Chapter 169 - Kissing For An Eternity

    Chapter 169 - Kissing For An Eternity

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    Editor: Levs

    "F*ck!" Qin Feng suddenly yelped in shock when he saw the beautiful scenery under the flower fairy.

    He wasn't shocked because he saw underwear dyed red by blood, but was shocked to see that colorful petals blocked the bottom.

    Qin Feng had just been wondering in astonishment where the flower fairy got all of those petals, and now he understood. In order to confirm his guess, Qin Feng tore the top of the flower fairy's dress that covered her chest with a look of propriety to reveal a smooth, round, and delicate chest. Her chest was wrapped in colorful petals as well. This fairy-like woman used petals to cover her private parts.

    After discovering the flower fairy's secret, Qin Feng quickly calmed himself down and began to apply Gold Sore Medicine on her terrifying wound.

    "Little Pig, this wound is so deep. Will the Gold Sore Medicine help her heal completely? Will there be a scar?" He lightly caressed the skin on the flower fairy's exquisitely smooth and soft thigh. Qin Feng couldn't bear for such perfect legs to be scarred.

    "Nope." Little Pig said: "The Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's tusks don't have poison, so the wound won't get infected even after the Gold Sore Medicine is applied. The wound just has to heal carefully and it'll be fine."

    "But, the flower fairy lost too much blood and the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar's attack threw the Qi in her body into disorder, so it's not enough to just heal her skin and flesh. If this continues, she'll die soon," Little Pig added.

    "Then how can I save her?" Qin Feng instantly became agitated.

    He didn't only have a good opinion of the flower fairy, he also had a quest relating to her. The System's quest is to both save the flower fairy and defeat the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. If the flower fairy died, then he'd fail the quest for certain.

    "The flower fairy must organize the disordered Qi in her body to preserve her life. But, she's now unconscious and can't wake up on her own. She needs Master to wake her up."

    "How can I wake up the flower fairy?" Qin Feng asked.

    Little Pig suddenly smiled evilly: "Master, I have to tell you something else."

    "The Red Spirit Elixir Plant is the main ingredient in concocting the Red Elixir Pill, and the Red Elixir Pill is a great medicine used to upgrade the abilities of Inner Qi cultivators. If you eat this plant directly, the large amount of Spiritual Qi in it cannot be fully absorbed, so the Qi falls into a raging state. If it breaks out, the user's body will explode and they will die."

    Death by bodily explosion!

    After hearing these words, Qin Feng wanted to squeeze Little Pig to death: "And you still told me to swallow it whole? Little Piglet, did you want to rebel and murder your master?"

    Little Pig said with disdain: "Master, we were in a dire situation at first. If you didn't eat the Red Spirit Elixir Plant, would you be alive now? Plus, Master doesn't have that much of the explosive Spiritual Qi in your body, so you just need to release it. It just so happens that the flower fairy needs this spiritual Qi to recover and awaken, so Master can give it to her."

    Other cultivators longed to have extra Spiritual Qi in their bodies to break through. Qin Feng, on the other hand, encountered a situation where there was so much Spiritual Qi that it was going to burst his body. Just thinking about it was intoxicating.

    "Master, the Spiritual Qi in your body is stored in the blood in your veins. You can just have the flower fairy drink some of your blood," Little Pig mentioned.

    Seeing the flower fairy's increasingly pale face, Qin Feng didn't hesitate any more. He cut a small gash on his wrist and fresh blood carrying hot Qi dripped down his arm, falling onto the flower fairy's lips.

    Slowly, the flower fairy opened her mouth and began to use her tongue to ingest Qin Feng's blood. She began to recover the strong Qi in her body, and her face slowly became rosy. Ten minutes later, she once again became that lively and moving flower fairy.

    "Ah, w-what are you doing?" The flower fairy suddenly opened her black eyes that were as clear as mirrors. She looked at Qin Feng in shock: "You fed me your blood? T-this blood has a large amount of Spiritual Qi!"

    In an instant, the flower fairy understood. She was expressionless the whole time, but her face was now filled with shock and doubt: "Why did you do that? Do you not need to cultivate anymore?"

    The flower fairy asked a good number of questions at once, and Qin Feng didn't know which to answer. His gaze fell on the flower fairy's bright red lips that were filled with his blood. Qin Feng couldn't help but want to lick them.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for completing the quest of saving the flower fairy and killing the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar. The System awards you 500 Hedonist Points," the System Announcement resounded.

    "Are you alright?" Qin Feng asked while looking at the flower fairy.

    The flower fairy looked at Qin Feng with gratitude: "My life is no longer in danger. Thank you for saving me!"

    "Those are all small matters, you don't have to worry about it, Beautiful." Qin Feng grandly waved his hand. Then, he looked seriously at the flower fairy: "Uh, I actually have to continue cultivating. If your body is okay, then the blood on your lips... I have to take it back."

    The flower fairy was extremely moved that Qin Feng was able to release the Spiritual Qi in his body to save her life, so she did not put up her guard against him. She said pleasantly: "Of course. But... how are you going to take back the blood on my lips?"

    This question stumped the flower fairy, but it was not a problem to Qin Feng because he was already in the process of using his actions to show the flower fairy his method.

    A pair of strong arms suddenly pulled the flower fairy into its embrace. The flower fairy's flowery face paled in shock, but she didn't resist because she then felt Qin Feng's lips press tightly onto her own. She was so shocked that she forgot to breathe or struggle.

    This was the flower fairy's first time interacting with a man so intimately. A soft, moist, and smooth tongue swam crazily over her lips. Gusts of a manly smell wafted into her nose, causing her body to weaken. She couldn't use any of her strength.

    Her head was swept with dizziness. She slowly and unconsciously opened her mouth to allow the greedy tongue in. It wildly devoured her tongue, teeth, and everything else...

    They were embracing each other tightly and got carried away with their kiss. The surroundings seemed to fall silent and time seemed to pause. In the beginning, Qin Feng was the only one initiating the attack. Then, the flower fairy slowly reciprocated and the kiss then became frantic and demanding.

    This kiss seemed to last until the end of the world; until the seas dried up and the rocks disintegrated.

    "Beast, let go of my Shi-Mei!" The voice of an angry male drifted over. With a wintry flash, an impressive-looking man wearing a long white robe slammed his palm onto Qin Feng's back. [TLN: "Shi-Mei" can be used in reference to all female disciples that have the same master as you and began training under said master after you.]

    Qin Feng was in the middle of enjoying the flower fairy's fragrance and didn't get a chance to react when the palm fell upon him.


    This palm concealed a strength that was even more powerful than the Three-eyed Elephant-Boar when it sent him flying earlier. Qin Feng was sent flying and spat out three consecutive mouthfuls of blood. After falling to the ground, he couldn't breathe.
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