Chapter 152 - Youre All Old

    Chapter 152 - You're All Old

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    "Too handsome, he's too handsome. I also want to be hugged by that man. I want to play too."

    "The heavenly music, the dance steps of the soul... it's too romantic!"

    "A waltz on the ocean surface-this is the most unique dance form of the year."


    Not only did those fans get enchanted by Qin Feng and Bai Qing, even A-Wei and Mengzi stopped. They finished throwing all of the empty beer bottles. Of the over forty that they threw, not one hit Qin Feng-they didn't even touch a hair on his body.

    He turned them into clowns and made it so that the bottles gave an extra flair to their dance. They wanted to jump into the ocean rather than bear this kind of slap in the face. They felt that it wasn't easy for them to act like pretentious pricks.


    A crash was heard. At this time, Qin Feng held Bai Qing and spun 360 degrees in the air. His toes tapped a falling beer bottle and the bottle seemed to take on a new life. It sped towards A-Wei.


    In the next second, A-Wei's forehead was shattered by the beer bottle. A great force caused his body to shoot forth and fall into the ocean.

    Qin Feng's body still spun midair. After one spin, his other foot fell onto another empty beer bottle.

    With a "whoosh," the bottle whistled over and hit Mengzi's chest.

    This kick looked like he was making a penalty kick where the ball hit the goalie's stomach. The kick possessed an unblockable strength that sent the goalie flying with it. They shot over ten meters into the air before falling into the ocean.

    "Qin Feng, when did you become so great?" Right from the beginning, Bai Qing hated these bad people that came out of nowhere. When she saw that they were beaten, she excitedly danced for joy like a little girl.

    "I was like this since I was very little," Qin Feng said earnestly and seriously.

    "Bullsh*t," Bai Qing furrowed her eyebrows and quirked her lips.

    Qin Feng scrunched his nose and didn't explain. Experts were always lonely.

    This scene also captured the gazes of the two driving the boat that pulled Qin Feng and Bai Qing. They continued to lower their heads so their faces couldn't be seen. The surprise came and went through their eyes in a flash.

    "F*ck, since you had the guts to make a move, Brothers, crash their boat until it flips and let them fall into the ocean to feed the sharks!"

    When he saw that three of his brothers were smacked into the ocean, Brother Fire was so angry that his face became sinister. He fiercely drove his boat towards Qin Feng.

    The boat was extremely fast; it came closer and closer to Qin Feng and Bai Qing. This time, Bai Qing couldn't get excited. Their opponent was driving a boat over, and based on his crazed expression and the constantly increasing speed of his boat, this red-haired man had really gone insane and was looking to claim her and Qin Feng's lives.

    Qin Feng's expression abruptly fell serious, and a faint murderous air shot out of his eyes. He used some strength to toss Bai Qing into his boat. Then, with more strength, he boosted himself up five meters with his legs. He flipped handsomely, and landed stably on Brother Fire's boat.

    The series of moves were extremely smooth and were completed in the time it takes to spark a fire.

    "F*ck, where is he? Where did the brat go?" Brother Fire found that Qin Feng disappeared in the blink of an eye. He thought Qin Feng hid himself: "Brat, I don't believe that you can hide in the ocean for your whole life."

    "Brother Fire, the brat is right behind you." Brother Fire didn't see Qin Feng, but the other two on the boat saw everything clearly. Qin Feng was like a ghost that disappeared and appeared randomly. They didn't know when he got onto the boat. The two stared dumbstruck with their mouths agape.

    Brother Fire immediately turned. He distractedly turned the boat in a circle on the ocean and then growled angrily: "F*ck, who said the brat was behind me? I turned the boat around completely, why don't I see anyone?"

    The other two had the urge to jump into the ocean. Qin Feng's startling move earlier made them fearful. They felt wronged and said: "Brother Fire, h-he's behind you. Right behind you."

    Brother Fire instantly looked like he was struck by lightning. His body turned rigid. He slowly turned his body and looked behind him to find Qin Feng watching him with a smile.

    Though he wore a smile, the smile made Brother Fire's hair stand on end. The smile carried the icy feel of the grim reaper.

    "B-brother, when did you get here? Let's go get a drink." Brother Fire smiled along with him.

    "I think you should go drink ocean water instead." Qin Feng grabbed Brother Fire's collar and tossed him carelessly. Brother Fire, who was 180 cm tall, flew outwards in a beautiful arc. He fell into the ocean with a splash.

    "Those of you remaining, are you preparing for me to kick you into the ocean or are you going to jump in yourselves?" After taking care of Brother Fire, Qin Feng looked at the remaining people with an icy and threatening gaze.

    These people were completely stunned. They wanted to eat their fists to express how they were currently feeling.

