Chapter 165 - Hatred Resolved

    Chapter 165 - Hatred Resolved

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    Hua Ming was so shocked that his legs gave out and he sat on the ground. He looked at Qin Feng who had landed on the ground and didn't dare to breathe. The two in black were bodyguards specifically sent by the Hua Family to protect Hua Ming at school. They were capable fighters handpicked from the underground. It was absolutely no problem for one of them to fight ten normal people.

    However, these two were like ants in Qin Feng's eyes. They didn't even have the opportunity to make a move when they were directly taken care of by Qin Feng. Hua Ming couldn't clearly see how Qin Feng had done it or even what kind of murder weapon he used to kill the two bodyguards.

    "Hua Ming, so the one prompting Bai Qing behind the scenes is you." At this time, Qin Feng saw Hua Ming. He was a bit surprised: "Then the one that was behind Ma De Hu previously is also you right?"

    "Qin Feng... H-how are you not dead?" He looked nervously at Qin Feng. A good while later, Hua Ming slowly calmed down.

    "Why would I die?" Qin Feng smiled lightly: "You used Bai Qing to poison my wine, did you really think I wouldn't know? You really think I'm the useless wastrel that everyone thinks I am? Do you know how Acropolis City's Hao Family was annihilated? Because Hao Yun thought like you, the Hao Family is now nonexistent."

    Stunning, despotic, powerful, fierce...

    Qin Feng's words made Hua Ming tremble from head to toe. He had just arrogantly mocked Qin Feng. He thought he had really killed him and contemptibly believed that Prince Wen made a mountain out of a molehill to have gathered so many forces against one Qin Feng.

    Now he understood, Qin Feng was indeed worth Prince Wen spending so much effort on.

    Qin Feng was a wolf in sheepskin. He used the preconceptions everyone had of him being an idler and useless trash to confuse his enemies. He never cared about the unfounded gossip and biting remarks, and they even became his secret weapon. He allowed his opponents to scorn and look down on him, while he was like a cheetah hiding in the dark watching his enemies act like clowns. Then, at the most opportune moment, he would suddenly ambush them so the opponent is caught unprepared, amazing the world with his brilliant feat...

    Hua Ming instantly understood a lot of things. He now knew how much of a disparity there was between him and Qin Feng.

    He thought of the recently annihilated Hao Family; he thought about Yu Wen Xiang and the Yu Family; he thought about how Prince Wen didn't personally take action but constantly looked for powers to join forces with...

    "Because Hao Yun thought like you, the Hao Family disappeared."

    Until the end, Qin Feng's words resounded through Hua Ming's head. He knew that he was about to die and that the entire Hua Family was about to be destroyed. He began to regret becoming Qin Feng's enemy. This was a man like the devil. Though he's just a person, he has the power to destroy an entire family.

    "Qin Feng... Bring it on!" Since he was going to die, Hua Ming suddenly went crazy. He suddenly crawled up from the ground, pulled out a pitch-black handgun, and began to fire wildly.

    Qin Feng's face turned cold, he immediately picked up the unconscious Bai Qing from the ground and hid her behind a cement pillar. When he stuck his head out again, Hua Ming was already gone.

    He didn't chase after Hua Ming. If not to protect Bai Qing from accidentally getting hit by the bullets at first, Qin Feng would have killed Hua Ming long ago. At the moment, he continued to worry about whether or not the poison in Bai Qing's body had been completely cleansed out. He worried that Bai Qing's life was in danger so he gave up on chasing Hua Ming.

    Qin Feng held Bai Qing tightly and ran back into the room downstairs. He placed Bai Qing on his bed. His palm fell on Bai Qing's back and gusts of ice cold Qi flowed into her body.

    Earlier, the instant he swallowed the poisoned wine on the balcony, he actually realized a lot of things.

    The System's quest to "dissolve Bai Qing's hatred toward the Host" was successfully completed and Qin Feng was awarded 500 Hedonist Points. He had long realized that Bai Qing was too forward tonight and was a little strange. Thus, he guessed that the wine was poisoned. Little Pig reminded Qin Feng that Internal Qi could be used to expel the poison. Thus, Qin Feng went along with Bai Qing's act to lure out Hua Ming who was behind the scenes. After drinking the alcohol, Qin Feng quickly forced the poison out of his body and threw himself onto Bai Qing like he was taking advantage of her. In reality, he was using his Internal Qi to remove the poison from her body. He guessed right from the beginning that Hua Ming wouldn't only harm him-he was sure to kill Bai Qing to silence her as well.

    Qin Feng instantly understood and decided on this string of problems and complicated relationships. His conclusions really were not wrong. In the end, he lured Hua Ming out and even found out that the big boss behind him was someone called "Prince Wen"... This riddle seemed to slowly unravel, the hidden criminal was about to float to the surface. Qin Feng was kind of looking forward to it.

    "Mm!" Bai Qing suddenly awoke with a delicate groan.

    "Qing Qing, you're finally awake!" Qin Feng immediately stopped transmitting Qi to her. He hugged Bai Qing and looked at his woman tenderly.

    Since Bai Qing saw Qin Feng and saw that he was alive, she thought she was dreaming: "Qin Feng, why am I dreaming of you? I hate you, I killed you with my own hands. Are you coming to my dream to take revenge on me?"

    Qin Feng was not angered by Bai Qing's trap. Instead, he felt guilty. He knew why Bai Qing did this. As a woman who persevered five years for hate, a woman who was honed from a pure campus beauty to a mature career woman, Qin Feng couldn't begin to imagine what kind of pain Bai Qing experienced to acclimate to this noisy and fickle society.

    "Qing Qing, you're not dreaming. I'm not dead, and you aren't dead!" Qin Feng helped Bai Qing smooth out her hair.

    Bai Qing's expression changed dramatically, and she finally became conscious. She jumped out of Qin Feng's embrace as if she had seen a ghost: "Qin Feng, w-why aren't you dead? Didn't you drink that cup of wine?"

    After speaking, Bai Qing's expression changed again. It changed, then changed again. In a couple of seconds, her emotions experienced quite a few dramatic changes. She was an intelligent woman, so she quickly figured out a lot of things.

    A good while later, Bai Qing's expression reverted to calmness. She smiled bitterly and shook her head as she said: "Haha, I'm such an idiot. The one that used me as a chess piece right from the beginning wanted to kill me as well. Both of the wine glasses were poisoned so neither of us could escape.

    "But how are the two of us still alive?" Bai Qing looked at Qin Feng with astonishment.

    Qin Feng looked tenderly at Bai Qing and smiled: "Qing Qing, you overdid your acting at night."

    "You aren't such a forward woman, and according to what I know about you, you haven't gotten to the stage where you'd be willing to have relations with me. However, tonight you were so forward and unusual that I guessed you wanted to harm me."

    Qin Feng's voice was gentle. If someone else wanted to harm Qin Feng, he would certainly be like a devil and make them wish they were dead. However, when Bai Qing harmed him, he recounted the events as casually as if they related to someone else's story.
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