Chapter 170 - After Parting Now, Who Knows Whether We Can Meet Again?

    Chapter 170 - After Parting Now, Who Knows Whether We Can Meet Again?

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Levs

    "Brother, brother!" The flower fairy instantly came to her senses. She revealed a startled expression, ran with light steps, and arrived beside Qin Feng in an instant.

    She hugged Qin Feng, lifted him up, and rested him in her embrace. She was so shocked that her eyes were a bit moist. She said gently: "Brother, are you alright?"

    "Little Shi-Mei, what are you doing? How could you hug a man so casually?" The white-robed man also arrived in front of the flower fairy in a flash. He glared at Qin Feng with a gaze thick with murderous intent: "This beast dared to violate you at first. Get out of the way, I'll stab this beast to death with my blade."

    As he spoke, the man pulled out a long sword from the sleeve of his long robe. The sword's silver glint stabbed towards Qin Feng.

    The flower fairy immediately held her arms open and blocked Qin Feng from him. She said anxiously: "Elder Shi-Xiong, he's not a beast, he saved me at first!"

    "Saved you... Did he need to hug you and force a kiss on you to save you?" Hua Ling Fei's lungs were about to explode in anger.

    He came down the mountain with his Shi-Mei to find spirit plants, but they were separated at Devil Beast Mountain. Shi-Mei was the most outstanding and talented young girl in the sect, and he formed a publicly recognized pair with her. However, Shi-Mei was devoted to studying and cultivating, and did not care about emotions. Hua Ling Fei coveted her beauty for three long years, but never even touched her hand.

    Just now, he saw Qin Feng hugging Shi-Mei and they were kissing wildly. Then, he also saw Shi-Mei's ripped clothing. Hua Ling Fei wanted to chop Qin Feng to pieces.

    "Elder Shi-Xiong, after we got separated, I was chased by a Three-eyed Elephant-Boar and this brother fought it with me..." The flower fairy briefly summarized the prior events and then stopped caring about Hua Ling Fei. She looked at Qin Feng with worry.

    She suddenly bit her tongue, and drops of fresh blood oozed out of the corner of her mouth. She looked anxiously at Qin Feng and said: "Brother, you cut your vein and released blood to save me, so now I'll bite my tongue and return the favor. That way, we're even."

    The flower fairy's voice was like a trickling spring that drifted over melodiously from afar. This time, she took the initiative to lean in and press her lips tightly onto Qin Feng's. Qin Feng really did almost lose his life from Hua Ling Fei's palm. This time, he lapped wildly at the flower fairy's lips.

    After the two kissed passionately for a second time, Qin Feng absorbed the Spiritual Qi in the flower fairy's blood and felt much better. Hua Ling Fei's hit was extremely powerful. He and the flower fairy were both extremely impressive Inner Qi cultivators, and they were on par with the Yin-Yang Elders. The current Qin Feng wasn't Hua Ling Fei's opponent.

    Hua Ling Fei was ignored and treated like air. He was so angry that his eyes were filled with red veins.

    That little Shi-Mei that was as pure as jade and buried her emotions and desires actually initiated a kiss with a male stranger. Hua Ling Fei could not accept this reality. He already killed Qin Feng with his eyes a couple hundred times, but with little Shi-Mei there, he couldn't actually kill him.

    "Elder Shi-Xiong, let's go!" When the flower fairy saw that Qin Feng's life was no longer in danger, she stood and was about to leave with her senior.

    "Wait!" Qin Feng hurriedly called out to the flower fairy and ran up to her.

    Hua Ling Fei turned his body to block Qin Feng. He glared at Qin Feng with murderous intent and shouted: "Stinking brat, if my Shi-Mei didn't block me, you'd be a dead man right now. Hurry and shove off!"

    "Elder Shi-Xiong, don't be like this." The flower fairy went around Hua Ling Fei and arrived in front of Qin Feng.

    She already reinstated her usual calm demeanor. She looked at Qin Feng indifferently like she was looking at a stranger. Her voice was as calm as water: "Brother, was there something else?"

    Qin Feng immediately removed his jacket and draped it on the flower fairy's body: "Your clothes are ruined, wear my coat while going back."

    "Thank you!" The flower fairy didn't stop Qin Feng's good intentions. Her clothes really were completely tattered. She would be able to cover some of the scenery that was currently revealed with Qin Feng's long coat draped on her body.

    "I'm called Qin Feng," Qin Feng extended his hand.

    "Hua Xian Yue," Hua Xian Yue hesitated, shook Qin Feng's hand for a quick second and then let go. [TLN: The literal translation of Hua Xian Yue's name is  "Flower Fairy Moon," and "Flower" is her last name.]

    She didn't spare Qin Feng another glance. She turned, returned beside Hua Ling Fei, and said indifferently: "Let's go Elder Shi-Xiong."

    Hua Xian Yue took small quick steps like a fairy and walked in the front. Hua Ling Fei followed behind her and didn't forget to turn his head to glare at Qin Feng. He already completely memorized Qin Feng's looks. If he had the opportunity to meet Qin Feng again, he would definitely kill him with his own hands.

    One was in front and the other was behind. Their steps looked slow-moving and casual but they moved extremely quickly. With a couple of steps, they already disappeared from Qin Feng's sight.

    "Master, I feel other beasts nearby. We should also hurry and leave." Little Pig's reminder pulled Qin Feng out of his daze.

    He looked away from the place that Hua Xian Yue left to and sighed internally.

    Who knew if he would be able to meet this woman that was as fragrant and moving as a flower again!


    Qin Feng saw how powerful the Three-Eyed Elephant-Boar was, so he didn't dare stay too long on Devil Beast Mountain. The beasts here were too powerful. With his current strength, it clearly wasn't fitting for him to stay here.

    He had just completed three quests in succession, so Qin Feng now had a total of 2200 Hedonist Points. After seeing Black Turtle's abilities, his eyes shined and he immediately opened up the fusion function to fuse an Earth pet and an Air Pet. He'd put them in this dense forest and have them grow here so they'd know the paths to find spirit plants when he came to Devil Beast Mountain in the future.

    He looked through the Earth creatures in the fusion function and chose the Snow Leopard and the Green Wolf Mastiff.

    The Snow Leopard had the alertness of a cat and the leopard's fierceness and nimbleness. It's a nocturnal animal that was shrewd, perceptive, and agile, and can even leap off cliffs three to four meters high. A fully-grown Snow Leopard can even hold its own against the attacks of several feral wolves.

    According to the System, the Tibetan mastiff could be split into three types: Original Mastiff, Ghost Mastiff, and Green Wolf Mastiff. Even the first Original Mastiff was an extremely fierce beast that was famous for being the king of dogs.

    As for the Ghost Mastiff, most of them were mixed-breeds that were only made uncommon due to hype from businessmen. In reality, it was pretty common, and the title of the true king of the Tibetan mastiffs among the three belongs to the Green Wolf.

    Of ten dogs, there was one mastiff, and of ten mastiffs, there was one green one. Thus, one could see why the Green Wolf was so rare.

    Qin Feng chose the Snow Leopard and the Green Wolf to fuse into a new creature in hopes that it would have the nimbleness and vigilance of the Snow Leopard as well as the fierceness and cruelty of the Green Wolf Mastiff.


    As Qin Feng gave the order, a large furnace appeared in his mind. The Green Wolf and Snow Leopard were thrown into the furnace, and it began to spin. Half a minute later, a newly fused creature slowly rose and entered the System's Pet Inventory.

    Qin Feng immediately opened his Pet Inventory to look at his newly fused Battle Pet.
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