Chapter 173 - I Did Indeed Bring This

    Chapter 173 - I Did Indeed Bring This

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    Qin Feng was sprawled on a table in the lobby of Royal Group's Sales Department. His hand was extended beneath the table and caressed Xu Ruo Rou's soft, fair thighs. Xu Ruo Rou had long formed an immunity against Qin Feng's actions and could nonchalantly focus on work.

    After completing the work at hand, Xu Ruo Rou realized that Qin Feng was still rubbing her thigh. At this time, she glared unhappily at Qin Feng: "Qin Feng, haven't you touched enough? You're about to rub until the skin on my thighs break."

    Qin Feng immediately went under the table and stuck his head up to Xu Ruo Rou's thighs. He looked at her dazzling long thighs with seriousness and asked: "Where? Where is the skin breaking?"

    Then, Xu Ruo Rou felt a wet and slippery object swim energetically across her thighs. She jumped in shock: "Qin Feng, you pervert!"

    Qin Feng licked the lingering fragrance on the tip of his tongue and returned to his seat. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou with propriety: "Comrade Ruo Rou, please use words more accurately next time. How am I perverted? At most, I can be called shameless."

    Qin Feng rendered Xu Ruo Rou speechless. She immediately pulled tissues out of her bag and wiped the lingering saliva off her thighs. She missed Qin Feng a bit when he wasn't at work yesterday, but right in the morning today, Qin Feng made her want to jump off a building.

    "This is a company, not a food market. Why is there yelling? Qin Feng, come to my office." Wang Chao's cold and sinister voice suddenly came from behind Qin Feng. After speaking, he angrily walked away with his hands clasped behind his back.

    He found that lately, Qin Feng was increasingly defiant. If he didn't want to work, he didn't, and when he did come to work, he took liberties with the Sales Department's pure goddess. He clearly attached no importance to Group Leader Wang.

    "Group Leader Wang, why are you looking for me?" After entering Wang Chao's office, Qin Feng casually sat on the table, picked up the apple on it, and ate it with gusto.

    This display of impudence made Wang Chao so angry that he was about to spit blood. In the whole Sales Department, only Qin Feng had the guts to be so arrogant and undisciplined in front of him.

    Yesterday afternoon, he and Xiao Zhang planned out their plot against Qin Feng. They were going to have him deliver documents to Han Ying Ying and hide a condom in the documents to frame Qin Feng. However, when Xiao Zhang went to call on Qin Feng, Qin Feng left the building without even bothering to acknowledge him. Also, he hadn't returned to work until today.

    Wang Chao restrained the flames sealed within him for a day and a night, so once he saw Qin Feng come to work, he called him into his office.

    "Qin Feng, where did you run off to yesterday? Why do you always leave without asking for vacation? Are you treating the company as if your family owns it?" In order to be less conspicuous, Wang Chao pretended to talk about other things first.

    "I asked for vacation from General Manager Li directly. Your position is too low, there's no point in telling you because you'd have to ask for instructions from General Manager Li anyway." Qin Feng nibbled the apple and spoke indifferently.

    "You..." Qin Feng's words made Wang Chao so angry he wanted to die.

    He breathed deeply several times and didn't want to talk nonsense with Qin Feng. He pulled out a stack of documents and tossed them at Qin Feng: "These are the monthly reports for the Sales Department. Deliver them to Assistant Han's office.

    "Remember, these are very important documents, so don't dillydally and go deliver them now," Wang Chao said with seriousness.

    "Assistant Han? This errand isn't bad." Qin Feng thought of Han Ying Ying and happily took the documents and walked out of the office.

    A cold smile appeared on Wang Chao's face as he watched Qin Feng leave: "Hmph. Oh Qin Feng, Qin Feng, this time I want you to die thoroughly. I'll return all of my prior humiliation back to you!"

    Qin Feng didn't know about Wang Chao's evil intentions. He hugged the stack of documents up to the top floor. It would be weird if he didn't run the errand after finding out this was a delivery to Han Ying Ying. After all, he could take some liberties before leaving.

    Due to the prior events in the cafeteria, Qin Feng's name was widespread in the Royal Group. The whole way up, everyone that saw him sized him up with different expressions, and there were even some people that exchanged whispered discussions about him behind his back.

    Qin Feng pretended he didn't see anything. At this time, he pushed open Han Ying Ying's office door and walked in.

    "Why didn't you knock before entering?" Upon entering, Han Ying Ying's powerful and icy voice drifted over.

    She currently had her head buried in work and didn't lift her head even when someone walked into her office. She was already beginning to have the manner of a swift, decisive, and domineering female chairman.

    "Well of course it was to see what Assistant Han was doing during work hours and if she was secretly watching television," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    Upon hearing Qin Feng's familiar and vulgar voice, Han Ying Ying's strong aura quickly dissipated. A charming smile arose on her cold attractive face. She raised her head to look towards Qin Feng: "You've been in the company for half a month and this is your first time coming to my office."

    Qin Feng smiled. He treated Han Ying Ying's office like his own house, walked naturally up to her work desk, and sat on it. If any other male employee performed such an indecent move, Han Ying Ying would have directly kicked them off.

