Chapter 157 - Then Its Decided

    Chapter 157 - Then It's Decided

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    Editor: Levs

    Fang Zhi Ming spent a lot of effort on this class reunion. He pulled out a red jewelry box the color of a peach core. He opened it slowly to reveal a shiny and extravagant pearl necklace.

    This necklace clearly wasn't as expensive or on the same grade as the diamond necklace on her neck, but Bai Qing's heartbeat suddenly increased. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know whether or not to accept Fang Zhi Ming; she didn't know whether or not she should let go of her hatred towards Qin Feng and restart her life.

    "Bai Qing, let me help you put on this necklace. I believe that if it's on your neck, it will shine even more brightly." Fang Zhi Ming stood and arrived beside Bai Qing. When he saw the diamond necklace on her neck, a disdainful smile flashed through his eyes: "Qin Feng must have given you that necklace on your neck. You can tell this necklace is fake right from the first glance, don't get tricked by him."

    "I've seen the real version of this diamond necklace, it's worth over 900,000 yuan. How could Qin Feng possibly afford it? Maybe he bought it at some street stall to trick you. Having you wear this kind of fake necklace really ruins your class and elegance. I could never do something like that."

    Fang Zhi Ming mocked Qin Feng while slowly removing the necklace on Bai Qing's neck. Seeing Bai Qing's fair jade neck from such a short distance and smelling the faint fragrance of her body made him so excited that he wanted to pounce directly onto her.

    Bai Qing had not yet regained her senses; she was stuck in a daze and didn't know what she was thinking. Though she felt a bit conflicted about Fang Zhi Ming touching her from such a close distance, her whole body felt weak and she had no strength to resist.

    "Five years have passed yet you're still so beautiful; so beautiful it's enchanting." Fang Zhi Ming intentionally blew hot air onto Bai Qing's neck. Then, he said quietly: "Bai Qing, let me kiss you. Let me kiss your fair fragrant neck, your charming face, your moist lips..."

    Fang Zhi Ming bent over slowly and extended his lips towards Bai Qing's neck...

    Bai Qing was scared witless. She admitted that she had some positive feelings towards Fang Zhi Ming, but that was only because they were high school friends and Fang Zhi Ming was considered a handsome, talented, and considerate man. All women would harness some positive feelings towards this kind of man.

    However, these positive feelings were not enough to let Bai Qing accept Fang Zhi Ming's next intimate move. Bai Qing was extremely against him kissing her.

    But, Bai Qing's body had already become weak. She had no strength to resist. She was even more startled because she thought Fang Zhi Ming just wanted to have some tea with her and reminisce about the past. She didn't think he would directly confess.

    At this time, Bai Qing was conflicted and she really wanted to run away. A familiar shadow appeared in her hazy line of sight. The shadow was tall, handsome, and stood straight. It ran quickly towards her. As it came closer and closer, his features became more and more clear... It was Qin Feng's shadow.

    At this time, Qin Feng had a sinister expression. His eyes were completely red like a dreadful monster. He suddenly appeared in a mad rush. Before Bai Qing could react, she felt Fang Zhi Ming fly away from beside her as he was punched viciously by Qin Feng.

    The punch was despotic and powerful, Bai Qing even heard the wind whistle past her ear and saw the fist fall on Fang Zhi Ming's face. Fang Zhi Ming cried pitifully and spat out a large mouthful of fresh blood which contained his two front teeth.

    "Qin Feng, what the f*ck are you doing?" Fang Zhi Ming fell onto the marble floor meters away and shouted at Qin Feng while grimacing in pain.

    Qin Feng arrived beside Bai Qing. He tyrannically took her into his embrace and said while looking coldly at Fang Zhi Ming: "Look here, Bai Qing is my woman. If you dare get close to her, I'll kill you!"

    Qin Feng was angry; he had not been so angry in a really long time. When he discovered that Bai Qing was the pure girl that made him feel first love five years ago, he couldn't help but fly to Bai Qing's side the next second. When he ran wildly and found Bai Qing, he saw Fang Zhi Ming standing beside her and helping her remove her necklace. Qin Feng almost killed Fang Zhi Ming on the spot.

    "Qin Feng, it really hurts, let go of me." Qin Feng hugged Bai Qing so tightly that she felt as though he would shatter her bones.

    Qin Feng's anger slowly subsided. His arm relaxed a lot, but he kept Bai Qing in his embrace. He looked at her and said despotically: "Bai Qing, you're my woman. If I see you with another man again, I'll take care of you ruthlessly in the bedroom."

    Bai Qing looked foolishly at Qin Feng; she felt that he had changed.

    Before, how would Qin Feng care about her? He had as many beauties beside him as there were clouds in the sky, and they revolved around him all day. He wouldn't get angry over a woman, and he really wouldn't beat someone up over a woman. But, just now, these impossible things happened. Bai Qing's heartbeat suddenly and violently increased.

    "Did you hear?" Seeing that Bai Qing said nothing, Qin Feng yelled again.

