Chapter 160 - Why Dont We All Go Dutch?

    Chapter 160 - Why Don't We All Go Dutch?

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    "Qin Feng, what happened to them?" Bai Qing asked lowly while tugging on Qin Feng's arm under the table.

    "Nothing. If you don't like them standing, I'll make them sit right now," Qin Feng said casually. He didn't attach importance to any of these people.

    He suddenly stood, and his gaze swept over every person's face. He said lightly: "It seems that I've misunderstood everyone... Okay, to express your earnestness, to express that you really didn't just come to eat, drink, and go on vacation, I recommend that we all go Dutch with the spendings, and that we all share it equally. How about that?"

    The atmosphere immediately froze. Bai Qing wasn't wearing a lot of clothing, so she felt gusts of cold air that made her tremble from head to toe. All of the expressions of the classmates dropped, and they were angrier than before. Qin Feng's words stabbed at their sore spot, so they wanted to pounce at him and bite him to death.

    With one line, the fight ended and Qin Feng won completely.

    These classmates sat in quick succession. Not one person expressed an approval of Qin Feng's idea of going Dutch. They all played dumb and didn't bring up the matter. Also, no one dared to stand out and refute or provoke Qin Feng again.

    "Ahem..." Fang Zhi Ming stood on the stage for a good couple of minutes completely neglected. He coughed awkwardly to attract the audience's gazes back on him: "About that, let's cut the nonsense. I would like to announce that Class Nine of Acropolis City's High School Senior Class's reunion officially begins now."

    He originally prepared a grand opening speech, but now he wasn't in the mood and didn't dare say so much nonsense. He hated Qin Feng so much that he clenched his teeth. After speaking, he walked off the stage and exited the private room to instruct the waiters that they could bring in the food.

    "Young Master Fang, this brat Qin Feng is too arrogant. Would you like us two brothers to call him out and clean him up?" Zhao Bin and Liu Ming followed closely behind Fang Zhi Ming out of the private room. At this time, they were trash-talking Qin Feng.

    A coldness flashed through Fang Zhi Ming's eyes. He was quiet for a bit, then suddenly said: "You two don't need to beat anyone up, I have other people who will give this brat a lesson. How are your alcohol tolerance levels?"

    When alcohol tolerance was mentioned, the two felt confident. They patted their chests and said grandly: "Young Master Fang, I, A-Biao, am not talking big, but drinking is my forte. Whether it be beer, red wine, white wine, or a mix of these into a depth charge, I've never gotten drunk."

    Seeing that Zhao Bin was a step ahead of him in ass-kissery and that it reached a certain level, Liu Ming was dissatisfied. He lifted his head, puffed up his chest, and declared: "A-Biao, you aren't considered much. I'm a wine jar that has been drinking since youth. Every new year I drink so much that I turn the house on its head."

    "The house you're talking about wouldn't happen to just have three people, would it?" Zhao Bin was also dissatisfied. He glared at Liu Ming with disdain.

    "Then those depth charges you mix must be mixed with fake alcohol," Liu Ming retorted.

    When he saw that the two were about to fight, Fang Zhi Ming glared at them and said coldly: "What's the f*cking use of boasting right now? In a bit, you two help me make Qin Feng drink to death. Whoever drinks more out of the two of you will work at my company when we get back."

    "Young Master Fang, wait to see a good show," the two of them vowed solemnly. This job opportunity was so good that neither of them gave the other any leeway.

    The three returned to the private room. At this time, the food was placed on the table in succession. Originally, Fang Zhi Ming wanted to sit next to Bai Qing, but Qin Feng sat to one side of her and Zhao Qian sat on the other. Thus, Fang Zhi Ming sat directly across from her. When he saw that most of the food had arrived, he stood with a jolly smile.

    "Since we've come to have a good time today, I'll start us off. Let's all not return without getting drunk." Fang Zhi Ming picked up the Maotai on the table and couldn't help but show off again: "This time, to treat my old classmates for this reunion, I prepared the best of everything from wine to food. Our high school friendship can't be measured by money."

    "Tonight's white wine is a 53° Maotai. I especially bought it because I liked that its price was 888. I hope that everyone can also similarly get rich rich rich." [TLN: Chinese people like the number eight, "ba," because it sounds like the word for getting rich, "fa."]

    Of half of the men present, quite a few liked drinking. When they heard that they were drinking Maotai that was 888 a bottle, their eyes lit up. They looked at the five bottles on the table. Just these five bottles were worth over four thousand yuan, so how much did this whole table of food cost? These people didn't dare think too much about it.

    They internally rejoiced that they weren't impetuous and didn't agree to going Dutch like Qin Feng suggested. They thought they were too quick-witted!

    "Who wouldn't give face for Young Master Fang's reunion? I'll drink with Young Master Fang and won't go home until I'm drunk." The two lackeys Zhao Bin and Liu Ming immediately stood out and echoed in agreement. The other men also expressed in succession that they would drink to the end.

    "Haha, then thank you all for your support. As for the ladies, I've especially ordered red wine: 3888 yuan a bottle of superior quality imported wine. I hope all of you will like it."

