Chapter 155 - Qin Feng, You Wish!

    Chapter 155 - Qin Feng, You Wish!

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    Qin Feng looked to his right. Not too far away was a small island with a dense forest. It was called "Devil Beast Mountain," and Qin Feng made up the name. Whenever night came about, frightening wild beast sounds came from the forest on the island so no one dared to play on it.

    Qin Feng squinted to look at Devil Beast Mountain and a desire to see it welled in his heart. However, when he saw the water patrol coming towards him, he temporarily rid himself of this desire. He decided to find some time to see it later.

    A ship stopped beside Qin Feng. Three men wearing security guard outfits looked at the Qin Feng who lost his three souls and six senses and asked: "Little Brother, are you okay?"

    "Little Brother, wake up. Are you alright?" The security guard in charge came up and shoved Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's body trembled and he came back to his senses. He looked at the three people before him in terror. His teeth chattered as he said: "I-I'm not dead? I-I encountered a tsunami."

    "Little Brother, you're alright. You're safe now." The security guard looked at Qin Feng with a gentle expression and lightly patted his back. He took Qin Feng in his embrace: "You're still alive. Don't be afraid, we're here so nothing will happen. Don't..."

    The security guard thought Qin Feng was traumatized by the tsunami so he wanted to take care of him and comfort him. However, Qin Feng pushed him away.

    "Hey, can you not hug me? I'm a man, and one with a normal sexual orientation, I have no interest in you," Qin Feng looked at the group leader of the security guards without a shred of fear on his face. He waved his hand and commanded: "Let's go, we can go back now!"

    The security guards were stunned for a good while before they regained their wits. They got people to get Qin Feng on one of the boats to take him back while the remaining boats continued to search the area for the whereabouts of the two in the straw hats.

    When they were monitoring them from the shore with binoculars, they noticed that there were three people on Qin Feng's boat. They had not seen Black Turtle though because he was blocked by the waves of the tsunami.


    Once Qin Feng returned onto the beach, a large swarm of fans surrounded him. After they saw his elegant dancing with Bai Qing and his cool moves midair, they waited for Qin Feng to come ashore.

    Later, there was also a tsunami and Qin Feng disappeared for a while. Now, he came back safe and sound, so his place in the hearts of these spectators rose even more.

    He was a man that experienced a tsunami; he was a superhuman that casually walked out of the tsunami... No, he was a god!

    Qin Feng was uninterested in the ardent fans chasing after him. He searched the beach for Bai  Qing before finding out from her classmates that she had come ashore long ago. They didn't know where she was now.

    Qin Feng was sure that Bai Qing returned to the presidential suite. After ridding himself of the troublesome fans, he hurried back to the hotel.

    He took the elevator especially for getting to the room on the top floor. When he entered the room, he saw Bai Qing sitting on the balcony under the parasol and looking at the scenery outside. She had a distant expression and had not even realized he had come in.

    "Qing Qing, since you've returned, why didn't you call anyone to save me? That's not nice." Qin Feng casually sat across from Bai Qing.

    Bai Qing regained her senses. Her gaze was as cold as an icehouse. She gave Qin Feng a slight glare before turning back to look at the scenery: "Why would I send someone to save you?"

    "When you realized that I had been taken by those two weird men, you ran away halfway through chasing them. You willingly left me to those two weird men and you didn't care for me at all. You were able to leave me so emotionlessly... Qin Feng, you're right, we're just friends with benefits."

    "I'm just a friend with benefits, why would I get someone to save you?"

    Qin Feng didn't know what kind of shock Bai Qing suffered, but after he joked that they were friends with benefits, she changed completely and became colder than a mountain of ice. Qin Feng felt extremely wronged because he had merely said they were friends with benefits. But in reality, nothing happened between them.

    Qin Feng was really mad. He looked at Bai Qing severely and said with dissatisfaction: "Bai Qing, how could you be like this? You can't be like this okay?"

    The more Qin Feng spoke, the more excitable he became. He stood angrily and yelled fiercely: "Would you dare do it with me on the living room sofa right now? After doing it, if you're still angry about me saying we were friends with benefits, then I'll accept this anger."

    Bai Qing raised her head slightly and looked at Qin Feng's face. Her gaze was as cold as frost as she continued to look at Qin Feng quietly. After a long white, she suddenly burst into laughter: "Hahaha... Qin Feng, you wish!"

    When he realized that Bai Qing saw through his psychological ploy, he scratched his head awkwardly: "I'm going to take a shower."

    Qin Feng went for a bath in the spa while Bai Qing continued to sit on the balcony and stared off towards the ocean. Who knew what she was thinking about. Then, her cell phone began to ring.

    The phone rang for a while before Bai Qing came to her senses. She grabbed her phone to see that Fang Zhi Ming was calling her.

    "Is something the matter?" Bai Qing still answered the phone and asked calmly.

    "Bai Qing, where are you now? I don't see you on the beach," Fang Zhi Ming asked with a gentle voice.

    He already went back, took a shower, and changed into a clean and handsome white shirt. At this time, he sat in the coffee shop enjoying the afternoon tea time.

    "Oh, I didn't feel so good so I came back first."

    "Does your body not feel good?" Fang Zhi Ming put on an expression of concern and asked eagerly: "Where do you not feel good? You didn't catch a cold because of the wind, did you? How about this? I'm drinking coffee at the coffee shop on the third floor of the hotel. Come drink a cup of hot ginger tea to warm your body. That should help a bit."

    When Bai Qing heard Fang Zhi Ming's magnetic and concern-filled voice, she was slightly moved. She thought of Qin Feng and unconsciously compared the two. The emotions within her became increasingly intense. After a length of silence, she said quietly: "Wait for me, I'll head down in a bit!"

    Bai Qing hung up. She glanced at the spa room before returning to her own room and changing into a fresh long gauze dress. Then, she left the presidential suite.


    Zhu Da Niu was stuck in traffic the whole way over, so she had just arrived at the mountain resort. She paid the ride fare and furiously walked out while holding her bag. Even though she saw the endless blue skies and beautiful beach, nothing could improve her depressed mood.

    She looked around and saw Qin Feng's 28" bicycle. She was stunned for a good while before quickly calming herself down. She immediately pulled out her cell phone and called Qin Feng.

    "Who is it?" Qin Feng asked irritably.

    "Young Master Qin, I'm Zhu Da Niu. Where are you? I'll come find you," Zhu Da Niu said with a sickly-sweet voice.

    "I don't know a Zhu Da Niu, I've only heard of 'Angel.' I don't have time to hang out with you. I'm hanging up now."

    Before Qin Feng was able to hang up, Zhu Da Niu said anxiously: "Young Master Qin, I was looking for you to talk about Bai Qing."
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