Chapter 166 - Must Call Me "Husband"

    Chapter 166 - Must Call Me "Husband"

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng extended his arms to pull Bai Qing into his embrace. Bai Qing didn't resist, she lay in Qin Feng's strong warm embrace and looked at Qin Feng with a perplexed expression: "I wanted to kill you and you don't hate me... You didn't crazily take revenge on me or abuse me, and you even comforted and took care of me-this isn't typical Young Master Qin behavior."

    "If you were an enemy like Hua Ming, I would make you wish you were dead, but you aren't my enemy."

    "Bai Qing, you're my woman!" Qin Feng looked earnestly at Bai Qing and said word by word.

    Bai Qing's delicate body suddenly trembled and her mind instantly went blank. She looked at Qin Feng with doubt mixed with a sliver of happiness. She allowed the phrase "Bai Qing, you're my woman!" to continuously echo through her mind.

    It's been five years. Bai Qing waited for this line for a full five years. The time had finally come and she was about to forget... she was Qin Feng's woman five years ago!

    Various conflicting emotions suddenly flooded her heart, and the emotions she stifled for five years came bursting out. Bai Qing felt burning hot all over; she turned red from her face to her chest. She forgot about her hatred towards Qin Feng and all of her unhappiness. She just wanted to go completely crazy for once and set free the bit of youth she had left.

    This time, Bai Qing took the initiative to throw herself at Qin Feng.

    She tore off her own clothes and tore off Qin Feng's clothes. She stuck her bright, smooth, and jade-like body tightly against Qin Feng's and bit his ear. An alluring voice passed through the warm air: "Qin Feng, have me!"

    Qin Feng looked at Bai Qing's impressive curvy figure, her charming and elegant face, and her misty eyes. He hugged Bai Qing firmly and yelled despotically:

    "Bai Qing, tonight you're all mine. In every day and night in the future, you, Bai Qing, will belong completely to me, Qin Feng!"


    There were blue water and skies, and a soft breeze; the early morning sunshine shone on the endless beach. The taste of happiness filled the air.

    Quite a few guests arrived at the beach long ago to admire the beautiful sun rising out of the ocean.

    A handsome man and a beautiful woman rode an old-styled 28" bicycle and sped along the endless beach. The man rode the bicycle effortlessly, yet he sped along like a rocket. The woman's arms danced in the wind. She held a red silk scarf, let go of it, and the scarf flew willfully in the wind. It was like their youth: brash and headstrong, free and unconstrained... and once it left, it couldn't come back.

    "Young Master Qin, can you go faster?" Bai Qing smiled and her eyes turned into crescent moons. She hadn't been this happy in a really long time. After she completely put down the burden of her hatred, even the air became fresher.

    A light smile hung on Qin Feng's face. He patted Bai Qing's bouncy and raised behind: "Call me 'husband'... Don't tell me your husband wasn't fast enough last night? I originally could have gone faster, but you begged for mercy. You said you were going to die and you soon couldn't take it anymore so I felt bad and didn't burst out and use all of my power."

    Qin Feng raised his head arrogantly when he spoke. A blush immediately spread over Bai Qing's fair and charming face. When the wild image of last night came to mind, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

    "Young Ma-husband, I said to ride faster," Bai Qing said in a small voice.

    "Then be prepared to scream wildly!" After Qin Feng finished speaking, the bicycle began to speed up continuously like there was no limit or end, it kept going faster and faster.

    At this time, the bicycle's speed completely surpassed that of various racecars. It was Bai Qing's first time experiencing a bicycle going so quickly. She felt as though she and Qin Feng were going to fly soon. The ocean breeze became more reckless, and blew so strongly at Bai Qing that she almost couldn't breathe. However, she really enjoyed this exciting speed and the feeling of forgetting everything else. A sweet-sounding dolphin sound rang through the beach the whole early morning.

    When the two returned to the hotel, Bai Qing felt as though she was going to collapse with exhaustion. Last night, Qin Feng took her for a whole night, and this morning, she screamed with excitement for the whole morning. Thus, her strength was depleted.

    The two sat in the restaurant eating a luxurious breakfast. When looking at the scenery outside the window, this strange feeling made Bai Qing feel as though she were dreaming.

    "Young Master Qin." Halfway through eating breakfast, Uncle Fu suddenly arrived beside Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression shifted and became slightly serious. He looked at Uncle Fu and said: "Uncle Fu, how is the Fang Family now?"

    Qin Feng called over Uncle Fu specifically to take Bai Qing back. He wanted to go to Devil Beast Mountain in a bit to see the root of the spiritual qi. But, danger lurked on every side of it, and Qin Feng didn't want to endanger Bai Qing. As for the matters regarding Fang Zhi Ming and Hua Ming, Qin Feng handed them over to Uncle Fu last night.

    "Young Master Qin, last night Chairman Qin announced that he would suppress the Fang Family's business development in Acropolis. A lot of big customers and companies working with the Fang Family have already initiated rejections to them. Also, a couple of banks have begun to stop working with them and are urging the Fang Family to repay the large debts they owe."

    Uncle Fu's expression was as calm as if he were talking about insignificant matters: "Now the Fang company is in utter chaos and they're beginning massive layoffs. The outstanding employees have already been snatched by the Royal Group. The Fang Family is already completely spent and won't last another blow."

    After hearing Uncle Fu's account, Qin Feng's expression didn't change either. He looked like he was listening to matters unrelated to him. Bai Qing looked shocked and once again deeply experienced the true power of the Qin Family.

    "And Hua Ming?" The Fang Family was already down and out so Qin Feng didn't spend any more time caring about them. He switched the topic onto Hua Ming.

    "Hua Ming returned to the Hua Residence last night. According to the news from Sky City, the Hua Family is already strengthening its defenses and dispatched all of its forces to guard against an attack from the Qin Family. As one of the five prominent families of Sky City, their strength is quite solid. Plus, their location in Sky City is unfavorable to us. If we fought with the Hua Family, it would be a tough battle, and would be disadvantageous to the Qin Family's current situation."

    Uncle Fu always talked about matters from the most objective angle, he would not intentionally stray from the truth to kiss Qin Feng's ass. Qin Feng nodded after hearing this. He was silent for a while and then said: "Uncle Fu, you and father don't need to worry about the Hua Family, I'll take care of it myself. Right now, bring Qing Qing home."

    After speaking, Qin Feng looked passionately at Bai Qing: "Qing Qing, go back with Uncle Fu first, I still have some important matters to attend to. After I've finished, I'll look for you once I get back."

    Uncle Fu brought Bai Qing away from the mountain resort. Qin Feng sat before the French windows and watched the commercial Benz disappear out of his sight before he walked out of the resort hotel.

    It was already past eleven in the morning. There were more and more people that went to play on the beach, and quite a few people appeared in the water to ride boats and surf. Qin Feng rented a boat, specifically prepared three tanks of fuel, and headed towards Devil Beast Mountain.

    Because a lot of people were playing on boats on the ocean, the sudden appearance of Qin Feng's boat didn't elicit any attention from other people. He first circled the water once aimlessly, and when no one was looking, he quickly headed towards deeper waters.
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