lovely dance melody.

    The sound of the waves recklessly rising and falling accompanied them musically while the flurry of empty beer bottles in the air became their backup dancers.

    Her voice was airy and distant as if it came from far away. She also had a beautiful and limber figure. She danced a classy waltz and sang a pleasant dolphin sound. The spectators at the beach had long forgotten how to breathe.
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