Chapter 174 - Young People Nowadays

    Chapter 174 - Young People Nowadays

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    Qin Huang was stunned by the scene before him.

    He looked around him and thought he teleported to an alternate universe. Or did he open the door incorrectly?

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing, you brat?" A while later, a low, admonishing voice drifted over.

    Qin Feng trembled and abruptly came to his senses. He pushed Han Ying Ying's body away, ran to Qin Huang's side, and even looked anxiously at Qin Huang.

    "Chairman Qin, it's about time you came. If you didn't come, Assistant Han was going to inflict the unwritten rules on me." Qin Feng rubbed his eyes and continued: "I'm just a little sales representative delivering documents, and Assistant Han was in high spirits and insisted I stay for tea. I said I don't drink tea and juice is fine.

    "Then... Assistant Han got mad. She said I heated up her body and I had to be responsible by taking her clothes off and blowing cool air at her. At the time, I thought this was a little fishy, but I thought about how Assistant Han is part of upper management, so she should be a good and upstanding person. As a result, I found that I was too young and naive... And you saw what happened next Chairman Qin.

    Han Ying Ying watched Qin Feng's performance with her mouth agape. She found that she was unable to get in any words. She strode angrily up to Qin Feng and glared at him: "Qin Feng, don't twist the truth, you were clearly the one that wanted to violate me."

    Startled, QIn Feng hid behind Qin Huang. He pointed at the condom Han Ying Ying still held in her hand and said: "Chairman Qin, look! This is the instrument of her crime. Here we have a complete testimony and material evidence, what do you have to say about yourself Assistant Han?

    "I'm the lowest-leveled employee in Royal Group, so I'm negligible compared to you high-leveled leaders. I do whatever you tell me to, and I never refuse or complain... but this is more than I can bear.

    "As a man of indomitable spirit, I don't need this job; I can be suppressed and retaliated against, but... I absolutely won't sell my body or my soul.

    "Go on, fire me now. I'll throw away this job and take back my self-respect. I'll have no complaints or regrets."

    Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying were stunned. They watched in astonishment as Qin Feng excitably performed his one-man show. A while later, Han Ying Ying came back to her senses.

    "Uncle Qin, why don't you have Qin Feng learn speech-making or broadcasting and television hosting... I'm serious."

    "Ahem!" Qin Huang also came to his senses and awkwardly coughed twice. He glared viciously at Qin Feng: "Shut up you brat, go sit to that side."

    After speaking, he looked apologetically at Han Ying Ying and said awkwardly: "Ying Ying, put that thing away, it would be bad if other employees saw it... If necessary, you and Qin Feng can continue at night at the villa, I won't mind.

    "Young people nowadays... sheesh!" Qin Huang sighed and shook his head as he left the office.

    Han Ying Ying's fair face was so red that water was about to leak out of it. She glared ruthlessly at Qin Feng and tossed the condom into the trash.

    "Qin Feng, don't leave, I still have things to ask you!" When Qin Feng saw that his father left, he also began to slip away. Han Ying Ying got to the door first and shut it. She leaned her back onto it and looked coldly at Qin Feng.

    "You must have heard about the Yu Family in Jincheng City."

    "I did." Once this matter was mentioned, Qin Feng became serious.

    "Why?" Icy air exuded from Han Ying Ying's entire body, and she looked severely at Qin Feng like she wanted to look into his mind.

    "What do you mean by 'why'?" Qin Feng said while casually scratching his head.

    "Qin Feng, you can fool other people, but you can't fool me. Because I'm from Jincheng City and our Han Family is really powerful there, I naturally sent people to look into it. I found all of the video recordings of you annihilating the Yu Family."

    After mentioning this truth, a sliver of shock flowed through Han Ying Ying's gaze. She found that she never actually understood Qin Feng. This hedonistic wastrel of a young master was nothing like what was stated in the rumors.

    Of course, besides the fact that he was really really perverted, all the rest was inaccurate gossip.

    Qin Feng's undisciplined expression finally changed. He didn't wait for Han Ying Ying to react and rushed up to her quickly and abruptly. He extended a hand and wrapped it around Han Ying Ying's beautiful, snow-white, and jade-like neck. He stared at her ruthlessly and growled lowly: "Where are the recordings? Has anyone else seen them?"

    Qin Feng changed when he wanted to, and changed as quickly as a flash of lightning. Han Ying Ying had just come back to her senses when she felt her throat hurting so much that she couldn't make a sound.

    She looked at the current Qin Feng with a bit of terror. This was the first time Han Ying Ying saw Qin Feng angry, and it was as frightening as the devil in hell. There was a cold, murderous air all around, and Han Ying Ying felt as though Qin Feng would strangle her to death at any moment.

    "Qin Feng... L-let go." Han Ying Ying pushed out a large breath, and spoke hoarsely.

    Qin Feng loosened his grip and his emotions stabilized a bit, but he still watched Han Ying Ying with coldness. He said: "I'm sorry, I was too agitated at first. This relates to a Qin Family calamity, I hope you can understand and give me the recordings."

    The recordings were extremely important to Qin Feng. He killed a lot of people that night, and if it fell into the hands of the police, even the Capital's Qin Family wouldn't be able to save him.

    Han Ying Ying had already seen the contents of the recordings, so she naturally knew how important it was to Qin Feng. She thoroughly eliminated the video recordings long ago, and no one else had seen it. She was originally going to ask why Qin Feng annihilated the entire Yu Family, but who would have known that he would get so violent. Five, bright red finger marks lingered on Han Ying Ying's neck, and it still ached uncomfortably.

    Though both of them had their own intentions, they clearly knew that neither were treating the other person honestly. But, in any case, they coexisted under one roof and worked in the same company, so they were considered kind of good friends.

    Could Qin Feng instantly develop intents to kill a good friend? Han Ying Ying shook her head and said with low spirits: "Qin Feng, I've already completely eliminated the recordings, and no one other than me has seen them. If you don't believe me, you can make your move right now."

    Qin Feng's heart trembled slightly. He looked at Han Ying Ying and the striking red finger marks on her originally fair and delicate neck. He suddenly wrapped Han Ying Ying in his embrace: "I owe you one this time. The next time you encounter any trouble, just come look for me."

    Han Ying Ying quietly lay in Qin Feng's embrace and didn't resist. She felt a bit wronged and wanted someone to comfort her. She smelled Qin Feng's familiar scent, lowered her head, and her emotions were slowly stabilized.
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