Chapter 163 - So Its Young Master Qin

    Chapter 163 - So It's Young Master Qin

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    The security guards of the mountain resort arrived aggressively and left grandiosely. They held down the group of large hoodlums and left the room.

    When the room became quiet once again, the spectators were still in turmoil. They all looked at Qin Feng in shock and wanted to swallow their own fists in one gulp.

    Qin Feng? Young Master Qin?

    This group of schoolmates were mostly natives of Acropolis so Young Master Qin's name was like thunder resounding in their ears. Quite a few of them also knew of the story behind the mountain resort and how it was Royal Group's vacation estate which was owned by Young Master Qin's old man.

    For him to be in the mountain resort hotel, to able to call over a large group of security guards, and to be respectfully called Young Master Qin, there was no need to think: this person before them who they had all pegged to be a poor brat the whole time was undoubtedly Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master, Young Master Qin.

    All of those present looked at Qin Feng differently. Their expressions went from contempt to fawning.

    "Young Master Qin, you're Young Master Qin that's the head of the Four Young Masters of Acropolis City!" Some people couldn't help but shout in surprise.

    "So it really is Young Master Qin. I was saying that the first time I met you I thought you innately exuded the air of a king. This kind of power and dominance isn't something someone can learn. You're the son of heaven. If placed in the olden days, you're the chosen one!"

    "Oh! Our classmate Bai Qing really has good taste that she caught the only son of the richest man in Acropolis. I'm about to be jealous to death of you... But our Bai Qing and Young Master Qin really are a match made in heaven: one has talent and looks while the other has power and ability. They form a pair with unmatched beauty."

    This barrage of sugarcoated bullets of praise surged over without warning. Even Liu Ming and Zhao Bin, who pretended to be passed out drunk for so long, suddenly stood.

    When they discovered that Qin Feng was Young Master Qin, they were struck with an unnamed shock. Compared to that dog fart Fang Zhi Ming, Young Master Qin was favored by god while Fang Zhi Ming was only a commoner on earth. The two quickly rearranged their troops and spoke to Qin Feng with all smiles.

    "Young Master Qin, your alcohol tolerance is really great. Being able to drink at the same table as you is the result of eight lifetimes of cultivation. In the future, I hope Young Master Qin can give me some pointers."

    "I've always said Qin Feng wasn't as simple as he looked. He always exudes a slight feeling that he's hiding a secret. If you slowly interact with him, you'll find that Young Master Qin is not the average Joe. As I previously mentioned, him and Bai Qing together is not Young Master Qin's good fortune, but good fortune cultivated by Bai Qing. Now you all must believe me in regards to this."

    When they heard how Zhao Bin said all this with a look of propriety but had clearly said Qin Feng wasn't good enough for Bai Qing earlier, the audience deeply felt... they should follow his example.

    Once Young Master Qin's identity was revealed, they all gave their everything.

    Everyone fell over themselves trying to curry favor with Qin Feng. Fang Zhi Ming instantly became air and no one spared him another glance.

    At this time, Fang Zhi Ming wasn't filled with anger, he was filled with worry.

    He looked like he was struck by lightning. He stood frozen like his spirit left his body and couldn't even hear the artificial flattery around him. His brain whirred and only one sound lingered:

    "Qin Feng is Young Master Qin!"

    This sentence seemed simple, but it had the power to decide the fate of Fang Zhi Ming and even the whole Fang Family.

    Fang Zhi Ming did indeed open a company after graduating, and the company was doing well. However, the company was under his old man. Also, those who operated the company also weren't talents he hired from outside. From day to night, there were unwritten rules with the female secretaries in the company. At night, he went to the bar to hit on female students. He put on a bright and handsome disguise and did evil things that could ruin his family.

    Now that he was acting pretentious and bumped into the god of acting pretentious Young Master Qin, Fang Zhi Ming knew his days had come to an end. If Young Master Qin really got mad, even Fang Zhi Ming's old man would be out of luck.

    He suddenly kneeled before Qin Feng with a "plop." His family company was much more important than how laughable he looked. He begged Qin Feng in front of everyone: "Young Master Qin, I was wrong. I shouldn't have acted pretentious in front of you. I shouldn't have continued to trouble you. I beg you sir for forgiveness, please spare me just this once."

    There were too many shocking things today. The brains of the spectators ran out of space.

    They knew that Young Master Qin was extremely powerful in Acropolis, but they now experienced the results of his power firsthand. This intimidating power was the most realistic.

    Everyone always thought Fang Zhi Ming was lofty and someone of another world, yet Fang Zhi Ming merely had to hear Young Master Qin's name to kneel before him without consideration of face. This kind of power was beyond what they could imagine as normal people.

    Qin Feng's gaze held no sliver of compassion. He didn't even spare Fang Zhi Ming a glance because he had long seen through Fang Zhi Ming's intentions: he wanted to clean him up. And, more importantly, he wanted to make a move on Bai Qing.

    Since dared to have the intention of hitting on his woman, Qin Feng absolutely would not be lenient on him.

    "Qin Feng, just leave it." Bai Qing still didn't know about Fang Zhi Ming's dirty thoughts. She saw that the scene had gotten to this stage and was in a bit of a dilemma as she held Qin Feng's arm.

    Qin Feng didn't listen to Bai Qing. He looked coldly at Zhao Bin and Liu Ming: "I'll give you guys a chance right now to tell me Fang Zhi Ming's true goal for setting up this reunion. I'll give whoever says it first an opportunity to work at a real estate company under Royal Group."

    Qin Feng's words had just dropped when Liu Ming rushed forward and pointed at Fang Zhi Ming. He said ruthlessly: "Young Master Qin... This person is a perverted wolf hiding in sheep skin. Even heaven and earth cannot tolerate how lacking he is in conscience.

    "On the outset, he held this high school reunion to place importance on the ease of our high school days. In reality, he wanted to use it to act pretentious in front of Bai Qing and get her into his grasp so he could get a room with her at night. The brute Fang Zhi Ming went to exercise and develop muscles for this reunion, and even looked for Brother Fire and that group of hoodlums to put on a performance of a hero rescuing a beauty."

    In one breath, Liu Ming spilled out all the minute details of Fang Zhi Ming's plans. The audience was speechless.

    Bai Qing's expression fell cold again. She felt a wave of disgust when she thought of how she was a bit attracted by Fang Zhi Ming's poise and his pretenses implying that he was solely dedicated to her. Though she had stepped into society and already worked for five years, she was a blank canvas when it came to romance. She was extremely upset to find that she was cheated emotionally once again.

    When Qin Feng felt Bai Qing's frail body tremble, he hugged her tighter in her embrace. He straightened out the mussed hair on her forehead and said gently: "Qing Qing, let's go back to the room."

    Bai Qing nodded. She really didn't want to stay here any longer. She obediently lay in Qin Feng's embrace and walked out of the room.
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