Chapter 175 - Training Under Intensified Circumstances

    Chapter 175 - Training Under Intensified Circumstances

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    "Qin Feng, can you tell me why?" Han Ying Ying quickly reestablished a calm demeanor and pushed Qin Feng away lightly. She looked at him and asked: "Why did you rush into the Yu Residence on your own and annihilate the entire family?"

    "Because of Lin Bei Bei." Qin Feng had nothing to hide in front of Han Ying Ying anymore.

    Han Ying Ying thought for a bit. Lin Bei Bei was that college student that lived in the Royal Clubhouse. She had just calmed down when her emotions became turbulent once again: "It was because of a woman? And you killed off the Yu Family without caring whether you lived or died?"

    Han Ying Ying felt as though her brain did not have enough space to process everything. She knew Qin Feng was a dissolute and hedonistic young master, and he only played with women without involving his true emotions. Also, he switched them out after playing with them just once.

    Now, Qin Feng did something so crazy for just one woman-was this still the Young Master Qin that everyone was familiar with?

    "It's because Lin Bei Bei isn't only a woman, she's my woman... I've promised that if anyone dares to touch my women, I'll kill them without mercy!"

    The current Qin Feng was calm and domineering.

    Just by sitting there quietly, a golden light shot out of his whole body. Han Ying Ying's heart thumped abruptly, and she felt a surge of jealousy and yearning.

    She was jealous of this woman Lin Bei Bei who could make Qin Feng single-handedly murder the Yu Family for her.

    She wanted to become Qin Feng's woman so she wouldn't have to be afraid of anything.

    "I know, don't worry. I won't tell anyone about this." Han Ying Ying was currently filled with hundreds of conflicting emotions.

    "Then I'll go back first." Qin Feng stood, walked to the door, stopped, and turned to look at Han Ying Ying with a smile: "That's right Ying Ying, next time don't make appointments with me in the office. If needed, we'll see each other when we get home."

    "Qin Feng..." Han Ying Ying was so angry that she stomped her foot. Qin Feng already vanished like smoke, and not even his shadow lingered.

    He returned to the lobby of the Sales Department and had just put his behind down when he heard Wang Chao's shady voice: "Qin Feng, come to my office."

    He followed behind Wang Chao and the two walked into the office in succession.

    Wang Chao shut the door and looked at Qin Feng, who was seated on the table, with an odd expression. His gaze flashed with cold resentfulness.

    Ever since he sent Qin Feng to deliver the documents, Wang Chao kept his eyes pinned to the Sales Department lobby. He thought that the next time he'd see Qin Feng, Qin Feng would be so battered that his nose would be bloody and his face would be swollen beyond recognition. However, he saw Qin Feng return with a spring glow filling his face, so his stomach was filled with fire.

    "Did you take the documents to Assistant Han?" Wang Chao looked towards Qin Feng with a cold smile.

    "I did!" After seeing how much Wang Chao cared about the documents, Qin Feng was even more certain that this brat shoved the condom into them in hopes of framing him.

    "You did? How is that possible?" Wang Chao lost his cool and shouted aloud. He sized up Qin Feng with a strange eeriness: "You're certain you delivered them?"

    "I really did." Qin Feng had a nonchalant expression and said: "If you don't believe me, I'll call Assistant Han our and you can ask her yourself."

    "Hic... That won't be necessary." It didn't look like Qin Feng was lying, so Wang Chao was even more baffled.

    "Group Leader Wang, you seem to care a lot about the documents. Don't tell me there's something wrong with the reports? You can't frame me." Qin Feng looked at Wang Chao with nervousness.

    Wang Chao coughed twice: "What bullsh*t are you saying? I checked the reports myself, how could there be any problems?" Wang Chao looked like a cat whose tail got stepped on, and he hurriedly explained himself. He thought for a bit, then suddenly hinted: "Qin Feng, didn't Assistant Han look at the documents?"

    "She did. She looked at them earnestly and flipped through every page."

    "Then... Nothing happened?" Wang Chao's heart was in his throat. He felt that the development of events were out of the ordinary.

    "Haha." Qin Feng suddenly burst into cold laughter. His cold and vulgar smile gave Wang Chao goosebumps.

    "What are you laughing at? Spit it out." Wang Chao was anxious.

    "Group Leader Wang, Assistant Han told me not to mention it casually... Haven't you noticed that I was in Assistant Han's office for a long time? It was a period of unforgettable passion."

    Qin Feng patted the stunned Wang Chao and said to him mysteriously: "Brother, that's all I can tell you. As for the rest, you can slowly understand it yourself."

    "Ai... Assistant Han's long legs are fair and fragrant. I don't know if I'll have another opportunity to kiss them. Even if I had to lose ten years of my life to do it again, I'd be willing." Qin Feng muttered to himself while walking out of Wang Chao's office.

    The office was empty, and Wang Chao was the only one left inside. However, Qin Feng's words were like a curse, and they continuously repeated in his brain. It was impossible to get rid of.

    He began to slowly understand Qin Feng's meaning. Not only did this brat go to Assistant Han's office and come out unscathed, he also stayed there for almost half an hour and returned flushed with success... Could it be that Assistant Han gave him the unwritten rules?

