Chapter 167 - The Beast and the Fairy

    Chapter 167 - The Beast and the Fairy

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    This time, Qin Feng didn't feel Black Turtle's presence in the deeper waters. It seemed that this brat went to even deeper waters of the ocean. Yesterday, he saw Black Turtle's ability, so he wasn't worried. He believed that with the cooperation of the Sea Turtle and the Many-Banded Krait, they wouldn't be afraid even if they met a shark-unless they met over ten sharks that surrounded and attacked him, then Black Turtle's life might be in danger. But, Black Turtle isn't that foolish. If it saw that it couldn't win, wouldn't it run away? Qin Feng experienced Sea Turtle's swimming speed, and if it needed to run away, that brat was like a little submarine.

    Qin Feng brought an adequate amount of fuel, so he only cared about driving the boat at its maximum speed. He watched the distant and remote Devil Beast Mountain come closer and closer until it was within reach. He stopped the boat by the shore, secured it with a rope, and stepped onto this personless island.

    Devil Beast Mountain was an island with a lush forest and no people, but wild beasts ran rampant. Every time night came around, the howling of wild beasts drifted out of the eerie small island.

    By the time Qin Feng arrived at Devil Beast Mountain, it was already noon. At the blue-skied and blue-watered mountain resort, this was the time when the scorching sun beat down on one's head. However, Qin Feng had just arrived into the dense forest, so he only felt the cold forest air. The dense and towering leaves and branches blocked most of the burning sun so only specks of light shined in. Qin Feng thought to himself that this was an absolutely superb place to shoot a horror movie.

    He took small and fragmented steps through the forest while conversing with Little Pig. Since Little Pig is considered a Battle Pet, he was extremely familiar with Spiritual Qi, and he was a guide that was very good at finding Spiritual Qi.

    Under Little Pig's direction, Qin Feng walked further and further. He already arrived at the middle of the outer layer of Devil Beast Mountain. There was a chill all around, and it became colder and colder. One could even see unmelted snow on some branches.

    "Master, the spirit plant is just nearby," Little Pig suddenly reminded him. Qin Feng halted in his steps and began to examine the area around him.

    At this point, Qin Feng was a genius martial cultivator adept in both internal and external skills. He already cultivated up to Stage One of the Internal techniques. He couldn't detect Spiritual Qi too far away, but he could detect Spiritual Qi exuded nearby.

    Now, he didn't need Little Pig's pointers, Qin Feng could also feel a dense Spiritual Qi exuding not too far away to the left. He shifted his gaze to the area with Spiritual Qi and quickly discovered a flower redder than a rose. However, Qin Feng had never seen a flower of its shape, it was the shape of a morning glory and as large as a grown man's palm when in full bloom.

    "Little Pig, is it this spirit plant?" Qin Feng already stepped quickly up to the plant. He squatted and examined it closely.

    Examining it closely, the Spiritual Qi coming out of the plant was extremely thick. Qin Feng couldn't help but reach out to uproot it.

    "Master, you can't pick it!" Little Pig immediately stopped him and said quickly: "This is a Red Spirit Elixir Plant, it blooms once every ten years, and it usually grows where the forest is dense. It absorbs the light spiritual energy that the trees exude and gathers it into essence. It's a spirit plant that helps cultivate Inner Qi.

    "But, this type of spiritual plant is extremely fragile. Once it leaves the soil, it'll die instantly. The Spiritual Qi in its meridian and stamen will change and instantly leave the body and pass into the air. Then, it'll all become waste."

    After hearing Little Pig's explanation, Qin Feng immediately stopped. He looked both afraid and admiring as he said: "Little Pig, I've discovered that you're truly an omniscient little pig!"

    Little Pig's words suddenly resounded in Qin Feng. Before, he thought this lazy pig was bulls*tting, but after gradually interacting with him, he found that this pig really did know a lot of things.

    After getting praised by his master, Little Pig raised its soft pink head and scoffed: "Tch, I've told you that a long time ago but you didn't believe me Master. As a battle pet and NPC of the System, I know about all items from the System. This Red Spirit Elixir Plant is sold in the System's Pill Cultivation Realm. Even if I didn't know about it, I could also read it off the System's description."

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched. He felt that Little Pig himself wasn't that amazing in reality, he showed off but got all the information from the System: "Little Pig, then how can I get this Red Spirit Elixir Plant completely intact?"

    "Master, as long as you don't ruin the original soil surrounding it, it won't die. You can just dig around the plant and pull it out with the soil surrounding it," Little Pig said.

    This time, Qin Feng understood. He felt the thick spiritual energy exuded from the Red Spirit Elixir Plant and anxiously but carefully dug around the plant. After digging a large hole, Qin Feng began to reach down to get the Red Spirit Elixir Plant.

    Roar roar!

