Chapter 161 - Grandfather!

    Chapter 161 - Grandfather!

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    "Okay, then I'll take one too. It's only exciting when a lot of people drink together."

    "That's right, that's right. The more people there are, the better the alcohol tastes. Count me in."

    "Me too, me too."

    "Since everyone is standing up, then how could I sit?"

    Not long later, a majority of the men stood.

    They didn't know about Fang Zhi Ming and his crew's plan to get Qin Feng drunk. They thought to themselves, "These brats sure are sneaky. There are only five bottles of Maotai on the table, so they're using the excuse of drinking together and heating up the atmosphere to have a couple more sips of it?

    You think I'm stupid? I'll stand and drink with you all. Don't think you can cheat me in the slightest.

    When Zhao Bin and Liu Ming saw how many people stood, their expressions darkened. They thought to themselves: "Is it easy for me to kiss ass? Why are you all standing up and blindly joining in?"

    Qin Feng smiled as his gaze swept over the group. He asked: "You all want to compete? So whoever stops drinking first will be the grandson and will have to call the other person 'Grandfather'?"

    "That's right, whoever stops drinking first will be the grandson and will have to call the other person 'Grandfather.'" The group shouted in unison.

    They muttered to themselves: "Don't think that yelling arrogant lies will scare your big brother. Your big brother was raised by this kind of scaring."

    "Alright, then let us begin. Everyone drink a bottle first." Qin Feng cut to the chase and took the lead. He picked up an unopened bottle of 53° Maotai, tore its seal, opened the cap, threw his head back, and began to drink it in large gulps.

    His body was as straight as a javelin. He stepped on the chair with one foot, lifted his head, placed the bottle of Maotai to his lips, and poured all of the mellow and rich liquor straight down his throat.

    Though Qin Feng stood there silently,  he exuded an air of boundless heroism. His movements were tyrannical and impressive. The liquor was directly ingested without room for breathing.

    He ate and drank voraciously like the expert martial artists that walked out of the martial world.    They trod the mortal realm with daring and chivalry, and ruthlessly beat up pretentious pricks.

    Those who had just boasted about drinking to the end didn't dare utter a word.

    They stood there with their eyes wide and mouths agape as if someone had performed a body-freezing move on them. Their souls were almost shocked out of their systems and sent flying. Those that stood and were willing to drink themselves into oblivion just to have a couple more sips of the Maotai admitted defeat.

    But when they saw the scene before them, they knew they had underestimated their opponent. They drank with the mindset that they'd do so until their stomachs bled, but this bit of gall was not worth mentioning in front of Qin Feng.

    This was their first time seeing someone who dared to down a whole bottle of white spirits. This wasn't even beer, this was pure 53° Maotai. Quite a few people began to shake their heads and sigh. It was hard to gain some profit off another's expenses in this world. If one didn't have a fearless attitude, they really wouldn't have the face to stand out.


    While the spectators gasped in shock, Qin Feng finished drinking the whole bottle of white spirits and slammed the empty bottle heavily on the table. He smiled and eyed the spectators with ridicule: "So, who's turn is it to drink next?"

    Qin Feng's smile was as evil as a devil, and his voice also sounded like a summon from hell. He scared most of the people into sitting down immediately. They felt that it wasn't worth it to risk their lives for some Maotai.

    In a couple of breaths' time, only Qin Feng, Zhao Bin, and Liu Ming remained standing. However, the three of them had different expressions.

    After drinking a bottle of white spirits, Qin Feng was still as stable as ever. He looked as if he drank a bottle of plain water. In comparison, Zhao Bin and Liu Ming lost their arrogance and confidence.

    The two of them were so shocked that their legs were still trembling. After seeing Qin Feng's alcohol tolerance, they didn't want to continue competing with him. However, after seeing the covert and vicious glares Fang Zhi Ming shot their way, they pushed themselves beyond their limits and forced themselves to this stage.

    "W-we'll drink with you!" Liu Ming and Zhao Bin each held a bottle of white spirits. They were originally trying to speaking in a rousing tone, but when the words came out of their mouths, they were flimsy like they were going to surrender.

    "Okay, then you two have a bottle each first." Qin Feng smiled at the two of them and his gaze swept over those who had just stood, farted, and sat back down. He said to them lightly: "As for the rest of you, you no longer dare to drink? Then call me 'Grandfather' and I'll let you go."

    Some people are so arrogant when they provoke you, but when they see how strong you are, they become deflated balls and hide to the side while playing dead. Qin Feng never gave face to people like this because they clearly don't want face.

    Of the seven who had just stood and sat back down, their expressions darkened one by one. They knew that calling Qin Feng "grandfather" would be extremely humiliating, but if they didn't call him "grandfather," they would throw away their character in addition to being humiliated.

    The atmosphere instantly became icy. Everyone waited for these seven people to speak.

    It's better to get it over with than prolong the agony. One of the people abruptly stood. He looked at Qin Feng with an unhappy expression. The voices of these originally stalwart men became as small as flies: "Grand...father."




    With someone leading, everything progressed smoothly. Seven people stood, called Qin Feng "grandfather" in proper order, and sat down again. They were no longer in the mood to eat or drink tonight.

    After the punishment was complete, their gazes once again fell onto Qin Feng and the other two. Zhao Bin and Liu Ming knew they couldn't hide from this bottle of wine. They thought they had might as well copy Qin Feng and grandly step on a chair, raise their heads, and act like a hero to experience the heart-rending heroic spirits.

    However, they were unable to withstand it after drinking two sips. It was their first time downing a whole bottle so suddenly, so their throats, eyes, and stomachs burned like they were on fire. The sudden overwhelming feeling made the two of them bend over immediately.

    In an instant, they went from peerless heroes to red-faced prawns.

    Cough cough!

    The two of them still forcefully drank down the bottle of white spirits. After drinking it, they coughed uncontrollably. They soon couldn't take it anymore and turned completely red from head to toe.

    "It seems that you two have a pretty good alcohol tolerance. Here, let's have another toast." They had just put down their empty bottles when Qin Feng raised another bottle of white spirits, threw his head back, and grandly drank it down.

    When it came to drinking, Qin Feng was truly an expert. He tasted beer for the first time at age one, red wine at three, white spirits at five, and after he was ten, he didn't drink alcohol from China, he liked strong imported alcohol.

    There was the 88° Bulgarian Balkan vodka, the 90° Grenada rum, the 92° Scottish whisky, the 95° American Golden Ale, and Qin Feng's current favorite: the 96° Polish Vodka.

    Compared to these extremely strong alcoholic drinks, drinking the 53° Maotai was like drinking beer to Qin Feng. He needed to down entire bottles to feel a buzz.
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