Chapter 177 - Lin Shuais Bad Intentions

    Chapter 177 - Lin Shuai's Bad Intentions

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    As the gold medal analyst of the Finance Department, it was understandable that Lin Shuai couldn't take Chairman Qin's assistant, but could he not even take a normal sales representative of the Sales Department?

    "Beauty, suddenly sitting here isn't disrupting your meal, is it?" Lin Shuai was a student of great ability that studied abroad in the United States. He didn't learn anything from America, but he learned techniques to pick up girls.

    These techniques could be summed up in a couple of phrases: pretend to be a gentleman, show status, act rich, and act like a hero.

    When faced with girls with different personalities, one must express different focal points. For a pure girl who had just graduated from college like Xu Ruo Rou, he pretended to be a gentleman and emphasized his status.

    It just so happened that these two were Lin Shuai's forte, and he acted like he had already won in regards to taking Xu Ruo Rou.

    Xu Ruo Rou lightly shook her head and didn't speak to Lin Shuai. She continued to quietly eat the food in her bowl.

    "Beauty, I still don't know your name." Lin Shuai already asked around and learned all about Xu Ruo Rou, and he was pretending that he met her by chance.

    "Xu Ruo Rou."

    "Haha, this name sounds lovely and refined, just like you." Lin Shuai smiled openly. He picked up a portion of steak from his tray and extended it to her: "Ruo Rou, I see that you didn't get the steak, you can have my portion."

    The whole time, Ruo Rou was occupied with eating with her head lowered. She wanted to eat quickly and then leave, so she didn't notice Lin Shuai's movements. She saw a portion of steak suddenly drop into her bowl and only felt disgust. She didn't feel moved or any sort of warmth.

    "I-I have stuff to do, so I'll be leaving first." Xu Ruo Rou pouted her lips and stood up. She would not eat this rice any longer. She then turned to leave.

    As a veteran in courting girls, Lin Shuai rarely failed. At the moment, he couldn't even take care of a normal sales representative in the Sales Department. It was like a shadowless hand ruthlessly slapped him twice. His expression changed, and his expression reverted back to a smile as he blocked Xu Ruo Rou: "Ruo Rou, are you free tonight? I'll drive you to eat authentic German cuisine after work, and then we can go see a movie and go for a spin after. What do you think?"

    A Western meal, movie, and going for a spin. Just thinking about such a beautiful image would make most women nod with excitement. However, Xu Ruo Rou wasn't that kind of materialistic woman. Though she was weak, she was intelligent, and she could see through Lin Shuai and his intentions with one glance.

    "I'm sorry, I have to hurry home and get work done tonight so I don't have time." Xu Ruo Rou found that Qin Feng's teachings had some effect-at least now her heart didn't beat as quickly now as it did when she first lied.

    "Haha, that's fine. Then when the beautiful Ruo Rou has free time, you can come find me." Lin Shuai smiled and didn't continue to press her. Otherwise, that would produce an opposite effect.

    Lin Shuai's expression dropped more and more as he watched Xu Ruo Rou's elegant, graceful, and lovely figure walk further and further into the distance. He suddenly walked up to another table and sat beside a middle-aged man wearing glasses.

    This man was Wang Chao, and his current favorite ass-kisser Xiao Zhang sat across from him. Xiao Zhang was currently in the midst of wild ass-kissery. He made Wang Chao so happy that Wang Chao couldn't conceal his smile.

    "M-manager Lin." Once Lin Shuai suddenly sat, Wang Chao put away his smile and greeted Lin Shuai in an attempt to win his favor.

    "Group Leader Wang, how have you been?" Lin Shuai smiled.

    "Good, good, I'm doing very well." Normally, this Lin Shuai of the Finance Department would look down on a little group leader like Wang Chao. Now that he took the initiative to sit with him, Wang Chao asked with a bit of suspicion: "Manager Lin, how have you been lately?"

    "Alright." Lin Shuai smiled openly. Then, his expression fell: "Hey, I've encountered a little road bump, and I'm afraid I need to ask for your help, Group Leader Wang."

    Wang Chao really couldn't think of what he'd be able to help Lin Shuai with, but he immediately said with all smiles: "Manager Lin is looking for my help because you don't look down on me. As long as it is something within my power, I definitely would not back down."

    Lin Shuai waved his hand and laughed: "Group Leader Wang is too serious. Actually, it's just a small matter to you."

    "Please speak Manager Lin. If I can help, I certainly will," Wang Chao said with propriety.

    Lin Shuai didn't rush to say what the matter was. He glanced at Xiao Zhang who was sitting across from them, and Wang Chao immediately understood. He said to Xiao Zhang: "Xiao Zhang, if you're done eating, hurry back to work. It's almost the end of the month, and we have to quickly finish up the performance reports for the employees in the Sales Department."

    As an ass-kisser, Xiao Zhang's had very good awareness. Though he hadn't eaten two bites of his food, he immediately rose and smilingly took his leave: "Group Leader Wang is right, then I'll go work hard. I hope the two of you enjoy your meal."

    Only after seeing that Xiao Zhang walked very far away, Lin Shuai said lowly: "Group Leader Wang, that Xu Ruo Rou is an employee from your Sales Department, right?"

    Wang Chao's expression shifted slightly and he instantly understood Lin Shuai's meaning. It seemed that even people from the Finance Department had their sights on Xu Ruo Rou. They were clearly fighting with Wang Chao for a delicacy. Though he was a bit angry internally, due to Lin Shuai's status, he could only say with a jolly smile: "Manager Lin, Xu Ruo Rou is a part of our Sales Department, and she also reports to me."

    Lin Shuai's eyes brightened. It seemed that he found the right person. He immediately said: "Group Leader Wang, what is this Xu Ruo Rou's situation in the Sales Department? I mean her living condition. Do you get what I mean?"

    "I understand, of course I understand." Wang Chao's face was filled with a vulgar smile. He said: "Manager Lin, Xu Ruo Rou has good inherent qualities, she keeps herself fresh and pure, and is not good at expressing herself. But..."

    After speaking up to that point, Wang Chao paused. Since Lin Shuai also wanted to hit on Xu Ruo Rou, Wang Chao didn't mind pitting this opponent against Qin Feng so they could fight to the death.

    "But what?" Lin Shuai asked anxiously.

    He liked Xu Ruo Rou more and more. After all, maybe this girl was a young bird. She was so beautiful and her body was so seductive, who wouldn't want to get on her?

    "But Xu Ruo Rou is pretty close to that Qin Feng in the Sales Department. They seem to be a couple since they come to work together often and eat together at lunch... Hey, that girl Xu Ruo Rou is so intelligent, obedient, and beautiful, I think she would make a good match with you, Manager Lin. It would be a match made in heaven between a talented man and a beautiful woman. Who knows what this girl is thinking for hanging out with someone with no future like Qin Feng? In her position, an even purer lotus would be tainted."

    While speaking, Wang Chao purposely peeked at Lin Shuai's expression to find a shade of cold hatred flash through his face. Wang Chao felt extremely good about himself. Lin Shuai fell quiet for an instant, then said calmly: "Group Leader Wang, to be honest, I've always treated you as a good friend so there's no need to keep anything from you. I've taken a liking to Xu Ruo Rou, and like you said, how could we let a beast like Qin Feng pollute such a good lady like Ruo Rou? I hope Group Leader Wang can help me win Ruo Rou as soon as possible."
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