    When acting pretentious in front of women, one must act well; the price of the wine naturally has to be higher. Fang Zhi Ming had a rich and imposing attitude and acted as if money was just a number. Quite a few women already began to throw him coquettish glances. Who wouldn't want to hook in a tall, rich, and handsome man like this?

    Fang Zhi Ming clearly didn't care about the expressions of other women, he kept sneaking glances at Bai Qing. Upon seeing that Bai Qing's expression didn't change in the slightest when the prices of the red and white wines were reported, he felt a bit depressed.

    Though these wines were not extremely expensive, they were considered high quality to normal people. Fang Zhi Ming saw that Bai Qing was just doing okay for herself, so wouldn't she be moved in front of money?

    Bai Qing get moved by a 3888 bottle of red wine? Then even she would have to laugh at herself.

    She was the reception manager of Royal Hotel. She interacted with a handful of rich and powerful people in Acropolis every day and saw too many extravagant banquets. Plus, Acropolis City's Number One Young Master was shamelessly lying in her embrace at the moment. This dissolute and hedonistic young master habitually opened a bottle of '82 Lafite when he ate at the Royal Hotel. That bottle of wine is over a hundred thousand yuan, so this table of food and drinks could not compare.

    "Come come come. Men drink the white wine and ladies drink the red wine. Let's take one first." Fang Zhi Ming held up his wine glass and wanted to enliven the atmosphere so it would be easier to get Qin Feng drunk later.

    This was the starting cup of wine. Whether they could drink or not, all twenty-three people at the table stood holding cups of different-colored alcohol and drank it in one shot.

    After they drank the first cup, quite a few people sat down. Zhao Bin and Liu Ming continued to stand. Each of them refilled their empty cup with white wine. Zhao Bin held up his cup towards Qin Feng first and said:

    "Qin Feng, though you aren't a classmate of our Class Nine high school senior class, it could be considered fate that you could join us and vacation for free at the mountain resort while mooching off our Young Master Fang. You must have kept up eight lifetimes of good fortune to be able to drink such good wine and eat such a fresh seafood banquet tonight."

    Zhao Bin appeared to want to drink with Qin Feng, but his words concealed mockery. He suddenly sighed and said with incomparable regret: "Ai, as Bai Qing's high school classmate, don't blame me for saying what I feel. As a little sales rep, you are nowhere near good enough for our Goddess Bai Qing. From what I see, only our Young Master Fang and Bai Qing are a match made in heaven."

    "Alright, cut the nonsense, let's make a toast." Zhao Bin boldly and shamelessly mocked Qin Feng while toasting him.

    Fang Zhi Ming's expression didn't change, but he was internally blooming with joy. He already covertly praised Zhao Bin with his gaze. This brat's words completely matched his own thoughts.

    Zhao Bin raised his head and downed the cup of white wine. His face didn't turn red nor did his heartbeat increase. He looked like someone who could hold his liquor.

    "Qin Feng, why aren't you drinking?"

    "Why do I need to drink? I don't even know you that well." Qin Feng didn't care about Zhao Bin. He considerately picked up food to give to Bai Qing.

    Zhao Bin almost couldn't contain his expression. He looked coldly at Qin Feng as if he wanted to fight him.

    "Zhao Bin, I'll help Qin Feng drink this cup of wine." At this time, Bai Qing stood, lifted the cup of white wine and downed it in one go. These were all her classmates, so she didn't want to make the atmosphere too awkward.

    As the manager of the Royal Hotel, Bai Qing had good alcohol tolerance.

    "Hmph, oh Qin Feng, Qin Feng, originally I saw that you had no money or power and came to mooch, but since you were a friend Bai Qing invited, I didn't make a fuss with you. Now you're even making Goddess Bai Qing help you drink. You really aren't a man."

    "I've found that though you're both men, so why are you and Young Master Fang so different? When Young Master Fang was young, he was the boss of his own company, and he stands out the most among these classmates of ours. But, he's still neither conceited nor rash and still gives us respect. Also, though he has power and authority, he isn't loose or frivolous, he's still loyal to Goddess Bai Qing... Look at you. You have a lowly status, you're smooth-talking, and you have no moral backbone. I don't understand how Bai Qing could be so blind to not see Young Master Fang and to be with a pushover like you." Zhao Bin found another chance to take a stab at Qin Feng. He made his biting remarks without holding back.

    Zhao Bin and Liu Ming made a careful decision to be shameless in order to get a job in Fang Zhi Ming's company. After deciding, they found that they were shameless all along.

    Qin Feng originally was too lazy to care about Zhao Bin. When he saw his repeated provocations, he stood and smiled at Zhao Bin. He said: "You want to drink with me do you? Okay, then your elder will drink with you."

    Seeing that Qin Feng was angered by his prodding, Zhao Bin shouted emotionally: "If you want to drink, we'll drink. I was afraid you weren't up for it."

    "I'll drink as well. Whoever doesn't dare to drink first will have to call the other person 'grandfather,'" Zhao Bin stole the limelight tonight. Liu Ming felt that he had to make himself known. He wouldn't even make a fuss if he merely had a position as a security guard.
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