Chapter 172 - After All, Were Family

    Chapter 172 - After All, We're Family

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    Editor: Levs

    After exiting the villa, Qin Feng and Qin Ye got into a BMW. Qin Ye drove and Qin Feng sat in the front passenger seat. It took over ten minutes to get from the Qin Manor villa to the entrance by car.

    Qin Ye's driving speed wasn't fast, but his driving was very stable.

    "Tang-Di, since my old man was at the villa earlier I didn't want to ask you, but how did it feel to play with the young foreign girls in America?" Qin Feng opened his mouth to break the silence and smiled at Qin Ye with the look of a dissolute and hedonistic young master.

    Sun Ye laughed and said: "Tang-Ge, I also stopped in the middle of my speech and didn't dare go on because Eldest Uncle was there. I know Tang-Ge is famously dissolute. I won't lie, those young foreign girls are really great, all of them are large-chested girls-the large-chested girls in China can't compare-they naturally have large chests and behinds and aren't like us here who have to get them through surgery and be fearful of silica poisoning."

    "Haha, Tang-Di you're hilarious." Qin Feng laughed loudly in amusement: "What are you studying abroad in America?"

    "Business administration. My old man forced me to study abroad, he said that I'm not young anymore and that I have to work at the company after I'm done studying... Ai, I'm so jealous of you Tang-Ge, you can be dissolute and hedonistic and Eldest Uncle doesn't care; he even can't wait to spoil you. I want to switch dads with you."

    "Haha, it's not as great as you make it out to be, my old man is forcing me to work at the company right now," Qin Feng said with a laugh.

    Qin Ye's expression changed dramatically and he looked at Qin Feng in shock: "Tang-Ge, you're working? At Eldest Uncle's Royal Group? How long have you been there, you haven't ruined the company, have you? You've probably shown all of the beauties at the company the unspoken rules."


    During the whole ride, Qin Feng and Qin Ye seemed like old friends that hadn't seen each other in a really long time. They talked about their current situations and time passed really quickly. Soon, the two of them already arrived at the gates of the Qin Manor.

    "Tang-Ge, it was great talking to you. I don't want to go back now. When you have time, you must look for me at Jincheng City and I'll take you to the most high-end clubs to play with the most expensive girls. My treat!"

    Qin Feng got out of Qin Ye's car and waved: "Be careful on the road!"

    "Okay, I'll leave first, Tang-Ge. Pass along my farewell to Eldest Uncle for me." Qin Ye drove the car quickly away, and it soon vanished from sight. Qin Feng then turned to walk into the Qin Manor. Uncle Fu drove a commercial Benz and sat there waiting.

    "Young Master Qin, Chairman Qin sent me to pick you up!" Uncle Fu opened the car door and Qin Feng got in.

    "Uncle Fu, help me research Qin Ye to see if he really had just returned from America and what he's done recently." Qin Feng felt a little suspicious of Qin Ye. He pretended to chat with Qin Ye earlier, but he was also testing him to see if he would reveal hints about anything.

    However, after chatting, Qin Feng did not discover anything. It seemed that this Prince Wen's reputation wasn't undeserved; Qin Feng always felt as though he couldn't completely grasp this Tang-Di of his.

    "Young Master Qin, you want to research Qin Ye?" Uncle Fu always only cared about obeying Qin Feng's orders, but this time he expressed doubt.

    "Research, hurry and research!"

    The car flew back to the Qin Manor's villa, and everything relating to Qin Ye was unearthed. During this time, he was indeed in America. From night to day, he damaged the family reputation, picked up girls, and blindly fooled around. Then didn't find any suspicious activities.

    "Feng'er, come to my study." Qin Feng had just gotten off the car when Qin Huang called him. After watching Qin Feng and Qin Ye leave, he stood in a daze at the villa door thinking about who knew what.

    The father and son arrived in large study on the third floor one after the other. Qin Huang sat before the tea table and steeped tea while minding his own business. Qin Feng sat across from Qin Huang. When he saw that his father wasn't speaking, he retained his silence.

    "Feng'er, the Jincheng City's Yu Family was annihilated two days ago. I'm sure you've heard." Qin Huang suddenly spoke, but he asked about the Yu Family.

    These past couple of days, he was busy with work and Qin Feng disappeared to the mountain resort, so he only had the opportunity to ask about it now.

    "I've heard. I did it," Qin Feng said casually.

    Qin Huang put the cup he had just raised to his lips back down, and looked at Qin Feng in shock: "You did it on your own?"

    Jincheng City's Number One Underworld Family was annihilated by his own son in one night? Qin Huang didn't dare think too much about when his son became so amazing.

    "How is that possible? I went with Uncle Fu." Qin Feng said with a laugh: "I didn't do anything, I just watched Uncle Fu do his thing."

    Qin Huang was secretly moved, but now he suddenly became disappointed. If his son really did single-handedly annihilate Jincheng City's Yu Family, then Qin Feng's current ability was extremely amazing. If he had this ability, then Qin Huang had nothing to worry about for the Clan's martial arts competition in ten months.

    "Then you took care of Yu Wen Xiang," Qin Huang continued.

    "Yes, I did." This time, Qin Feng didn't hide it because his father was sure to know the reason why Yu Wen Xiang died. After all, his father helped with the aftermath, so there was no need for Qin Feng to hide anything.

    Qin Feng didn't want too many people to know about the annihilation of the Yu Family because who knew what leftover kin the Yu Family still had. The more people knew about the truth of the Yu Family, the greater danger he'd be in.

    Qin Feng didn't want his father to be in more danger.

    "Qin Feng, Qin Feng, I really don't know what to say to you."

    Qin Huang sighed. He was helpless when it came to his son.

    In the past, he picked up girls, damaged the family reputation, and did not engage in honest work. Now, it was much better. He wasn't loose and didn't damage the family reputation, but he's fallen in love with murder. Qin Huang was struck with fear when he thought about the frightening things Qin Feng did in less than a month's time.

    "Dad, what do you think of Qin Ye?" Qin Feng suddenly changed the topic to the Qin Ye who had just paid a visit.

    To tell the truth, Qin Feng was not familiar with his relatives. When he was really little, everyone would gather during the Lunar New Year for dinner at the provincial capital. Afterwards, everyone claimed they were busy, and they no longer really kept in contact.

    Qin Huang was silent for a good while before he said indifferently: "Feng'er, Qin Ye is your Tang-Di. His father is your third uncle and my very own brother... Tell me, how would he be?"

    Qin Feng said nothing else, and the two stayed in a length of silence. Qin Feng thought back about everything that happened recently and picked out some highlights. He didn't plan to tell his father about catching Hua Ming at the mountain resort because he didn't have concrete proof, so he couldn't say much about it.

    Qin Huang had his own way of thinking. He had a lot of thoughts regarding his family, his brothers, and Qin Feng's mother that he had never told Qin Feng. He even suspected his second and third younger brothers for the Qin Family's current experiences. However, Qin Huang also lacked definite proof, and he didn't want to prematurely point his spear at anyone.

    After all, everyone was a member of the Qin Family.
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