Chapter 171 - Prince Wen Pays a Visit

    Chapter 171 - Prince Wen Pays a Visit

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    Glacial Snow Mastiff -

    HP: 1

    Battle Power: 1

    Agility: 1

    Skill: Froststab (Releases icy air and freezes enemies)

    Hidden Skill: Mastiff Explosion (When the Glacial Snow Mastiff is enraged, it enters Fury Mode and its strength increases violently.)

    Status: Elementary Cute Pet

    System Announcement: The fused Glacial Snow Mastiff has gained the nimbleness and vigilance of the Snow Leopard as well as the fierceness and cruelty of the Green Wolf Mastiff. Living things beware!


    Qin Feng was very satisfied with the fusion of the Snow Leopard and the Green Wolf Mastiff. With a slight thought, a shaggy, basketball-sized Glacial Snow Mastiff ran out of the System. Its claws clung to Qin Feng's shoes and nibbled at them. It seemed hungry.

    Qin Feng really liked this cutie. It was covered in green fur and looked like both a leopard and a Tibetan mastiff. He picked a fruit from the tree and tossed it at the Glacial Snow Mastiff, who excitedly lay on the floor and began to nibble the food.

    Qin Feng rescinded his thoughts and opened the fusion function again to fuse an Air Battle Pet.

    This time, Qin Feng chose two birds: the Golden Eagle and the Gyrfalcon.

    The Golden Eagle was considered a large bird of prey. Its body was 76 to 102 centimeters long, its wingspan was over 2.3 meters, and it weighed from 2 to 7.2 kilograms. It preyed on tens of animals such as geese, ducks, common pheasants, squirrels, siberian roe deer, hares, etc. It also sometimes ate sika deer, pronged antelopes, coyotes, grey wolves, and other large animals.

    The Gyrfalcon's scientific name is Falco Rusticolus, and in the Su Shen Dialect, it's "Xiong Ku Lu." It's the world's fastest bird and can fly the highest as well, so its name means "the god of ten thousand eagles." Legend has it that there was only one Gyrfalcon in every ten thousand godly eagles. [TLN: Su Shen is an ancient ethnic group in China's northeast.]

    It was not merely a creature that existed in real life, it was worshipped like a totem similar to the Han ethnic group's phoenix. It was also potentially a bird species that was long extinct. According to the records in the Classic of Mountain and Sea, it could be the ninth phoenix in the desolate Su Shen territory (in the ancient northeast). In later generations, the Gyrfalcon's prominence shrank due its secularization. According to the records in the bird section of the Compendium of Medical Herbs, "When carving Liao Dong, the most handsome is the Gyrfalcon." It's classified as part of the falcon class and is one of the largest birds of prey. [TLN: The Classic of Mountain and Sea is a text compiled around 500 BC-200 BC containing myth and mythic geography, and the Compendium of Medical Herbs is a text compiled by Li Shizhen in 1596 and describes 1,892 drugs and the preparation of around 11,000 prescriptions.]


    Under Qin Feng's order, the System's furnace used to fuse pets began to spin again. Half a minute later, a newly fused creature slowly rose and entered the System's Pet Inventory.

    Qin Feng immediately opened his Pet Inventory to look at his newly fused Air battle pet.

    Flaming Golden Eagle -

    HP: 1

    Battle Power: 1

    Agility: 1

    Skill: Death Blaze (Fireballs shoot out of the mouth and incinerate enemies)

    Hidden Skill: Wild Winds and Gigantic Flames (The Flaming Golden Eagle flaps its wings, creating aerial waves of fire and causing AOE damage.)

    Status: Elementary Cute Pet

    System Announcement: You have obtained the Flaming Golden Eagle with this fusion, along with the Golden Eagle's fierceness and the Gyrfalcon's maximum speed. Mortals beware!


    With a slight thought, a little eagle appeared, dancing happily in the air. It was completely white, had a tuft of hair on its head, and the feathers on the tips of the sharp wings and tail appeared gold. The golden feathers on its side moved with the wind like a burning flame, and its body was a spotless, snow white; it looked like a fire raging in the snow.

    Qin Feng called over his successfully fused Glacial Snow Mastiff and Flaming Golden Eagle and said to them with a gentle expression: "Snow Mastiff, Golden Eagle, you two train well in this forest from here on out. No matter what happens, you have to stick together: fight together and advance or retreat together, understood?"

    The Snow Mastiff jumped and licked Qin Feng in the face. The Golden Eagle flew around Qin Feng's head nonstop while lifting its head to whistle.

    These two spirit-type battle pets could both feel the atmosphere of a farewell and didn't want to leave Qin Feng. Qin Feng created these battle pets, so he was both their father and mother. Also, they had to leave their parents and wander alone in the real world, so Qin Feng didn't want to leave them either.

    If you don't experience winds and rain, how would you see a rainbow? Everyone has this moment, and must face it.


    Acropolis City, Qin Residence Villa

    Three men sat in the lounge of the first floor: Qin Huang sat on the sofa while Qin Feng and another handsome man sitting tall and straight sat on both sides of him.

    This man and Qin Feng were of similar age, and he looked similar to Qin Feng. He was Qin Feng's Tang-Di, Qin Ye, from Jincheng City's Qin Family. In Jincheng City, he was called "Prince Wen."  [TLN: "Tang-Di" refers to a younger patrilineal male cousin.]

    The atmosphere in the lounge was a bit cold and solemn. Once Qin Feng returned from the mountain resort, he received Qin Huang's call to hurry back to the Qin Manor. Once he got back, he saw Qin Ye sitting in his house.

