Chapter 168 - Breaking Through

    Chapter 168 - Breaking Through

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    At this time, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar ran into a large tree. Its two sharp tusks pierced into the thick tree trunk and the towering tree that was blocking the sunlight slowly fell down.


    The floor shook, but it was not as shaken as Qin Feng currently was. He found that this wild boar suddenly became much more powerful. If the boar hit his waist, chances were that he would be split in two.

    "Run! Run Brother!" The little fairy maiden yelled again. Qin Feng hurriedly ran in her direction. He had just ran two steps when the System's cold voice resounded in his head.

    "Ding... The Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: Save the flower fairy and defeat the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar!"

    "Quest time limit: one hour."

    "Successful completion reward: 500 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the Host will be murdered by the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar!"


    Qin Feng, who was in the midst of running wildly for his life, stopped abruptly. He was no longer able to run away. Now, it was either him or the boar: if he didn't die, then the boar would.

    "Brother, you can't beat the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar."

    Qin Feng paid no mind to the flower fairy, and already took the initiative to rush towards the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. During the previous battle, he analyzed this boar's strengths and weaknesses: its build was extremely large, it was much stronger than Qin Feng, and its skin was so thick that even if Qin Feng used 600 kilograms of strength, he would still have no way of really hurting this wild boar.

    But, the boar's weakness was also its size because it wasn't nimble enough. Qin Feng would think of a way to use his agility to defeat the wild boar.


    Once again, Qin Feng rose into the air with a light tap of his feet. His body was nimble and strong. With a leap, he arrived onto the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's back and began to pound at its neck with punches like rain. This wild boar's skin was thick indeed, it was as rough as tree bark. After tens of punches, Qin Feng's knuckles were skinned and filled with blood.

    Boom boom!

    After getting hit by Qin Feng's tens of fists, the boar went beserk. It stood in place and thrashed his head and tail with all its might in an attempt to fling Qin Feng off of him. The shaking was extremely strong. If Qin Feng didn't have a death grip on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's two large ears, he would have been thrown off right from the get-go. However, Qin Feng didn't have the ability to attack the wild boar this way.

    Of course, he couldn't use his head to hit or his teeth to bite the wild boar.

    "Flower fairy, hurry and beat this wild boar to death." Qin Feng called to the flower fairy who stood nearby. The flower fairy hesitated. Suddenly, her feet lightly tapped the ground and she rose into the air. Her long white dress danced in the wind, making her look like a fairy that had come down to the mortal world.

    The flower fairy arrived five meters away from the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar and stopped. She suddenly cast colorful flowers out of her long sleeve. She bestowed life into the flowers and looked as though they were slowly and delicately drifting in the air. However, the instant they fell on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's body, an enormous strength exploded out of them. The strength was phenomenal, and Qin Feng, who sat on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's back, felt this strength firsthand. He felt the wild boar's entire body tremble after getting hit by the flowers, and the tremors were even stronger than the wild boar's thrashing.

    The flowers flew continuously out of the sleeves of the flower fairy's long dress and drifted in the wind like jolly dancers. But, no matter how different their paths were, they all landed accurately on the middle eye of the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. These flowers concealed a powerful inner strength. They hit the wild boar, making it increasingly irritated. The whole forest was filled with its cries.

    She was beautiful and the flowers were fragrant. She pulled out the flowers casually.

    She had a serene demeanor and danced lightly and gracefully in the middle of the circling flowers. Her tall and slender body was flexible, delicate, and skillful. She danced with an elegant rhythm. She didn't seem to be fighting a fierce battle, and instead appeared to be a quiet and aloof dancer. But, her attacks were hidden, making one die under the scent of the fragrant flowers while caught unaware.

    Qin Feng watched, entranced. Good thing this talented and valiant fairy maiden wasn't an enemy-which man would have the heart to attack her?

    Ao ao!

    The flurry of attacks caused a considerable amount of damage on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar, causing it to fall completely into a crazed state. Its eyes were previously a glowing moss green, but now became blood red. It suddenly rushed out towards the flower fairy, leapt three meters into the air, and slashed  its sharp tusks through the air. The flower maiden had no time to dodge and was directly sent flying by the hit.


    She fell to the ground with blood spraying violently out of her mouth. The flower fairy held in her pain and looked at Qin Feng with a sliver of anxiousness: "Brother, even if we joined hands, we still wouldn't be able to win against the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. I can't hang on for much longer, hurry and run away."

    Qin Feng was enraged; he was thoroughly angered to see the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar ruthlessly strike the beautiful flower fairy into the air.

    He stepped on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's back and suddenly leapt up, concentrated all his strength into his legs, and violently stamped on the wild boar's back.


    This stamp produced an enormous explosion, yet the wild boar's body only swayed slightly and was completely unharmed. It continued to pounce at the flower fairy. Qin Feng leapt and stomped again. He kept on jumping up and down and unceasingly producing 600 kilogram stamps on the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's back. However, the effect was not apparent. Not only did the wild boar not slow down, it even sped up. It was about to hit the flower fairy.

