Chapter 159 - Not Just Freeloading a Meal

    Chapter 159 - Not Just Freeloading a Meal

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    Editor: Levs

    "I was saying that your dress is too sexy. Look at the gazes of these perverts. Why don't we go back, change, then come back?" Qin Feng dropped his head and blew lightly into Bai Qing's ear.

    Now that he knew Bai Qing was the girl from five years ago, Qin Feng already treated her as his woman. If his woman was too beautiful, that was also problematic.

    Bai Qing felt the hot air on her ear and her body weakened a bit. Qin Feng's embrace tightened slightly. She glared at him with disdain: "Young Master Qin... Would you dare to move your hand that's grasping my behind and say these people are perverts again?"

    Qin Feng coughed awkwardly several times. He moved his hand away but placed it on Bai Qing's beautiful back that was as bright and smooth as water: "Okay, then I won't say it anymore."

    The spectators did not look on with admiration. They looked on with a jealous hatred as Qin Feng held his head high, puffed his chest, and held Bai Qing to sit down at the large round table. The people that were standing and chatting by the buffet tables all surrounded them intentionally or not.

    This was a large table that could fit thirty people at once. Everyone sat and filled half the seats, and people continued to stream in and sit down. Soon, everyone attending the reunion arrived.

    The whole time, Fang Zhi Ming stood behind the curtains of the stage. He peeked covertly at Bai Qing's sexy figure and swallowed his saliva. When he thought about how Qin Feng was about to get beaten up and how Bai Qing would throw herself into his embrace and spend the night with him, Fang Zhi Ming couldn't hide his smile.

    When he saw that everyone coming to the reunion had arrived, he came out slowly from behind the curtain.

    He clearly dressed up meticulously for tonight's reunion. He wore a light, white shirt with a white swallow-tailed coat, a white necktie, white slacks, white dress shoes, and a white belt. He thought he was Prince Charming with a white horse.

    He stood straight and tall on the stage. Fang Zhi Ming suddenly snapped his fingers and the stage lights turned on, adorning his hair, clothes, and face. Under the soft lights, he made a gentlemanly bow towards the audience. His gaze swept gently and politely over every person. The audience slowly looked towards Fang Zhi Ming. Quite a few women had their mouths open so wide that one could stuff a large duck egg into them.

    "Wow! Handsome! Fang Zhi Ming is really handsome!"

    "I've always dreamed that one day my lover would come get me on multicolored clouds, but now I've changed my mind. I hope he's like Prince Charming and comes to get me while wearing a handsome white suit and sitting on a handsome white horse!"

    When he heard the excited screams from the audience, Fang Zhi Ming felt good about himself. He once again became the focal point of the audience, and he enjoyed being in the position. Under the gaze of the audience, he was about to open his mouth and use his deep and robust voice to conquer the audience again when a languid voice came from below the stage.

    "Qing Qing, it seems that the right side of this person's face is swollen, did he get hit by someone? Why are these people shouting at someone whose face is beaten? Are they all crazy?"

    Qin Feng didn't care about the unkind gazes heading his way. He leisurely extended his arm and wrapped it around Bai Qing's back.

    Bai Qing glared at Qin Feng with a hidden bitterness. Weren't you the one that gave that punch?

    "Ahem, everyone quiet down." Good thing Fang Zhi Ming held a microphone, otherwise he would have been angered to death by Qin Feng's words: "Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for attending this reunion I've set up during this extremely busy time. Since you all came, this means you're giving me face and expressing that you haven't forgotten the deep friendship left by our high school days..."

    Fang Zhi Ming took control of the scene again. He grandly and passionately read out the opening speech he memorized by heart. He believed that his passionate speech would leave a deeper impression on the beauties in the audience. However, halfway through his speech, it was once again cut off by a languid voice.

    "Aiya, this guy is putting me to sleep." Qin Feng held Bai Qing despotically, buried his head into her embrace, and intentionally rubbed her chest: "If you didn't say you were paying for all the expenses for this reunion, see if anyone would still come."

    Qin Feng's words made everyone at the scene angry.

    This time, not only did the expression of Fang Zhi Ming who was standing on the stage turn ashen, the expressions of all of the people sitting at the table also fell one by one.

    "What do you mean? You mean we just came to freeload off Fang Zhi Ming's meal?" A girl pointed and began to yell at Qin Feng with sharp and unkind words.

    Qin Feng was pushed out of Bai Qing's embrace. He didn't even look at the woman and said unhurriedly: "Not just freeloading a meal, you can even vacation for free for a day and night."

    Her eyes turned black. Qin Feng made her so angry so became speechless.

    She was instantly KOed. Then, a man stood out unhappily: "Qin Feng, take a clear look at who you are. You're not a high school classmate of ours and Fang Zhi Ming said nothing and invited you along. You're not only ungrateful, you even say these rude things. You're an absolutely ungrateful wretch."

    "Fang Zhi Ming didn't want to invite me originally. He only begged me to come because he saw that if I didn't come, Bai Qing wouldn't come either."

    Qin Feng expressed a reality. Just as how you don't only need a sword to kill people, experts can turn everything upside down with one sentence; he spoke two sentences and turned two people upside down.

    "Qin Feng, if you came here especially to eat and vacation, then we have nothing to say. But, don't drag your personal unclean ideas onto us... I'll have you know that I didn't come here to eat, drink, and vacation. I came here for the deep friendship formed by three years of high school. We helped one another through the battle of the college entrance exam. You wouldn't understand our experiences and this friendship of ours that transcends life and death." Fang Zhi Ming's first lackey Liu Ming stood and said gallantly and full of spirit.

    Then, the second lackey Zhao Bin also stood indignantly. He waved his hand and said with an air of righteousness: "Me too, I also didn't come to eat, drink, and vacation, I came here to see everyone. We're usually busy and don't have the time to meet up and chat. I'm extremely happy that Young Master Fang was able to hold this reunion, and I'm extremely thankful for his hard work."

    "Me too!"

    "And me!"


    Bai Qing didn't know what Qin Feng was trying to do. She was still mad that Qin Feng intentionally squeezed into her embrace and took advantage of her. She had just come to her senses and realized that all of her classmates were standing. She glared at Qin Feng like a tiger eyeing its prey and looked like she wanted to have a row with him.
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