Chapter 154 - Elementary Awakened Mode

    Chapter 154 - Elementary Awakened Mode

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    Qin Feng was slightly disappointed. His mood was about to fall into the depths of the valley. The enormous unknown object before him suddenly began to move, causing Qin Feng to jump in fright.

    Its body was enormous, it was incomparably hideous, and its gaze was fierce. It swam quickly towards Qin Feng with bared teeth and brandished claws.

    When this thing moved, the qi flow of the ocean changed. The areas that he swam by caused a swarm of waves to curl up. The surging waves were imposing and boundless. Qin Feng froze breathless.

    Since he was underwater, he really couldn't breathe.

    He wasn't so shocked that he forgot to escape, he was impossibly stunned.

    As the distance between him and the large creature continued to lessen, Qin Feng was able to clearly see what it looked like. It was a massive Sea Turtle as large as a yacht. And on the back of the Sea Turtle was a snake as thick as a person that was currently sticking out its scarlet tongue wantonly.

    If a normal person were to encounter such a monster in the ocean, they would definitely faint on the spot. However, Qin Feng was currently moved beyond expression. Wasn't this the Black Turtle that he had just released at the foot of Coiled Snake Mountain? It had only been a couple of days and this brat had grown this much! Qin Feng couldn't help but pray for the small fish and shrimp that were eaten.

    "Master, Black Turtle has already gone from being an Elementary Cute Pet to an Elementary Awakened Pet!" Little Pig's voice rang out.

    At this time, Qin Feng came to his senses and was about to call Black Turtle, but he realized that he was underwater. Once he opened his mouth, he took a large gulp of ocean water.

    "Gu gu gu..."

    Black Turtle arrived beside Qin Feng. The Sea Turtle's four legs flapped happily, forming mini-whirlpools all around. Meanwhile, the Many-Banded Krait moved his body that was as thick as a human and quickly wrapped around Qin Feng to bring him onto the Sea Turtle's back. It stuck out its scarlet tongue and began to crazily lick Qin Feng's face.

    Qin Feng felt a disgusting fishy stench drift over. If it weren't for the fact that he was underwater and couldn't open his mouth, Qin Feng didn't know how many times he would have thrown up.

    "Gu gu gu..." Qin Feng was annoyed. He glared at the Many-Banded Krait. He opened his mouth only to make a gurgling noise. Even he didn't understand what he was saying.

    The Many-Banded Krait happily nodded. He rushed towards the surface of the ocean. The Sea Turtle's reaction was a bit slower, it only understood and slowly paddled its enormous legs when it felt the Many-Banded Krait tugging it out of the water.

    Though Black Turtle's movements were slow, with each paddle of its four large legs, enormous jolts would pass through the water. That powerful qi flow formed larger and larger whirlpools that turned more and more quickly. Many of the little fish and shrimp were caught in the whirlpool, and even some enormous fish were unable to escape from it.

    Qin Feng was stunned by this scene. He was sitting on the Sea Turtle's back and watched the increasingly turbulent whirlpool around him. He sat in the middle of it where it was calm and peaceful. In this central area, the ocean water began to disappear and Qin Feng was able to open his mouth and breathe again.

    Though he was at the bottom of the ocean, he felt like he was ashore. This strange feeling was like he found himself at a marine park. Everything was mystical and the fish around him were of various shapes and sizes. He felt that Black Turtle was like the king of the ocean that could run about free and unhindered...


    A crisp noise shattered Qin Feng's state of mind.

    He was just at the bottom of the ocean thinking about the style of a king when he felt an unblockable domineering feeling. He looked over angrily to see that the Many-Banded Krait stuck its head into the whirlpool. It opened its large bloody mouth to swallow the surrounding delicacies...

    It seemed that these two made such a fuss not because they wanted to help Qin Feng act pretentious, but because they were hungry and wanted to eat something...

    Qin Feng's face darkened as he lifted his head to look. His expression changed drastically and his eyes opened impossibly widely... he looked at the bright and beautiful sunlight, the blue sky, and the white clouds. He felt as though he were in a different world.

    He remembered that he was still underwater, but why did it seem as though he were on shore looking up at the sky? He quickly looked around him and froze with shock.

    All around him was an enormous whirlpool that seemed to have a separate layer that isolated over ten meters of space around him. The waves around them were five of six meters tall. Qin Feng sat in the middle of the wave and felt as though he were in the middle of a fountain.

    "Black Turtle, hurry and go that way."

    Qin Feng's gaze shifted and saw the boat of the two men in straw hats. They were at the edge of this whirlpool and swayed and teetered as if it could flip at any time.

    The two wearing straw hats had their eyes glued to Black Turtle with a complicated expression filled with a mixture of shock and bafflement. Without waiting for them to regain their senses, Sea Turtle had already angrily lifted its head to shout.


