Chapter 176 - Why Didnt You Wait a Bit Longer?

    Chapter 176 - Why Didn't You Wait a Bit Longer?

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    "Auntie Lin, you don't have to worry, Bei Bei is so kind and good that the Heavenly Father will protect her." Qin Feng comforted Mother Lin and said: "In the future, whenever I have time, I'll come visit Bei Bei and talk to her about our marvelous college memories. I believe that Bei Bei will be better soon and that Auntie can quickly hear Bei Bei call you 'mom.'"

    Qin Feng had a better idea of Bei Bei's condition. As long as he broke through to Stage Four Inner Qi and cultivated a Blood Qi Pill, she would slowly awaken. However, Qin Feng couldn't tell Mother Lin this, he could only do his best to comfort her with words.

    "Qin Feng, you're such a good person; you aren't that hedonistic young master others claim you are. Before Bei Bei got hurt, I felt out of my mind. I saw that this little girl fell in love, and I didn't think that an ordinary or even poor girl like her would have the courage to like the rich young master of the richest family in Acropolis City... Qin Feng, Bei Bei really loves you. Otherwise, with her personality, she wouldn't have come to this stage. If you really like our Bei Bei, cherish her well. She's a pitiful child!"

    As Mother Lin said this, she burst into tears, stood, and ran out of the room. She left the room to Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei.

    Qin Feng sat on the side of the bed and helped Lin Bei Bei straighten the mussed hair on her forehead. He took her small and soft hand, and said lightly: "Bei Bei, I know you can hear me. Don't worry, I'll help you get better very soon, believe me!

    "Once I heal you, I'll take you to the Qin Manor. In the future, I'll have someone take you to and from school. I want to give you the best living conditions, let you dress and eat without worry, and allow you to become a cute and kind little princess.

    "I know you don't care about these material things, but I want you to have a better life, I want you to live every day with happiness... Bei Bei, there's something I've wanted to tell you long ago, but I've delayed it until now: would you be my woman?

    "For a lifetime!"

    Qin Feng was rarely this attentive and earnest. If those rich young masters of Acropolis City's upper class saw this, they would have thought he took the wrong medicine.

    He gazed deeply at Lin Bei Bei's face. He wanted to engrave Lin Bei Bei's large eyes, tall nose, cherry mouth, face shape, eyebrows, teeth, pores, every little hair, and every strand of her fine, black, and beautiful hair into his memory.

    This is his woman. Qin Feng wanted to melt her into his embrace and give his everything to her. Qin Feng loved her. At this moment, he experienced what was called "love."

    He was a hedonistic young master; he was an idler that was unruly and dissolute; everyone saw him as trash and treated him as a joke people would talk about in private; his name was widespread, but it was not a good name.

    But who cares?

    Once a hedonistic young master has love, he's like everyone else. After all, divine and pure love makes everyone the same.

    There was no money or power, and there definitely were no grades or ranks. There was only eternity, living together until their hair turned white, and living a simple life.


    A glistening tear trickled down and fell on the back on Qin Feng's hand. Lin Bei Bei was still unconscious: she couldn't speak or move, and didn't even nod or smile, but she was moved by Qin Feng and cried tears of happiness. She could hear Qin Feng's every word. She believed in Qin Feng; she believed Qin Feng could heal her.

    She longed for this moment. When Lin Bei Bei regained consciousness again, she wanted to see Qin Feng right when she opened her eyes, dive into his embrace, hug him tightly, and say: "I agree!"

    "I agree to be your woman for life!"

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for successfully completing the quest of making Lin Bei Bei the Host's girlfriend. The System awards you 100 Hedonist Points."


    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: cultivate a Blood Qi Pill to save and awaken Lin Bei Bei!"

    "Quest time limit: three months."

    "Successful completion reward: 1000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, Lin Bei Bei will never be able to wake up!"


    The System's announcement resounded, and Qin Feng was filled with hundreds of mixed emotions. He knew that for the System to complete the quest, Lin Bei Bei heard his words for certain, and she agreed to be his woman.

    Qin Feng lowered his head and lightly kissed Lin Bei Bei's forehead. He said to her with a water-like tenderness: "Bei Bei, don't worry, I'll get you better soon. I'll let you wear beautiful clothes and let you run in the streets like a happy little bird!"


    After leaving the First People's Hospital, Qin Feng rode his 28" bicycle to the Royal Hotel. He ran into the lobby and looked around a couple of times, but he didn't see the lovely figure he longed to see.

    "Greetings Young Master Qin!" A beautiful hostess saw Qin Feng and immediately greeted him.

    "Have you seen Bai Qing?" Qin Feng asked anxiously.

    "Young Master Qin, Manager Bai left last night."

    "Left? What do you mean?" Qin Feng's heart clenched, and he was filled with apprehension.

