Chapter 164 - The Criminal Behind the Scenes Floats Above the Surface

    Chapter 164 - The Criminal Behind the Scenes Floats Above the Surface

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    After returning to the extravagant presidential suite, Bai Qing went straight to her room, locked the door, and opened her phone.

    "There are two cups of red wine on the table in the balcony. The cup with more wine has poison in it. Make Qin Feng drink it and your mission is complete!"

    After reading this message, all sorts of feelings welled up within her. If this was before she attended the reunion, she would trick Qin Feng into drinking the cup of red wine without hesitation. However, now that so many things happened at the mountain resort, Bai Qing felt uncertain.


    Suddenly, another text came in. Bai Qing opened it.

    "Why aren't you moving? If you don't move within ten minutes, tonight's plan will be cancelled."

    After seeing this new message, Bai Qing gritted her teeth, changed into an alluring nightgown, and walked out of the room.

    When the room door opened, Qin Feng's gaze flitted over and instantly brightened.

    Bai Qing wore a black nightgown with a lace trim. Her long, beautiful, and fair white legs were revealed below the skirt. The nightgown was a silk gauze style that, under the lights, partially hid and partially revealed the scenery below it.

    "Qing Qing, come sit on the sofa and we'll see a movie together. I know the password to the adult channel, want to watch it with me?"

    Bai Qing revealed a flirtatious smile and strolled leisurely up to Qin Feng. She took the initiative to sit in his embrace. She purposely pressed her chest on Qin Feng and said coquettishly: "Young Master Qin, you're terrible. I don't want to see some adult movie, I want to drink a cup of wine on the balcony and admire the night view of the mountain resort."

    Qin Feng's face bloomed with a smile. He immediately picked Bai Qing up and ran towards the balcony: "Okay okay okay, let's go to the balcony, the balcony is good! The night view is mesmerizing and the balcony is spacious and comfortable. I really like waging war on the balcony, let's wage war until the sun comes up."

    He carried Bai Qing and quickly arrived at the balcony. Qin Feng impatiently lifted the bottom of Bai Qing's dress. Bai Qing immediately pressed her skirt down and said with a mesmerizing smile: "Young Master Qin, don't be anxious... I'm a girl so of course I'd be shy. Why don't we drink two cups of wine. When I'm drunk, you can do whatever you want."

    "Okay okay okay, let's drink. I'll get some white spirits and we can drink straight from the bottle." Qin Feng couldn't wait and was about to go downstairs to get some white spirits.

    Bai Qing hugged Qin Feng and snuggled in his embrace. She said flirtatiously: "Young Master Qin, you're terrible. I'm a weak girl, how could you use white spirits to get me drunk? There's still some red wine that we didn't finish earlier. Let's drink two cups of it."

    "Okay okay, let's drink red wine." No matter what Bai Qing said, Qin Feng's mouth was only filled with words of consent. His eyes were glued onto Bai Qing's shirt collar and had not shifted in the slightest.

    When she saw Qin Feng's vulgar look, Bai Qing smiled charmingly, but was extremely disgusted internally. To think that she hesitated about harming Qin Feng earlier. Now, that sliver of apprehension was completely eliminated.

    "Young Master Qin, let's make a toast!" Bai Qing held up two wine glasses. She compared the two under the moonlight and extended the one that clearly had more to Qin Feng.

    "Okay, cheers!" Qin Feng took the glass of wine and tilted his head back to drink it. Bai Qing's palms filled with cold sweat. Her heart thumped rapidly as she stared at Qin Feng and the cup in his hand.

    "Wait!" Suddenly, Qin Feng stopped. The hand holding the wine glass paused mid-lift and he looked at Bai Qing with seriousness.

    Bai Qing jumped in shock. She stopped breathing and looked at Qin Feng's serious expression and was struck with incomparable fear: "Y-young Master Qin, what's wrong?"

    Bai Qing pretended to be calm with all her might because there was no way Qin Feng could have discovered her plan.

    "Qing Qing, we've agreed that after drinking this cup of wine, we're going to do some even more intimate things. You can't go back on your word." Qin Feng's expression changed, revealing a perverted expression. He smiled and said this with his gaze fixed on Bai Qing's towering chest.

    "Young Master Qin... I know. Here, cheers!" Bai Qing released the breath she was holding. She didn't wait for Qin Feng to drink first and threw her head back to down her glass in one gulp and calm her nerves.

    After downing the red wine, Bai Qing looked at Qin Feng and the wine glass in his hand again only to find that he already drank all the wine inside.

    At this time, a multitude of emotions welled up within her. Her current mood couldn't be described in words.

    Ever since she had her first night snatched by Qin Feng five years ago, she began to hold a grudge against him. It had already been five years of this hatred.

    It's very hard to love a person for five years, and it's even harder to hate a person for five years. Bai Qing didn't know how she did it. Just for hatred, she spent five years planning, arranging, and waiting patiently for the opportunity to take revenge.

    During these five years, she saw how dissolute and unruly Qin Feng was with her own eyes. He continuously brought different beautiful women into rooms of the Royal Hotel. She watched as this enemy of hers appeared before her every night, and he even took liberties with her without scruple. She saw him as Enemy Number One, while he didn't even know who she was. Even Bai Qing thought it was laughable. The laughable person wasn't Qin Feng, it was herself.