    Qin Feng immediately leapt off the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar, grabbed its tail, and used all his strength to tug backwards. In the end, he slowed the wild boar down, and even got the crazy wild boar to stop.

    The Three-eyed Elephant-Boar suddenly turned around to look ferociously at Qin Feng. This wild boar's tail was its sensitive spot, and Qin Feng tugged on it. Thus, it directly abandoned its attack on the flower fairy and crashed into Qin Feng instead.

    This attack was too fast for Qin Feng to dodge, and he was sent flying in the air with a projectile of bright red blood spraying out of his mouth. After falling, he felt as though his innards were jostled and shifted by the beast. He couldn't move at all and looked at the wild boar that was rushing towards him again. He was overcome with a fear of death that he had never felt before.

    "Master, hurry and eat the Red Spirit Elixir Plant beside you," Little Pig screamed. It was frightened by the dangerous situation they were in.

    Qin Feng turned his head to look. The Red Spirit Elixir Plant they had initially discovered was right beside him. He promptly extended his hand and uprooted the plant with its roots and soil surrounding it. He swallowed it completely: flowers, leaves, stalk, and all.

    A gust of fiery-hot air suddenly surged through his body. The powerful Qi flow passed willfully through his meridian, making Qin Feng feel as though his body was about to explode. He immediately jumped onto a large tree and avoided the wild boar's attack. At the same time, he diverted the Qi flow of the powerful Spiritual Qi into his Dantian.


    An explosion resounded in Qin Feng's body. It had the feeling of liberation yet some emptiness, but he already clearly felt that he had broken through Stage Two Inner Qi and External Stage Three.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng, you have completed the quest of breaking through to Stage Three. The System awards you 1000 Hedonist Points."

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng, you have completed the quest of breaking through to Stage Two Inner Qi. The System awards you 500 Hedonist Points."


    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: Rank up to Stage Four abilities!"

    "Quest time limit: three months."

    "Successful completion reward: 2000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the Host will stay at Stage Three forever."


    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: Rank up to Stage 3 Inner Qi!"

    "Quest time limit: three months."

    "Successful completion reward: 1000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the Host will stay at Stage Two Inner Qi forever."


    After the System's string of notifications, Qin Feng absorbed over half of the extra Spiritual Qi. He felt as though he was being reborn as a Jedi. He simultaneously broke through two stages of cultivation, allowing his ability to rise dramatically. Now he could punch with close to 800 kilograms of power.

    Also, he achieved 1.5x strength. If he released the weight of the Flying Dragon Armour, he could reach 1.7x strength. In addition to the rank up in Inner Qi, it would be easy for him to reach 1.8x speed.

    Whoosh whoosh!

    Qin Feng suddenly shuttled through the forest. He was like an energetic apparition flitting amongst the trees.

    The whole time, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar chased after Qin Feng. Wherever he ran, the wild boar followed. But, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar clearly couldn't keep up with Qin Feng. Qin Feng suddenly dropped down from a tree and moved like a flash of lightning. He was like a matador teasing and scuttling about before the wild boar.

    Ao ao!

    Time and time again, Qin Feng made the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar angry. At this time, it wanted to tear Qin Feng to shreds. It went faster, but it still couldn't catch up to Qin Feng. At this time, Qin Feng slowed down. There was an enormous tree five meters ahead of him. He stood where he was and watched the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar pounce at him. When the wild boar's tusks came extremely close, he leapt up and landed behind it in the blink of an eye.


    The Winter Iron Gloves flashed on his fists. Qin Feng bellowed, concentrated all of his strength into his right fist, and ruthlessly attacked the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's behind.


    The sudden burst of close to 800 kilograms in strength was extremely stunning, and at this time, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar was still racing forward at a flying speed, so Qin Feng borrowed this strength and made the scene even more striking. The two ton wild boar was sent flying, and its head crashed into the tree trunk of the enormous tree before it. Its sharp tusks pierced deeply into the trunk and black blood ran out of its enormous mouth.

    Moments later, the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar was no longer breathing. Its strong and stout carcass hung motionlessly two meters high on the tree trunk.

    Qin Feng let out a long breath and ran up beside the flower fairy at once.

    There was a large and long gash on the flower fairy's thigh where the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's tusk pierced her. Her tender, snow-white skin was dyed completely red with blood, and even revealed some of the white bone beneath it. The scene was heartbreaking.

    The pain and severe blood loss caused the flower fairy to faint. She leaned quietly on a large tree with her thin, willow leaf eyebrows slightly furrowed. Her face was deathly pale and her lips were chapped. She looked so weak that it looked like she would die at any second.

    After quickly examining the flower fairy's condition, Qin Feng immediately and slowly tore the part of her dress that was drenched in blood and stuck to her thigh to reveal the startling wound. He bought two bottles of Elementary Gold Sore Medicine and carefully began to apply it onto her wound.

    The gash was too long, it ran up into the inner part of her thigh. Qin Feng continued to tear the dress, and unconsciously tore up to the part between the flower fairy's thighs.
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