Chapter 162 - Knock You To Death With My Head

    Chapter 162 - Knock You To Death With My Head

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    Editor: Levs


    Seconds later, Qin Feng finished drinking a second bottle of Maotai and threw it on the table.

    Liu Ming and Zhao Bin's current expressions couldn't be described in words. After staring in a daze for a couple of seconds, Zhao Bin suddenly sat on a chair. His head fell onto the table and he passed out drunk.

    Liu Ming looked at Zhao Bin's reaction and the corner of his mouth twitched. He copied Zhao Bin and immediately fell over drunk as well.

    No one knew if their acting was too realistic or if they really keeled over. All gazes fell on their two bodies with uncertain expressions. They didn't know what to say.

    Fang Zhi Ming was so angry that he wanted to kick the two of them. Before, they were so good at talking big. Now, they were so good at pretending. He covertly eyed Qin Feng coldly. He couldn't help but admit that this brat's alcohol tolerance was too f*cking abnormal. He had to get rid of his plan to get him so drunk that he made a fool of himself. When Fang Zhi Ming thought about how Qin Feng stole his thunder tonight, he couldn't take it anymore. He stuck his hands beneath the table and secretly texted Brother Fire.

    "Haha, Qin Feng's alcohol tolerance really is great. Here, let's make a toast to Qin Feng." After sending the text, Fang Zhi Ming's mood was too good. He took the initiative to raise his glass towards Qin Feng in a toast.

    Bai Qing clearly didn't act the part of a girlfriend. When she saw Qin Feng drink so much alcohol in succession, she didn't try to stop him even once. At this time, she sat there staring off into space. Who knew what she was thinking.


    Suddenly, the door to the private room was kicked open and over ten large and strong men charged in unsteadily.

    "Brother Fire, all of us brothers must not return until we're drunk tonight." A group of people surrounding Brother Fire walked in while talking and laughing.

    They looked to be a group of drunk hoodlums that walked into the wrong room.

    When Fang Zhi Ming saw Brother Fire and his men, his eyes brightened. He was the first to stand up. He shouted with a cold expression: "Hey, you guys walked into the wrong room, hurry and get out!"

    Once Fang Zhi Ming stood, everyone else immediately stood as well and glared at Brother Fire and his men. They were unhappy that people crashed their room and put a damper on the mood.

    "F*ck, you think you're all that because you have a lot people so you want to look for trouble?" A fat-headed, large-eared fatty with a large tiger tattooed on his chest who stood beside Brother Fire walked up to them angrily. He picked up a bottle of red wine along the way and smashed it into the table with a "bang." He pointed at the group with an angry shout: "F*ck, come at me and I'll kill you all on my own."

    Those present were all young men and women who hadn't graduated from college too long ago. They went to work and lived normal lives. Upon meeting this shouting vicious fatty holding a sharp broken bottle, they lost their breaths. They all lowered their heads and none of them dared to stand out.

    According to plan, Fang Zhi Ming covertly exchanged glances with Big Fatty and looked at Qin Feng a couple of times. Big Fatty immediately responded and took a lap before stopping beside Qin Feng. He glared viciously at Qin Feng and yelled: "F*ck, you f*cking brat, are you looking down on your elder? Everyone else is so scared that they've stood up and you're the only brat still sitting. Do you want a beating?"

    This reason was clearly one used just to pick a fight, and those that heard it were speechless. At this day and age, you could really get shot just by sitting or lying down.

    In the face of Big Fatty's threat, Qin Feng smiled calmly and stood. The instant he saw Brother Fire, he understood that there was an eighty percent chance these people were actors hired by Fang Zhi Ming. Their acting wasn't too terrible.

    "I'm standing now, are you satisfied?"

    "I... I'm not satisfied," Qin Feng rendered Big Fatty speechless. He stammered for a long while before shouting unreasonably: "I just think you're an eyesore and I want to beat you up. What the f*ck can you do about it?"


    Qin Feng threw a punch that was as fast as lightning. The audience didn't see the move clearly when they heard Big Fatty's pitiful cry.

    This fist fell on Big Fatty's face, breaking the bridge of his nose and dyeing his face with fresh blood. He fell to the ground and writhed in pain.

    "I can send you flying with one punch!" Qin Feng said indifferently.

    Whether it be Fang Zhi Ming's classmates or Brother Fire's lackeys, everyone was stunned by the scene.

    Fang Zhi Ming never would have thought that Qin Feng's abilities were so impressive. It appeared that it wouldn't be so easy to clean him up. Plus, Brother Fire's people had all just been beaten up by Qin Feng in the afternoon. When they saw that the person they were here to teach a lesson to was Qin Feng, they were all frozen still with their eyes wide and mouths agape.

    They were unsurprised to see Big Fatty sent flying with one punch because they were all sent flying by Qin Feng with either a punch or a kick earlier. They hated Qin Feng, but they were even more terrified by this powerful freak.

    "How dare you launch a sneak attack on Brother Fatty? See if this elder of yours can kill you!"

    Of the fourteen people that came, twelve were beaten up by Qin Feng in the afternoon. Of the two that had never seen him, there was Big Fatty who was already knocked down, and the other was the tall and skinny man yelling and rushing at Qin Feng to beat him up.

    "Skinny..." When he saw Skinny running out, Brother Fire hurriedly called out to stop him. But, he hadn't finished his sentence when Skinny arrived in front of Qin Feng. Brother Fire forcibly swallowed back the rest of his sentence.

