Chapter 153 - Ill Give You A Hundred Snow Lotus Herb Plants

    Chapter 153 - I'll Give You A Hundred Snow Lotus Herb Plants

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Levs

    "Youngster, where are you going?" The two men in straw hats had already jumped onto Qin Feng's boat. They stood on both sides of him and squeezed his shoulders.

    "Hehe, it seems that I don't know you two good men. What do you want?" Qin Feng turned his body and asked with a smile.

    "Drive the boat out further and don't try any funny business. Your bit of ability is sorely lacking in front of us two Yin-Yang Elders."

    Per their request, the boat drove further and further out. The two only allowed Qin Feng to stop when they reached a section of the ocean where no other boats could be seen.

    Qin Feng stopped the boat and saw that he could no longer see the boat Bai Qing was on. When he knew that she escaped danger, he internally let out a sigh of relief. His expression gradually became cold: "Who are you people? Who sent you here to capture me?"

    Since they were in the middle of the ocean and there were no boats or ships in sight, the men in straw hats were not afraid that Qin Feng could run away. Unless he grew wings and could fly, there was no way he could escape from the palms of these two.

    "Lad, don't ask too much about things you shouldn't ask about. If you want to live, then hand over the Hundred Year Blood Lotus."

    When he heard why the two had arrived, Qin Feng was slightly startled. Right from the beginning, he knew the Hundred Year Blood Lotus was a rare plant. When Su Qiu Yue secretly passed it to him on Coiled Snake Mountain, she did it mostly to pull the wool over their eyes, but also to transfer the troubles onto him.

    This woman looked graceful, cultured, sophisticated, and profound. There was also a quest in the System regarding the Su Family. Qin Feng knew Su Qiu Yue would become his sooner or later, so that was why he willingly assisted her. However, the next time he saw her, he would definitely press her to the ground and take advantage of her a bit as payback.

    "Snow Lotus? You two kidnapped me in the middle of the ocean because of a meager Snow Lotus flower?" Qin Feng looked at the two indignantly: "In any case, I'm a young master of a rich family. If you two let me go, I wouldn't just give you one Snow Lotus flower, I'd even give you a hundred."

    "Brat, you think you can play dumb with us?" One of the men in the straw hat said: "That day on Coiled Snake Mountain, that older girl of the Su Family initiated a hug with you and shoved you a box of Hundred Year Blood Lotus. Did you think we didn't see that?"

    "What do you mean by 'older girl of the Su Family'?" The question Qin Feng was concerned about differed from that of the other two.

    The expression of the man in the straw hat sank. He said extremely unwillingly: "The Su Family has two granddaughters. The one you hugged was the older one."

    "Oh, so that's the case. How does that younger girl look?" Qin Feng looked at the two with an evil smile. The System had a quest to take over the Su Family's company, so he would take both granddaughters. Qin Feng had seen Su Qiu Yue and he had to take this beauty. However, he had never seen the younger granddaughter so what if she was ugly?

    "Very beautiful," the man in the straw hat replied honestly. Suddenly, his expression changed and he glared coldly at Qin Feng: "Stinking brat, don't intentionally change the subject. Hurry and take out the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. Otherwise, I'll kill you with one hit!"

    "If she's beautiful then that's good, that's good!" He pretended not to hear the two and revealed a vulgar expression.

    "Hmph, since you don't want to live, the two of us yin-yang old men will fulfill your wish." Their faces instantly became fierce. An enormous qi flow shot from the thin and shriveled hands holding his shoulders. It had the power to crush Qin Feng's shoulders in that instant.

    Qin Feng's expression had long become serious. He suddenly disengaged the Flying Dragon Armour. An equally large force shot out of Qin Feng's body and cancelled the power of the two in the straw hats. Then, he escaped from their grasp.

    He leapt lightly and flew over their heads. When he landed, he brandished his fists and attacked the backs of the two men.

    Slam slam!

    Both fists landed at the same time. A large noise resounded off the backs of the two people. Qin Feng didn't hold back when he punched; a full 300 kilograms of power was used. If it fell on an ordinary person, it would instantly send them flying and make their entire body fall apart with an explosion.

    However, after the two fists fell, the two in straw hats didn't go flying like he expected. On the contrary, a large qi force flowed from the backs of the two men and passed through Qin Feng's fists. He didn't have time to react, and the powerful qi flow passed through his body. Blood sprayed violently out of Qin Feng's mouth and his body was sent flying.


    These two fists fell on the man in the straw hat, but the energy was rerouted and struck Qin Feng's body.

    He was struck with 300 kilograms of power. Luckily, in this dangerous time, he removed his Flying Dragon Armour once again and used his Level One Inner Qi to protect his body. Only through this was he able to preserve his little life.

    Qin Feng already fell into the ocean. His gaze was filled with shock. These two old men were really powerful, and they were internal experts. Compared to Liang Zhen Wei who was a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert, who knew how many times stronger they were.

    There was no way Qin Feng could fight the two before him...

    "Stinking brat, I'll give you one last chance. If you bring out the Hundred Year Blood Lotus like a good boy, we can spare your life." Qin Feng sank into the ocean, yet the two of them had penetrating voices that continued to allow Qin Feng to hear them clearly.

    This was his first time facing such strong opponents. He didn't even have the opportunity to run. Qin Feng needed to keep the Hundred Year Blood Lotus to concoct the Blood Qi Pill and save Lin Bei Bei, so there was no way he'd hand it to them. When he was at his wit's end, a strange feeling passed through his heart.

    The feeling randomly arose from the bottom of his heart. It was an uninterrupted and extremely familiar feeling. It was like the kind of familiar feeling one would get every time they spent time with their parents.

    This feeling was like a ray of light for Qin Feng who was in the ocean. It attracted him and he instinctively swam in that direction.

    "This brat wants to escape," an old man wearing a straw hat said.

    "He does have a bit of skill. Let him swim around in the bottom of the ocean for a bit. Wait until his energy is depleted and we'll go into the ocean and capture him alive," the other old man in the straw hat replied indifferently.

    The two drove the boat and followed the path Qin Feng swam away in. At this time, Qin Feng was still quite fast because that familiar feeling came closer and closer, and felt stronger and stronger. It aroused the hidden potential of his body. Even though he had just gotten hurt, he continued at an explosive and frightening speed. He was like a merman flying through the bottom of the ocean..

    "I'm there, almost there!"

    The feeling was so powerful that Qin Feng's heart almost leapt out of his chest. He looked all around to find where this familiar feeling was coming from, but besides the unknown object blocking his view, there was nothing out of the ordinary.
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