    Qin Feng had just heard the name of the mastermind behind Hua Ming from Hua Ming's mouth, and it was someone known as "Prince Wen." Qin Feng wasn't someone from Jincheng City, so he never heard of Jincheng City's Prince Wen. However, Qin Ye's nickname "Prince Wen" was as famous as Young Master Qin's name in Acropolis City. If someone wanted to make inquiries about it, it was very easy to do so.

    Now that he knew his Tang-Di Qin Ye was "Prince Wen," Qin Feng's expression turned cold. He considered various complicated problems but couldn't understand why Jincheng City's Third Uncle's family would be the mastermind plotting to harm him and his father.

    "Tang-Ge, Eldest Uncle, I haven't paid a visit to you in a long time, I hope you'll forgive me!" Qin Ye broke the cold and solemn atmosphere. He held a sandalwood fan, and every time he fanned it, a fragrant scent wafted everywhere. [TLN: "Tang-Ge" refers to an older patrilineal male cousin.]

    "Ye'er, coming to the Qin Manor in Acropolis is like coming to your own home. Your Eldest Uncle is usually busy with business and has no time to visit you, so I'm gratified that you've taken the initiative to visit." Qin Huang's face was filled with a cordial smile. No one could tell what he was currently thinking.

    "Eldest Uncle, I just came back from America, and once I landed, I heard that something happened in your family recently so I immediately rushed over. I come as a representative for my father and older brother to see if there was anything we could help with." The fan in Qin Ye's hand was neither hurried nor slow, and the fan's fragrance permeated the entire house.

    Qin Feng, who was quiet the whole time, turned towards Qin Ye and said quickly and forcefully: "Tang-Di, you said you just came back from America?"

    "That's right Tang-Ge, I was studying abroad in America. The foreign girls there are really beautiful, if you have time, you should go play, Tang-Ge. I'm sure it fits your taste." Qin Ye stopped there and awkwardly coughed twice. Then, he said with a laugh: "Uh... It was because I was in America for a while. If I was in China and heard that something happened to Eldest Uncle's family, I would have rushed over to help a long time ago."

    Last night, Qin Feng discovered that the criminal behind Hua Ming was someone called "Prince Wen." Today, Tang-Di who goes by the name "Prince Wen" came through the door to visit. Qin Feng felt that this was a bit coincidental. However, after knowing that Qin Ye just returned from America, Qin Feng couldn't be certain that this was related to him or if he had created the present conditions while in America.

    "Haha, Ye'er, Eldest Uncle appreciates your kindness, but nothing big happened here. Some small things happened earlier, but they've all been taken care of. Go back and tell your father not to worry. If something big really does happen, I'll ask for your help," Qin Huang said as he continued to smile.

    "Of course, of course. Though we're in different cities in Yun Province, we're all members of the Qin Family in the provincial capital, and the same blood runs through our veins. We need to join hands and support one another."

    Qin Ye suddenly stood and looked at Qin Feng and Qin Huang with a smile. He was quiet for a moment, and then slowly began to speak: "Tang-Ge, Eldest Uncle, I know that a lot of things happened in the Qin Manor recently, and it seems as if people are joining forces against you. Once I heard this, I specifically sent people to secretly investigate, and I found that Sky City's Hua Family is a bit suspicious.

    "Recently, they keep monitoring the Qin Manor, and they're secretly contacting people in preparation of attacking the Qin Manor together. My father has a spy in the inner part of the Hua Family, and based on these dependable reports, after the Hua Family unites with these people, they plan to create rumors and cause inner strife in the Qin Family so we get suspicious of one another, clash, and kill each other."

    After saying this, Qin Ye suddenly burst into laughter: "Haha, Tang-Ge, Eldest Uncle, isn't it funny? Our Qin Family has been united the whole time and we coexist harmoniously, how could we be affected by some words from outsiders? Father was extremely angry when he found out about the Hua Family's conduct. He's already used all of the power of Jincheng City's Qin Family to suppress the Hua Family. I trust that not long later, the Hua Family will be wiped off the face of the planet.

    "Tang-Ge, Eldest Uncle, if you've discovered any other powers trying to mess with our Qin Family, you must tell the younger generation. I'll get Older Brother and Father, and we'll fight side by side. How could these little fish and shrimp trample our Qin Family's prestige so easily?"

    The more Qin Ye spoke, the more excitable he became. In the end, he snapped his sandalwood fan in two. Too bad he was Prince Wen. He knew everything about astronomy and geography, and had a good reputation among the people in Jincheng City, but he didn't practice martial arts. At this time, since he used too much strength, the wood violently pierced his palm and scarlet blood poured out.

    "Ye'er, you're so careless... Butler Wang, hurry and bring over the medical kit." Qin Feng immediately rose and arrived beside Qin Ye.

    Butler Wang quickly ran over in a large sweat with the medical kit in tow. Qin Huang sat beside Qin Ye and personally dressed his wound for him.

    "Haha, Eldest Uncle, you're like my dad, you take care of me so well." Qin Ye watched Qin Huang dress his wound and suddenly said: "I was too agitated at first, but I can't stand those lowly people that try to cause internal strife in our Qin Family. I just hate them!"

    "Ye'er, don't think too much about it. You're right, we're all Qin Family members, how could there be disharmony in the family due to some words from outsiders? Our eyes are sharp, and time will reveal a man's heart!" Qin Huang sighed as he spoke.

    These words carried a deep moral, and Qin Ye didn't continue the conversation. After the wound was dressed, he stood and prepared to take his leave: "Tang-Ge, Eldest Uncle, I was a nuisance for coming here today. I just got off the plane and came straight here to see you two, so I haven't even gone home yet. My father is probably awaiting my return so I won't stay long. When I have time, I'll come visit."

    "Okay, travel safely." Qin Huang glanced at Qin Feng: "Feng'er, send off Ye'er for me."
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