    "Brother Fire, don't worry about me, I alone will be enough to take care of this stinking brat." Skinny was elated. In the past, everyone looked at the situation when fighting.

    Upon encountering a group fight with two large groups of people, people usually hid in the back and didn't try to show off. But, the current situation was one person versus many, so everyone would typically fight to show off and kiss Brother Fire's ass.

    At first, Big Fatty was the first to take the limelight so Skinny felt a bit regretful. Now that he got the second opportunity, he was so happy he wanted to fly.

    "Wait!" Right when Skinny rushed up to Qin Feng, Qin Feng suddenly extended his hand and yelled for him to stop.

    "Stinking brat, if you have any last words before you die, hurry and spit 'em out. You don't need to plead for your life because it'll be useless." Skinny felt that this time his whole body would be glowing with golden light for certain, so he didn't want to be too glorious.

    Qin Feng smiled slightly: "I didn't plan on begging for forgiveness and I don't have any last words."

    "F*ck, then why the hell did you tell your elder to stop?" Skinny yelled with exasperation.

    "I think you're too weak so I wanted to yield to you a bit. You choose: would you like me to yield an arm or a leg?"

    Those who get along in the streets strived for face. Currently, Qin Feng was taking jabs at Skinny's face, so Skinny was so angry that directly he jumped up: "F*ck, you're just a little sh*t and you want to yield to me? Your elder can kill you with one arm."

    "So you're saying that you're going to yield me an arm?" Qin Feng asked with seriousness.

    Skinny originally wasn't thinking this way, he was just boasting. Since Qin Feng was able to launch a sneak attack on Big Brother Fatty, he had some sort of abilities. However, since Qin Feng asked this in front of an audience, Skinny was too embarrassed to refuse. He said grandly with his chest puffed and head held high: "If you want me to yield, then I'll yield. I'll yield my left arm to you and still kill you."

    After hearing his words, Brother Fire's people began to pray silently.

    "No no, I said I would yield to you... So I'll yield my arms and fight with you." Qin Feng shook his head with seriousness.

    Skinny was angry. He slammed the table and yelled: "Your elder will yield two arms and a leg to you."

    "Then I'll yield both my arms and legs." Qin Feng also didn't show any weakness.

    "F*ck, your elder won't use his arms, legs, or stomach. I'll just f*cking use my head to slam you to death!" Skinny shouted while straightening his neck. He was so angry that his neck turned red.

    "Deal!" Qin Feng suddenly snapped his fingers and hung a smile on his face.

    "Then we'll do as you say: you can only use your head to bump me and I can use both my arms and legs."

    The corner of Skinny's mouth twitched violently. He suddenly felt as though he was being played by Qin Feng. However, he also couldn't act shamelessly if he pointed this lie out in front of everyone.

    "You little sh*t, your elder will f*cking knock you dead with my head!" Skinny Monkey bent over, clenched his teeth, and rushed at Qin Feng.

    He internally thought that this time, even if he'd knock himself into having a concussion, he'd have to knock this brat's intestines out for wanting to mess with him.

    The idea was vibrant, but the reality was quite lacking!

    Qin Feng shifted his body slightly and Skinny crashed headfirst into the wall. Qin Feng hadn't even touched a hair on his body and he fainted.

    Brother Fire and his brothers couldn't watch the scene. Everyone had been in the streets for so long and they had never been so humiliated.

    "Ahem, hurry and get out or else I won't be polite." Fang Zhi Ming hadn't gotten a grip on the situation. When he saw that Brother Fire still hadn't made a move and made him put on an act for so long like an idiot, he coughed a couple of times and shot gazes at Brother Fire.

    Brother Fire pretended he didn't see Fang Zhi Ming's gazes. In reality, he didn't have the guts to make a move on Qin Feng. He took the lead in turning his body and walking out the door: "Ah, so we walked into the wrong room. Everyone hurry up and follow me back, our other brothers are waiting to drink with us."

    "Hurry and leave, hurry and leave. Let's go back and drink." The audience then came back to their senses and immediately followed Brother Fire. They didn't want to stay here an instant longer.

    "Ai... Brother Fire, wait for me, wait for me!"

    Seeing that Brother Fire and his men were leaving, Skinny, who had crashed headfirst into the wall and began to pretend to faint, crawled up and chased after them. Also, Big Fatty who was sent flying by Qin Feng in the beginning was lying on the ground and crying pitifully without pause. At this time, he stopped yelling and ran out after Skinny.

    This scene stunned Fang Zhi Ming's classmates. It was a complete waste that these people didn't act and were hoodlums instead. Their gazes followed the group as they ran out the door. Not long later, they walked back in one by one with sullen expressions and their heads bowed. They conscientiously formed two rows in the private room and a group of security guards in uniform followed them in.

    There were a total of eight security guards: seven of them stayed at the door watching over these hoodlums while the group leader jogged over to Qin Feng with a smile filling his face. He saluted him with respect and said: "Young Master Qin, it's our fault as security guards that these people disturbed your meal with your friends. Please punish us."

    Qin Feng did not call over these security guards, they were sent over by the beautiful manager of the mountain resort. She knew that Qin Feng had arrived at the mountain resort and found out which private room he was eating in tonight, so she purposely sent over security guards in fear that Young Master Qin would be dissatisfied with any part of the service.

    "Take this group to the police station and don't let them appear at the mountain resort again." With the wave of his hand, Qin Feng sent the security guards away: "There's nothing else here, you guys can all leave!"
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