    Bai Qing abruptly came to. An astonished expression stayed on her face. She looked at Fang Zhi Ming who lay battered and exhausted on the ground, then looked at Qin Feng who had a powerful and tyrannical expression. In the end, she nodded slightly: "Qin Feng, I got it. Let's go."

    Bai Qing took the initiative to take Qin Feng's arm and leave. She didn't give Fang Zhi Ming another glance.

    Fang Zhi Ming's expression slowly became sinister. He was originally going to succeed. Just a little bit more and he would have been able to take Bai Qing. He could have enjoyed Bai Qing ferociously. In the end, Qin Feng caused a disturbance halfway through.

    Fang Zhi Ming angrily ground his teeth. He thoroughly hated Qin Feng and wanted to kill him personally. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called a number.

    "Hey, Brother Fire, I'm younger brother Zhi Ming. I'm currently at the Mountain Resort. Where are you? I'll come look for you right now."


    Ten minutes later, Fang Zhi Ming arrived in one of the hotel rooms. The room had two beds but was surrounded by over ten people. These people all bared their upper arms. They were mostly injured and helped one another apply medicine.

    Upon seeing Fang Zhi Ming enter, one of the men stood. He had long hair dyed a fiery red: "Little Brother Zhi Ming, you're here."

    Fang Zhi Ming took in the sight before him. He stared blankly for a bit and asked: "Brother Fire, what happened to you and your brothers?"

    Brother Fire sighed helplessly and shook his head. He didn't mention getting ruthlessly beaten up by Qin Feng not long ago because it was too embarrassing. Over ten of them couldn't even beat a little youth. If this got out, they would no longer be able to get along in the outside world.

    "Nothing, the brothers were just bored and played amongst themselves but they accidentally got injured." Brother Fire had a relaxed expression and started a new topic: "Zhi Ming, did you bring a gal to the vacation area to sleep outdoors again?"

    Brother Fire looked at Fang Zhi Ming with a smile. The two of them met in the mountain resort: one of them had some lackeys there and was considered to have a bit of influence; the other often brought beauties to play and was not lacking in money. Thus, they easily formed a group and played together.

    Every time Fang Zhi Ming came here, he treated Brother Fire and his men to a meal. And when he encountered any trouble at the mountain resort, Brother Fire and his men were happy to help.

    "Haha, Brother Fire knows me too well." Fang Zhi Ming smiled. Then, his expression fell again: "But, this time I've encountered a nuisance. I need Brother Fire's help in taking care of him."

    It wasn't the first time Brother Fire helped Fang Zhi Ming clean someone up, so he said naturally: "That's a small, small matter. Don't you know who this mountain resort belongs to?"

    "That's not what I mean. With Brother Fire backing me at this Mountain Resort, I've never been afraid of anyone." Fang Zhi Ming followed up on Brother Fire's words and kissed his ass.

    Brother Fire had just gotten cleaned up so he felt unhappy. Now, Fang Zhi Ming's flattery made him happy. He immediately puffed his chest and said grandly: "Who is this person?"

    "He's not even dog fart, he's a little sales rep at some company." Once he brought up Qin Feng, Fang Zhi Ming's expression changed. He said angrily: "He's just trash and he dared to snatch a woman from me. Brother Fire, bring extra brothers this time, you have to help me cripple his arms and legs. If you do this well, I definitely won't treat you and your brothers unfairly."

    When he heard that his opponent was only one person without power or influence, Brother Fire pounded his chest and guaranteed: "Alright, I'll take care of it. I can assure you that nothing will go wrong."

    With Brother Fire and his team setting out, Fang Zhi Ming felt a peace of mind even without their reassurance. He told Brother Fire about the details of his plan: "Brother Fire, this time, I brought my high school friends here for a reunion. In a bit, the reunion is going to start. I'll first make everyone have fun. I'll message you when we're halfway through eating and you and your brothers can come directly into our private room.

    "After entering, pretend that you're all drunk and walked into the wrong room. Then, cause a ruckus. At that time, I'll signal to you with my eyes the brat I want you to take care of and you guys can just trash him.

    "After cleaning up this brat, don't leave in a hurry. Pretend you've taken a fancy to a beauty named Bai Qing and that you want to violate her. Then, I'll make a move and send you all running and we'll be done." Fang Zhi Ming had already thought of tonight's plan before coming to Brother Fire.

    "Younger Brother Zhi Ming, you truly are a cultured person who has gone to school. Superb, it really is superb!" After hearing the plan, Brother Fire raised his thumb. He smiled and said: "This kills two birds with one stone: not only will you take care of the nuisance, you'll also be the hero saving the beauty. Next, the beauty will take the initiative to deliver herself into your embrace and you'll get a room and wage a war."

    "Haha, it's nothing. I can't compare to Brother Fire," Fang Zhi Ming said modestly.

    "Then it's happily decided. When it's time for us to appear, just text me," Brother Fire said with a smile.
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