    "She resigned. Last night she took her luggage and left the hotel." The beautiful hostess seemed to suddenly recall something, and she continued: "Manager Bai left a letter at the front desk when she left. I think she said it was for you, Young Master Qin."

    Qin Feng rushed directly to the front desk and grabbed Bai Qing's letter.

    When he opened the letter, Bai Qing's fragrance floated out. There was a black piece of paper filled with delicate, pretty, and clean writing.

    "Qin Feng, after returning from the mountain resort, I thought for an entire afternoon. I have decided to leave you, leave Acropolis, and leave this place where I lived in torment for five years due to hatred. In the end, I still cannot convince myself to love you without reservation. Qin Feng... the day after you got me drunk and stole my purity, I opened my eyes to see an empty room and a bright red stain on the bed. I chose to kill myself to end these dirty and unerasable memories, but a cleaning attendant came into the room to clean and saved me when they discovered me lying in a pool of blood.

    "After receiving a second life, I chose to begin a life of revenge; and I crazily made my revenge against you. The funny thing is that after discovering you were the son of the richest man in Acropolis and I was a weak and gentle girl who had just graduated from high school, I did not know how to begin taking my revenge. Thus, I began to enter society and I continuously honed myself. In the end, I got into Royal Hotel. I could now interact with you, then harm you.

    "When I watched you drinking that cup of poisoned wine in the mountain resort, I thought I would be wildly free and happy. At that moment, I then realized I was very wrong. We can never be. You're still an uninhibited, dissolute, and hedonistic young master, and I still adhere to the concept of being loyal to one person until death.

    "I have not gone home in five years, so I want to go back to see my parents and treat this as a vacation for my emotions. Don't look for me, let us have some quiet time. During that time, you will be clear about how important someone is in your heart.

    "If only you hadn't ran away and left me all alone the morning after that night at the bar, if you stayed by my side, even if you just said one line in comfort and did not take responsibility, I would have been fine. Why did you leave?"

    The letter was long, and Qin Feng read every word with extreme earnestness. Parts of the letter were crinkled; it was clearly due to the tears Bai Qing dropped while writing the letter.

    Qin Feng laughed bitterly. In the end, he raced over without researching Bai Qing's old home. His memory slowly became hazy and he returned to that morning five years ago.

    Five years ago, Qin Feng was even younger and more vibrant. Besides having brought Zhao Ling Xian breakfast at school, this was his first time buying breakfast for any other woman. To make the breakfast more rich, Qin Feng ran to Acropolis' most famous breakfast shop. He bought 16 different meals, but when he rushed excitedly back to the hotel with his arms full, everything was over.

    The room was already checked out, and there was no one inside. It was a lower chance than winning the lottery to see a girl like her in the vast ocean of people, develop a relationship with her, and love her upon waking up.

    This hedonistic young master finally experienced his first love and the hazy happiness that came with it. His heart was filled with a sweetness, but this subtle emotion was like multicolored bubbles that burst upon a touch.

    "Why... why didn't you wait for me a bit longer before leaving?"

    This is what Qin Feng said to the empty room that year, and this is what he really wanted to say to Bai Qing now as he stood in the lobby of the Royal Hotel.

    Originally, he came to look for Bai Qing while filled with fervor. He wanted to revive and revisit memories with Bai Qing during lunchtime. However, Bai Qing returned to her old home. Qin Feng felt a bit depressed and returned directly to the Qin Manor in preparation of sleeping and forgetting all of these headaches...

    At Royal Group's employee dining area, Xu Ruo Rou ate her meal alone for the second day. She wasn't quite used to not having Qin Feng with her. After lining up on her own and getting her food, she sat at an empty corner and ate her lunch listlessly.

    Suddenly, a tall and handsome man sat across from her. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou with a smile: "How do you do, Beauty? I'm the gold medal analyst in the Finance Department, Lin Shuai."

    Xu Ruo Rou had a bit of an impression of Lin Shuai from the last time Qin Feng caused a ruckus in the lunchroom by kicking down the glass wall between the normal employees and upper management areas. This man stood out and confronted Qin Feng, so Xu Ruo Rou did not have a good impression of him.

    However, Xu Ruo Rou still couldn't pretend she didn't see Lin Shuai. She didn't shake his extended hand, but she still nodded at him politely before lowering her head, eating, and minding her own business.

    Lin Shuai's hand was suspended midair, and he clearly looked a bit awkward. He quickly retracted his hand, and a coldness passed over his eyes. His original target was Han Ying Ying, but Han Ying Ying was always domineering and fierce. She didn't talk to other employees unless it was about work, and she always expressed a coldness and distance towards male employees in particular.

    Lin Shuai couldn't obtain Han Ying Ying at the moment, so he moved his battle. He had his eye on the pure jade beauty of the Sales Department Xu Ruo Rou since he saw her at the lunchroom that day. After that, Xu Ruo Rou's slender and young body floated through his mind from time to time.
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