    Who knew how many times she wanted to give up in the middle of it. Countless thoughts of suicide arose in her mind. She was too tired. Every day, right from when she opened her eyes, she lived in a world of revenge. When she closed her eyes at night, she even had to get scared awake by a nightmare. Even until the end, revenge was the driving force of her existence, and became her source of energy. It was like an unachieved dream that one had to constantly vie for to achieve.

    Now, the dream Bai Qing struggled for finally came into fruition. Her heart stopped. Drops of pure and sparkling tears slipped down her cheeks. She realized that she did the wrong thing. She had done the wrong thing right from the beginning.

    Now, her revenge was realized, and she watched Qin Feng slowly disappear from this world before her eyes. However, she didn't feel a sliver of excitement, she felt disappointment and even despair. She lost her source of energy and lost her dream...

    "Qin Feng, goodbye. Goodbye forever..." Bai Qing said to herself. It was like she was saying a final farewell to someone extremely familiar yet also a complete stranger.

    "Hahaha, Qing Qing, I finished drinking this whole bottle of red wine. Now it's time to play." After the cup of wine was ingested, Qin Feng directly pounced at Bai Qing's body.

    Bai Qing didn't resist. She allowed her tears to trickle down silently, allowed Qin Feng to tear her clothes without restraint, allowed him to reach into her clothes to caress her body and then kiss her neck, chest, stomach, thigh...

    Slowly, Qin Feng's strength lessened. He stopped and lay on Bai Qing's thigh. Her tears fell on his cheek, and she lightly pet the man in her embrace, the man who took over her body... Who knew if she was deeply hurt or in extreme despair. Bai Qing also felt a wave of exhaustion. She slowly shut her eyes and fell over.

    One second, two seconds... a minute later.

    Three black shadows leapt out of the dark night. Of the three, two of them wore nocturnal clothing and pulled a man in casual clothing. They climbed up from the balcony on the floor below.

    The two men in black got onto the balcony and stood on both sides of it. They vigilantly paid attention to the surrounding movements. The man wearing casual clothing had a tall and straight figure. A light playful smile hung upon his handsome face as he slowly walked up to Qin Feng.

    When he saw Qin Feng unconscious on the ground, the man couldn't help but burst into laughter: "Hahaha, Qin Feng, Qin Feng, serves you right. F*cking serves you right!"

    "Your elder has long predicted that if you're dissolute and unruly all day you'd die on a woman's stomach sooner or later. Seems that my prophecy has come true, I should just become a prophet."

    When he saw that Qin Feng was dead, the man was extremely happy. He neglected the image he usually cared about so much and laughed maniacally: "What Number One Hedonistic Young Master of Acropolis? What Number One Power of Acropolis City's Qin Family? That was all f*cking nonsense. You, Qin Feng, are also human, and a normal human like all other humans. You really thought of yourself as a son of heaven. Ptooey! Are you good enough for it?"

    "I really don't know why Prince Wen would care so much about you that he gathered so many forces to join together and deal with you, it's clearly overkill. Now, hasn't he been directly taken care of by me alone? Hahaha!"

    If Qin Feng was still awake, he'd know who this man was just by hearing his voice. He and Qin Feng were both considered part of Acropolis University's Four Young Masters; he was Young Master Hua. He was Hua Ming, who Qin Feng slapped noisily in the face when he was still attending Acropolis University.

    At this time, Hua Ming was in a deranged state. When he saw that Qin Feng ended up dying in a woman's arms, the hate he harbored silently in his heart was finally avenged. He thought about how Qin Feng stole Zhao Ling Xian, how he won the Chinese art contest in front of the whole class, and how he slapped him in front of everyone. These humiliating scenes floated up piece by piece, but Hua Ming was no longer angry. It would be silly to be mad at a dead man.

    Under the moonlight, Hua Ming silently stepped towards Qin Feng. He held a dagger that flashed with wintry light. After arriving beside Qin Feng, he clasped the dagger tightly and stabbed towards Qin Feng's heart. He wanted Qin Feng to die completely; to die until he could not die anymore!

    "Qin Feng, I hope you reincarnate into a domestic animal in your next life haha!"

    "You've done such horrible things, you should go into reincarnation first to become a domestic animal." Hua Ming's dagger stabbed air. Qin Feng's cold laughter suddenly resounded in the night air.

    The sound was too cold. Hua Ming couldn't help but tremble at how eerie it was.

    His expression changed drastically and his eyes were filled with dread. He thought he saw a ghost. He saw the already dead Qin Feng suddenly rise up and fly above his head.

    Swish swish!

    Qin Feng's figure stayed suspended in midair. Behind him was the boundless ocean and beach, and the moon was like a silver platter, forming a beautiful backdrop and making Qin Feng's face even more cold and resolute. The ocean breeze blew lightly at his soft hair, tousling it. The surge of the ocean waves served as the bugle announcing the arrival of a battle. At this time, he looked like a god of war or a knight-errant setting out in the night. He held two Little Li Flying Knives in his hands, and a wintry light flashed and entered the center of the foreheads of the two men in black.

    They didn't even have time to react and fell to the ground.
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