    At this time, Sea Turtle no longer had that sleepy look. It stuck out its head. When it opened its mouth, it was even more dramatic than the Many-Banded Krait's large bloody mouth. It lifted its head with an unordinary loftiness and gave an earth-shattering roar that brought vicious waves.

    In this instant, the Sea Turtle was the true ruler of the ocean. The powerful creatures all around the ocean withdrew in the face of its superior strength.

    The Sea Turtle and the Many-Banded Krait joined to form Black Turtle, which had both attack and defense abilities. They formed an aquatic super creature that has outstanding potential. At this time, the originally hidden skill "Tsunami Roar" was released brilliantly by the Sea Turtle.

    He was truly able to not get angry, but once he got angry, waves rocketed into the sky.

    Under the attack of the surge of new waves, the boat of the two in straw hats was like a broken leaf in the vicious wind. It was sucked into the center of the tsunami.

    The boat headed straight towards the Sea Turtle. The Many-Banded Krait opened its large mouth and bit at the two in straw hats.

    These two came back to their senses but their expressions clearly showed that they were not able to accept this reality. They were Stage Six Inner Experts, there may have been only a couple of people in the entire Yun Province that could be their opponents.

    The Yin-Yang Elders were notorious in the martial community. They were sinister and ruthless, and who knew how many experts died at their hands. Even if they met an even stronger opponent, and even considering their many years of experience in combat and their close partnership, they were never at such a loss as they were currently.

    When the two saw the Many-Banded Krait which was as thick as a human body open his large bloody mouth, they didn't know how to fight back.

    Whoosh whoosh!

    When they saw that the Many-Banded Krait wanted to swallow the two in one gulp, they decidedly ditched the boat to escape and jumped into the depths of the ocean.

    In an instant, the Many-Banded Krait suddenly opened its mouth and spat a circle of black bubbling liquid where the two fell. This was the Many-Banded Krait's battle skill: Venom Bubble. The bubble had a powerful corrosive ability and was extremely poisonous. If even a little fell on one's skin, that piece of skin would instantly dissolve.

    "Monster, where the hell did his monster come from?" The two in straw hats no longer had the steady expressions from before, they expressed terror and shock in succession.


    Two drops of venom fell on the face of one of the men wearing a straw hat. A piece of his skin instantly corroded, eerily revealing the white bone beneath it.


    Another couple drops of venom fell onto the other person's neck. His neck began to corrode, and two black pustules formed. It was so painful that the two people cried continuously and pitifully.

    "Hurry and release the Poisonous Rainbow Moths!"

    When they saw that more omnipresent venom was about to surround them, one of them screamed. He suddenly opened his black traditional Chinese robe. A couple hundred moths as large as palms flew out. They were completely black and had brightly-colored rainbow dots all over their bodies.

    Once they flew out, the men in the straw hats made a unique whistling sound. The moths seemed to understand the whistling. They joined together to form an oppressive black wall of moths that blocked the backs of the two men.


    The venom all fell onto the bodies of these black moths and burned them with a vicious corrosion. The five meter tall moth wall instantly became a wall of fire that burned in the air, releasing a strong stench. Qin Feng almost threw up a couple of times.

    The wall of fire slowly dissipated, and the horrible stench also drifted away with the wind. The two in the straw hats disappeared off the face of the ocean.

    "Black Turtle, do you know where those two went?" Qin Feng asked with furrowed brows.

    Roar roar!

    Black Turtle roared twice. Qin Feng's mouth quirked slightly as he waited for Little Pig's explanation.

    "Master, Black Turtle said those two are probably at the bottom of the ocean. But, Sea Turtle and Many-Banded Krait released their skills, and they need severals days to recover their strength. If you want to sneak into the sea and chase after the men, we may not be able to beat them."

    Qin Feng's face darkened. In the end, he wasn't able to give up on killing the Yin-Yang Elders.

    They were Stage Six Inner Qi experts, which was too far from Qin Feng's current abilities. If Black Turtle hadn't appeared, he would probably be dead by now.

    There was clearly an important reason to give up on a murder chase. At this time, there was already a fleet of over ten water patrol ships flying towards them. He had to think of a way to get Black Turtle away.

    If someone saw this creature that looked like China's ancient mythical Black Turtle, Qin Feng didn't dare imagine what would happen next.

    "Black Turtle, hurry and leave!" Qin Feng already sat back on his boat and waved at Black Turtle.

    Black Turtle raised its head and roared several times before unwillingly swimming into the deeper parts of the ocean. He was extremely fast. Not long later, he had already become a little black dot.

    "Master, I feel a slight Spiritual Qi nearby," Little Pig suddenly said after Black Turtle left.

    Qin Feng instantly regained his energy. Spiritual Qi could speed up the internal cultivation process and help with moving to the next stage. Qin Feng was just worrying about improving his abilities so Spiritual Qi was extremely important to him: "Where?"

    Little Pig excitedly waved its pink feet from the System and pointed at the area to Qin Feng's right: "On that side. I already felt it when Master was fighting with those two old men."
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