Chapter 158 - Unfurling the Plan

    Chapter 158 - Unfurling the Plan

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng and Bai Qing returned to the presidential suite. Zhu Da Niu was still waiting there and sat on the sofa in the living room. She took advantage of the time that Qin Feng was out to change into black silk undergarments.

    The undergarments were a silk mesh style that was thin and transparent. They partly exposed and partly hid the body.

    "Young Master Qin, you've finally returned. Your servant has been prepared and waiting for you for so long that I've gotten flustered." When she heard that someone returned, Zhu Da Niu immediately jogged to the door and spoke in a sickly-sweet voice.

    Qin Feng had just shut the door when he saw Zhi Da Niu's seductive clothes and charming expression. He almost stumbled and fell. Bai Qing, who held Qin Feng's arm, saw this scene and angrily shoved Qin Feng's arm away.

    "Young Master Qin, your luck with women really runs deep... I won't disturb your rendezvous." Bai Qing glared at Qin Feng and an unnamed bitterness arose in her heart.

    She had just felt a bit of care from Qin Feng, yet it completely disappeared at this time.

    "Zhu Da Niu... what are you doing?" Qin Feng's face fell. He wanted to directly toss Zhi Da Niu off the top floor of the hotel.

    When Zhu Da Niu saw that Qin Feng returned with Bai Qing, a coldness flashed through her face. She quickly smiled again and ran up beside Qin Feng. She took his arm and intentionally pressed her towering chest on it: "Young Master Qin, you just told me to shower, change into your favorite mesh undergarments, lie on the sofa, and wait for you to return and comfort me. Y-you're terrible for making me wait for so long... So you like having more people? Bai Qing, we're considered old classmates so let's play together. In any case, when we all go crazy together, it won't be too awkward."

    "You two are dogs," Bai Qing clenched her teeth and turned to leave.

    Qin Feng grabbed Bai Qing's arm and lightly tugged her into his embrace. He raised his arm and slapped Zhu Da Niu in the face with a "smack."

    "Are you trying to drive a wedge between Qing Qing and I?" Qin Feng looked at Zhu Da Niu with a smile and said word by word: "Unless. You. Don't. Want. To. Live. F*ck. Off!"

    Zhu Da Niu was dazed by the slap. She came back to her senses a long time later, glared fiercely at Bai Qing, turned, and left.

    She only had the guts to toss out a vicious statement after exiting: "B*tch, someone had gotten on you a long time ago, why are you still pretending to be pure?"

    Zhu Da Niu stabbed Bai Qing's sore spot. Even to this day, Bai Qing didn't know that in reality, Zhu Da Niu intentionally took her drinking, intentionally got her drunk, and even intentionally helped Qin Feng get her in bed that night.

    When she thought about how she indeed was no longer pure and that she lost her chastity, Bai Qing's mood fell. She extricated herself from Qin Feng's embrace and returned to her own room, locked the door, and didn't come out.

    Bai Qing lay on the soft bed and got lost in her thoughts. Without noticing, her mind drifted back to that night five years ago.

    That day, the college entrance exam scores were just revealed. She found out that she was directly admitted to China's top university because she got the highest score in humanities in Acropolis City. She was incomparably excited. However, she later got a call from her dorm mate Zhu Da Niu. When she found out that Zhu Da Niu flunked and got a bad score, she made an exception and went to drink with her.

    That was Bai Qing's first time drinking. Bai Qing kept up her guard while she was in the noisy environment. She originally wasn't going to drink, but after Zhu Da Niu's repeated entreaties, she drank two bottles of beer and fell drunk without suspense.

    She wasn't so drunk that she lost consciousness, but her vision became hazy. Then, a handsome and grand young man came to hit on her. Bai Qing was at the age where she was just budding. It was the first time she'd seen such a forward man so she felt a bit shy and resistant.

    But, that man was incomparably bold and overbearing, he didn't even ask whether or not she was willing, hugged her, and kissed her face. Bai Qing couldn't clearly remember much of what happened after. It seemed that the male also brought her onto the dance floor and danced for a bit. Then, they went into a room.

    Bai Qing slept until morning but slept restlessly. Halfway through, she felt pressed by someone a couple of times and her body ached. When she was completely conscious after waking up in the morning, she saw her bare body, the imprint on the bed, and the empty room...

    Only she understood this kind of fear and stress felt by a pure and ignorant girl.


    A text suddenly came through to Bai Qing's phone, jolting her out of her memories.

    She opened her cell phone and a picture appeared before her with a comment below it: "Remember this picture? Remember the man that got on you that night? Haha, I've already shown this picture to Young Master Qin, you better behave."

    Her gaze fell onto the image. Bai Qing was so shocked that she threw her phone. There was a young girl in the prime of her youth with the smile as bright as the sun. A pure and happy air exuded from her body.

    That was Bai Qing five years ago. She was both familiar and unfamiliar...

    She calmed down a long while later. This was a message sent by Zhu Da Niu, she already showed the picture to Qin Feng and told him about the situation-then Qin Feng surely recognized that the man was him.

    No wonder... no wonder Qin Feng was suddenly so overbearing and caring about her at first.

    He knew that she was a woman he played with so he didn't want to see other men playing with her; he didn't even want her to get close to other men. Wasn't this the vanity that all men had?

    Bai Qing's expression slowly became icy. Why was it that if Qin Feng played with her she couldn't get close to other men? And during these five years, he played with other women endlessly... how dare he?

    She wanted revenge. Her desire for revenge became increasingly strong. She picked up her cell phone and opened the mysterious person's text message. She saw that the person had sent a new message.

    "Think of a way to get Qin Feng drunk during the reunion tonight and we'll make a move." After seeing the contents of the text, Bai Qing clutched her cell phone tightly and had an impatient expression.

    "Bai Qing, it's time for your reunion, are you going?" Qin Feng's voice suddenly passed through the door. Bai Qing jumped. She quickly calmed herself, looked coldly at the door, and said incomparably seductively: "Young Master Qin, of course I'm going. I'll change and come out."


    Tonight's reunion was held in a large and grand room on the third floor. Bai Qing walked into the private room holding Qin Feng's arm. Quite a few classmates had already arrived. They held glasses of wine and stood chatting in front of a buffet. When they saw Bai Qing enter the room, they all stopped moving and their eyes shined.

    Bai Qing intentionally dressed up very beautifully and seductively in a white evening gown. The dress was long and part of it trailed on the red carpet. The gown was the completely backless style and revealed her fair and deep chasm. Her dress was paired with delicate and grand crystal high heels. Bai Qing looked as dazzling as a celebrity on the red carpet of a film festival.
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