    Flames arose in Wang Chao's heart when he thought about Han Ying Ying's explosively hot body and absolutely enchanting beauty. He harshly swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva: "Don't tell me... unless Assistant Han is that type of beauty that looks cold and aloof from the outside, but if you get close to her, she presents a different kind of wild passion? Oh no, oh no, I have to find time to make hints at her. If she could accept that stinking brat Qin Feng,  a handsome and talented man like me would definitely suit her taste."


    In the blink of an eye, a day had passed by. Qin Feng lay on the work desk, shut then opened his eyes, and the whole morning was over.

    "Qin Feng, time to eat!" Xu Ruo Rou harshly stabbed Qin Feng's waist as if she was taking revenge for Qin Feng licking her thighs in the morning.

    Qin Feng was awakened by the pain. At this time, all of the employees in the Sales Department ran to the cafeteria to eat. Qin Feng swept Xu Ruo Rou in a tight embrace and glared fiercely at her: "Ruo Rou, there's no one in the office right now. I want to press you on my work desk and spank you with my belt, then dominate your body."

    As he spoke, his hands dishonestly moved all over Xu Ruo's body. Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she struggled for her life in Qin Feng's embrace, but Qin Feng didn't let go. When he saw that Xu Ruo Rou's skirt was about to get pulled down, he suddenly stopped and shook his head: "Ruo Rou, I'm about to rape you, why don't you know how to yell for help?

    "Even if I'm talented and handsome, you can't casually do it with me in the office." Qin Feng found that there were no apparent results in his teachings during this time, and he was currently trying to do a clean sweep of the quests, so he wanted to strengthen his teaching methods towards Xu Ruo Rou.

    "Ruo Rou, beginning from tonight, every day after dinner, we're going to have class in your room. We're going to fix your weak personality and your inability to refuse."

    When Xu Ruo Rou found out that Qin Feng wasn't actually becoming a beast and was actually testing out the results of his teachings, she was relieved. She sat in Qin Feng's embrace and stopped struggling. Then, she looked at him with a confused expression: "Qin Feng, how are you going to teach me?"

    Xu Ruo Rou was used to her weak personality and didn't think much of it, but she knew it would always be bad not to know how to refuse. For example, the last time Qin Feng wasn't there, Wang Chao almost violated her in his office. And the last time when she was moving, her landlord almost violated her as well. Thus, Xu Ruo Rou went along with Qin Feng's teaching and training.

    "I've prepared a period of strengthened training." Qin Feng looked at Xu Ruo Rou with an honorable expression. He placed one hand on her chest and the other on her thigh. Then, he said with seriousness: "The training involves simulating situations."

    "What does it mean to simulate situations?" Xu Ruo Rou thought about the contents of the new training and paid no attention to Qin Feng's unscrupulous movements.

    "It means to simulate dangerous situations to get you to learn how to refuse and reject, or even explode!" Qin Feng said.

    "Dangerous situations? Are you going to hide and suddenly rush out to kill me? Or are you going to set some traps in my room so when I encounter danger I can react quickly?" This young girl had dreams of becoming a beautiful female warrior, and her large vibrant eyes glowed with excitement.

    Qin Feng's expression fell and he shook his head: "It's to simulate situations like when a pervert touches your behind on public transportation; when you're walking at night and a hoodlum suddenly rushes out to violate you; when a superior at work mentions the unwritten rules; in the late night when you're sleeping and someone sneaks into your room and climbs into your bed; the time you go on a first date, the stranger drugs your water to make you excited and ties you up; when a bad guy kidnaps your family members or friends and threatens you to take the initiative to cater to him..."

    Qin Feng mentioned all the fantasies he had towards Xu Ruo Rou in one breath. Xu Ruo Rou stared at Qin Feng stupidly for a good while and then asked weakly: "Qin Feng, I don't want to participate in these intensified trainings. Is that alright?"

    "No!" There was no room for doubt in the answer.

    Xu Ruo Rou felt wronged, and her eyes turned red. She stood up and out of Qin Feng's embrace. She felt as though she was being pressed strongly by someone, but she had no strength or abilities. She knew that if someone bad wanted to do something to her in the middle of the night, she could only wait for that moment to come without having the ability to resist.


    Yesterday, ever since Qin Feng left the mountain resort and returned to the Qin Manor, he never went out. Thus, he chose to use his lunchtime to see Lin Bei Bei and Bai Qing.

    A couple of days ago in the First People's Hospital, it was Lin Bei Bei taking care of her mother's food and rest like a good child. Now, the situation changed and Mother Lin took care of the unconscious Lin Bei Bei.

    "Qin Feng, you're here!" When Mother Lin saw Qin Feng come in, she forced a slight smile onto her face. Most of Mother Lin's hair turned white because of Lin Bei Bei's situation.

    "Auntie Lin, has Bei Bei been alright recently?" Qin Feng greeted Mother Lin and then sat on the edge of the bed. Lin Bei Bei continued to lie silently in the sunlight. Her lovely face was fair and delicate. She was just as stunning ever even when ill.

    "She still can't wake up." Mother Lin gave a long sigh and tears already began to gather at the rims of her eyes: "The doctor said to talk to her often and take her outside to get some sun and see the scenery. He said not to treat her like an unconscious human vegetable and to treat her like a normal person instead. That way, her condition might turn around and she might completely wake up."
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