    Suddenly, the roar of a wild beast passed from deep within the forest. The sound shook the surrounding forest into a swishing and fragmented wind. Qin Feng quickly stood and looked behind him with alarm to see an enormous wild boar chasing a young lady who was heading straight towards him.

    It was the first time in his life that he saw such an enormous wild boar. He even wondered if this boar was a mutant. It was as large as a baby elephant, its face was sinister, and it had incomparably sharp tusks that were over a meter long. The most frightening thing was this wild boar's eyes: it had three eyes in total. The third eye grew between the eyebrows like Erlangshen. The eyes were as large as copper bells and shot out a eerie green light. [TLN: Erlangshen is a Chinese god with a third eye in the middle of his forehead that can see truth.]

    Its four well-built legs were strong. While running, it was like a off-road car with maximum horsepower. It sped along while squealing, and its every step resulted in a slight tremor.

    "Brother, hurry and run, it's a Three-eyed Elephant-Boar!" The lady running in front of the wild boar shouted. Her voice tinkled as clear as a spring, and hearing it made Qin Feng dazed.

    The woman had clearly fought a vicious battle with the wild boar and was in a difficult situation. The white cotton dress she wore was already torn to shreds and her hair was mussed by the wind as she ran for her life, but this all did nothing to affect this woman's beauty. She was like the moon maiden Chang'e if she were to step out of the moon. Though she was running for her life, she exuded an air of spiritual beauty.

    Her features were refined and shapely; her body was straight and tall; and her figure wasn't full and explosive, but gentle, beautiful, and harmonious. In particular, the long torn dress she wore revealed a bit of soft white skin that was like fresh first snow, it was exquisitely fair and clear without a speck of dust.

    "A fairy maiden running for her life. She was as beautiful as an angel and was filled with Spiritual Qi." This was Qin Feng's first impression of the woman.

    Then, he looked at the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar not fifty meters behind her. He said with seriousness: "Little Pig, why is your relative so ugly? You won't end up looking like him when you grow up, will you?"

    Little Pig was so frustrated that he bared his teeth and waved his hooves: "Master's relatives are going to grow up looking like that, I'm the cutest little pig in the universe."

    As they say, the personality that a pet grows up to have is dependent on how its owner is. Seeing how shameless Little Pig was, Qin Feng suddenly understood the truth in this saying.

    "Brother, if you don't run now, it'll be too late!" The quick-witted voice of the fairy maiden drifted over again. Qin Feng immediately ran out: he didn't run away, but ran towards the fairy maiden.

    Qin Feng just went up a mountain to find spirit plants and could encounter something great like saving a beauty, sp how could he sit on the sidelines and ignore such a great opportunity?

    "Master, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar is incomparably strong, its sharp tusks can pierce through incomparably hard objects. Your current ability is inadequate." Qin Feng already ran up to the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar when Little Pig's languid voice drifted over.

    He didn't have the chance to run, he could only brace himself, leap upwards, and punch the Three-eyed Elephant-Boat in the back.


    Qin Feng used his Stage Two External Techniques and punched without restraint. 6x strength contained 600 kilograms of power, and this fell on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's back. The wild boar's body clearly swayed. Its legs that were currently running wildly slipped and it directly came crashing down. It crashed into a large tree and smashed a large hole into it.


    This hit startled the heavens and shook the earth; it made ghosts cry and wolves howl!

    The fairy maiden that was running for her life stopped to look. A sliver of shock swept through her face. She wasn't shocked by Qin Feng's tyrannical punch, she was shocked that Qin Feng clearly didn't want his life because he dared to anger this Three-eyed Elephant-Boar.

    All martial artists that know the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar know that this was a berserk beast. It has a violent temper and attacks whoever it sees. Its ability continuously explodes with the amount that it is agitated. The little fairy maiden originally didn't want to fight with the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar, but she suddenly encountered it on Devil Beast Mountain while looking for spirit plants. She was chased by the wild boar but didn't dare to actually fight it because if this beast was agitated, it would be a crazed beast that would smash you to death.

    "Haha, maiden, there's not need to be too startled, I actually didn't showcase my true abilities." Qin Feng clearly did not understand the nature of this Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. He was swept with pride upon knocking down the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar with one punch, and when he saw the little fairy maiden looking at him with shock, he was impossibly pleased with himself.

    "Run! Run!" The little fairy maiden suddenly yelled towards Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was slightly startled. He thought that since he saved this little fairy maiden's life, shouldn't she be moved to tears, fall into his arms, then charming and bashfully use her little pink fists to punch his chest and say sweetly: "Handsome, you're amazing!" ?

    Why would she look so anxious and shout for him to run?

    Qin Feng quickly understood the answer to this question because he suddenly felt a vigorous energy surge from behind him. He didn't spend much time reacting when his legs tapped the ground. He quickly used the strength from releasing the Flying Dragon Armour, bent his body into a bow and arrow and shot away. He leapt five meters into the air, and thrillingly evaded the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's attack with a backflip.
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