    "Yes! These are the monthly reports I was told to deliver from the Sales Department." Qin Feng tossed the stack of documents on the table.

    "Why would you bring the Sales Department reports to me?" Han Ying Ying furrowed her long, shapely eyebrows slightly. Then, she curiously picked up the documents and perused them.

    She concentrated on her work and took it very seriously. Her entire body exuded a mesmerizing, mature woman aura. Her professional white shirt and black skirt fit her capable, experienced, and elegant manner perfectly. Qin Feng's gaze quickly fell on her towering chest.

    Han Ying Ying didn't notice all this. She flipped and read through page upon page of the documents. As she flipped through them, a condom suddenly fell out, and it was in strikingly red packaging stating that it was Durex's newest, extremely thin, and explosively powerful model.

    Qin Feng and Han Ying Ying both stopped. Their gazes simultaneously fell on the item and they both had different expressions. Time stopped and the atmosphere froze.

    "Qin Feng... What is this for?" A while longer, Han Ying Ying extended her slender jade hands, held up the condom, and covertly glanced at it.

    Though she was already a mature woman, she was occupied with her family business and had high standards. Thus, she never had a boyfriend and naturally never used this thing. This was her first time seeing it up close, so a sense of curiosity arose within her.

    Here, before him, was the mesmerizing queen of the workplace wearing a uniform with black silk stockings and curled hair cascading over her shoulders. She held a condom in her jade hand and examined it without restraint right in front of him. Qin Feng's entire body went bad.

    "Ying Ying, I came to talk seriously about work. Why did you pull out a condom?" Qin Feng asked with a look of propriety.

    Han Ying Ying laughed charmingly. She pinched the condom, walked up to Qin Feng, and leaned her shoulder lightly in Qin Feng's arms. Her pair of mesmerizing red phoenix eyes watched Qin Feng from a close distance. Her breath was like orchids: "Young Master Qin, this fell out of the documents you brought over. You aren't trying to play dumb, are you?

    "I've always heard that Young Master Qin was uninhibited, hedonistic, dissolute, and licentious. Today I see that these rumors were justifiable... What? You want to play Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan? Let me see, you're currently a normal sales representative in Royal Group and I'm Chairman Qin's assistant-this is too large of a hierarchical disparity. How are you going to convince me to play with you?"

    Han Ying Ying really didn't think Qin Feng would bring something like this into her office. She knew Qin Feng was extremely perverted, but he had more opportunities to make a move in the Qin Manor and yet he never did anything vulgar... Of course, that's disregarding the stocking and underwear thefts.

    Now, this brat suddenly expressed this kind of hint in Royal Group. Good thing Han Ying Ying endured lots of battles so it was easy for her to calm down quickly. Otherwise, she would really be angered to death by Qin Feng.

    "This... I did indeed bring this." Qin Feng understood immediately. That brat Wang Chao hid this toy in the documents in hopes of framing him.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng didn't know how thankful he was towards Wang Chao.

    His morals were intact and he was filled with righteousness even though Han Ying Ying allured him from a close distance.

    However, his mind and body did not mix with a trace of these distracting thoughts. He swore that he only hugged Han Ying Ying purely to confirm that he was maturing normally and that he was a young and vigorous youth.

    In order to express his eagerness, he used too much strength and caused Han Ying Ying to yelp in shock. She felt her chest get squeezed into distortion.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? Let go of me." Han Ying Ying was a bit afraid.

    The entire time, Han Ying Ying was here under the guise of liking Qin Feng. She came to study management under Qin Huang and for the Qin Family to form an alliance with the Han Family. She hated and was disgusted by the young master Qin Feng who was rumored to be hedonistic.

    After interacting with Qin Feng, she found that he wasn't like what outsiders said, but she hadn't reached the stage where she could have that kind of relationship with Qin Feng. At most, Han Ying Ying did not feel disgusted when her body touched Qin Feng's.

    At this time, the big and strong Qin Feng hugged her wildly and tightly, and his despicable hands gripped her ass tightly. Han Ying Ying was so angry that she wanted to eat someone.

    "Qin Feng, if you continue to be like this, I'll get mad." Han Ying Ying used a lot of effort and struggled in Qin Feng's embrace, but it was futile.

    Qin Feng spied on Han Ying Ying's impressive figure for a long time. Before, he worried that she was a poisonous snake, so he didn't want to get too close to her. However, now that her fragrant body was in his embrace, Qin Feng couldn't really control himself.

    "Ying Ying, I want to conquer you; I want to dominate you!" Qin Feng yelled. He felt extremely happy that he was about to move forward for his dreams.

    "You pervert, if you don't let go, I'm going to scream." It was the first time Han Ying Ying saw Qin Feng lose his mind like this and she was afraid.

    "Scream then. Even if you scream until your throat is destroyed, no one will save you." Qin Feng reminded her: "Even if you scream to 'Until Your Throat is Destroyed,' he won't come save you."

    Han Ying Ying, who was about to scream for someone to come, fell limp. Qin Feng's words made her so angry that she lost the desire to scream for help.


    The door to the office was pushed open. In Royal Group, only two people dared to enter Han Ying Ying's office without knocking:

    One was Qin Feng and the other was Qin Huang.
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