    Previously, when Qin Feng did various natural moves on the wakeboard to act cool, these people knew that he wasn't ordinary. Now, with his soft arrival and just the wave of his hand, he sent Brother Fire flying without a fuss.

    It was the first time they saw such enormous strength. How could he be considered a person? He was clearly a superhuman!

    Now that superhuman stood before them and gave them two choices: to have the superhuman kick them into the ocean or jump in themselves. After they came to their senses, they jumped into the ocean on their own without hesitation.

    They were afraid that if the superhuman kicked them, they'd spit blood and die before falling into the ocean.

    Nine hooligans uniformly jumped into the ocean. The spectacular scene once again aroused cries of alarm from the people on the shore.

    Qin Feng was moved when he saw these people jump into the ocean so fearlessly and courageously. In order to express respect towards their attitude, Qin Feng drove the boat. As long as he saw someone poke their head out of the water, he rushed over. He played with them like this for a couple of minutes. The hooligans were almost played to death by Qin Feng. Suddenly, Qin Feng realized that his speedboat was nowhere to be seen.

    Bai Qing was still on it. And there were still two men on it...

    Qin Feng instantly became anxious. He looked around to find that his speedboat was speeding into deeper waters. Bai Qing was standing on the boat and waving towards him in a plea for help.

    "F*ck, I knew those two old dregs were no good. They're already aged and they still want to have a threesome?" Qin Feng angrily cursed at the two men in straw hats while driving the boat and speedily giving chase: "Even if you want to play that way, you have to at least get me in on it!"

    The whole time he was chasing them, Qin Feng's boat drove further and further into the ocean. He turned his head to look at the place he was wakeboarding at previously. Brother Fire and his group of people's boats had already become a small dot. He had already arrived at the more expansive section of the ocean where the water was deeper.

    "Hey... If you continue going forward I won't chase you anymore. If I run out of gas to play with a woman, this young master would have to swim back to shore," Qin Feng yelled angrily.

    After yelling, he really did change directions and drove the boat back.

    When they saw this scene, the mouths of the three on the boat twitched. Bai Qing was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth to bits.

    The two in the straw hats also stood. These two wore long black robes on this scorching summer day. The straw hats covered more than half of their faces so from beginning to end, no one could see what they looked like.

    One of them suddenly spoke. His voice was light and deep, but despite the crashing waves of the ocean, it passed through to Qin Feng's ear with an uncomparable clarity.

    "Don't leave little lad, we still have your girlfriend. Do you not want her anymore?" The boat Bai Qing was on also turned and stopped.

    "You two are old now, so maybe you don't yet understand the new rules of society. Nowadays, even if you hold hands, hug, and even kiss, you're not necessarily boyfriend and girlfriend. They could be teacher and student or brother and sister. They could also be bosom friends. At most, they could be friends with benefits."

    Qin Feng also stopped his boat and looked at the two of them: "This beauty and I are friends with benefits."

    Bai Qing's expression instantly froze over. Qin Feng's words were like countless arrows piercing her heart. She suddenly lost it and laughed lightly: "Haha... friends with benefits? He's right, him and I are just friends with benefits. Why would he care whether I live or die?

    "Qin Feng, you're a f*cking bastard; you're a f*cking beast!" Bai Qing suddenly went out of control. She squatted on the boat and burst into tears.

    Qin Feng and the two men in straw hats stared blankly. After a good while, the man in the straw hat couldn't help but ask: "What kind of relationship is... 'friends with benefits'?"

    "It's... where you meet to set fireworks at night," Qin Feng responded earnestly after thinking for a while. [TLN: "," the phrase for "friends with benefits" could translate literally to "firework friends," so Qin Feng plays with the word ""'s alternate meaning.]

    "It's just setting fireworks at night?"

    Qin Feng nodded.

    The men in the straw hats furrowed their eyebrows. They thought to themselves: "Aren't they just talking about setting off fireworks? Why is this woman so agitated?" The two were a little over sixty and they usually retreated from society and only concerned themselves with cultivation. Thus, modern things were all gibberish to them.

    The two men wearing straw hats came back to their senses. They came to capture Qin Feng, why did they start asking about "friends with benefits"?

    "Young lad, this lady is pretty and her body is sexy, are you certain you want to dump her here?" The expressions of the men in the straw hats became icy again.

    Qin Feng turned to leave just to test the two to see they had captured Bai Qing because they coveted her beauty or if they wanted to lure him in. Now the situation was clear.

    "I have plenty of women, and each of them are more than ten times more beautiful than this gal. If you two like this gal, then I'll give her to you. This young master will now take his leave." Qin Feng waved with a smile and turned the boat to leave.

    The instant he spun around, his expression froze dramatically. His guess was completely right, These two were grade A experts. Qin Feng had merely felt a gust of wind behind him and the weight on the boat increased a lot.
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