Chapter 178 - The Wronged Xu Ruo Rou

    Chapter 178 - The Wronged Xu Ruo Rou

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    Wang Chao's heart dropped. This Lin Shuai really did want to pick up Xu Ruo Rou. He continued with a face full of smiles and said: "That's right, that's right. Naturally I'd help Manager Lin with something as small as this, but how do you want me to help?"

    "Group Leader Wang, what do you think about this?" Lin Shuai smiled with confidence: "Beginning from today, just intentionally cause problems for Xu Ruo Rou and give her more projects to make it more difficult for her. After a while, Xu Ruo Rou definitely won't be able to take it. Then, covertly remind her that she has to form connections in the workplace. If she knew people in upper management in Royal Hotel, her days would certainly be easy and happy. The best would be to bring up me as a commendable candidate so Xu Ruo Rou would feel that her life in Royal Group would be easy if she got on my good side. Then, after time passes, I believe that I won't need to look for her, and she'd deliver herself to my doorstep."

    Lin Shuai's idea was pretty good. After hearing it, Wang Chao even regretted not using this idea to pressure Xu Ruo Rou and force her to submit.

    "Very well, Manager Lin. You're head is pretty good to be able to think of such a good idea." Wang Chao praised him insincerely.

    Lin Shuai laughed and felt good about himself: "Haha, then I'll be troubling you in the future Group Leader Wang. If you're free this weekend, I'll treat you to some golf."

    "Haha, Manager Lin is too polite. These small matters aren't worth mentioning."


    Wang Chao and Manager Lin chatted for the whole lunchtime, and they chatted in collusion very happily. Once Wang Chao stepped into his office, he used the office phone to call Xu Ruo Rou into his office.

    "Group Leader Wang, you were looking for me?" Xu Ruo Rou arrived in Wang Chao's office. Ever since that time Wang Chao clearly expressed his vulgar conduct, Xu Ruo Rou had kept her distance from him. Now, when standing in his office, she stood over a meter away from his desk.

    Wang Chao's face fell. He yelled at Xu Ruo Rou: "Why are you standing so far away, am I going to eat you? Stand closer so talking to you won't be such an effort."

    Xu Ruo Rou felt wronged. She pouted her lips and walked closer.

    Wang Chao harshly threw a stack of sales reports on the desk, leaned on his chair, propped both legs on the work desk, and coldly sized up Xu Ruo Rou: "Xu Ruo Rou, what did you do this month? The month is almost over, and you haven't taken a single large project, all of them are small, sesame seed-sized projects. Do you not want to work anymore?"

    Wang Chao's sudden burst of anger made Xu Ruo Rou jump in fright. She immediately waved her arms and said anxiously: "No Group Leader Wang, that's not it. I began working in the middle of last month, and it's only been a little over a month now. I don't know that many customers, but I'm working hard to dig up some hidden clientele. I hope Group Leader Wang will give me some more time. Don't fire me for real."

    To tell the truth, it was extremely normal for a new employee like Xu Ruo Rou not to have great results during the first month. At least Xu Ruo Rou had some small projects. She was considered the newbie with the best performance, so it was clear that Wang Chao was looking to make things difficult.

    "Give you more time?" Wang Chao harshly slapped the table and yelled fiercely: "You think the company is a charity? If I give you another day, that's another day's worth of pay. You think time isn't money? How could there be so much time for you to waste? ...the Royal Group is the most outstanding company from Acropolis City, it's even famous and celebrated in Yun Province. There are so many people lining up to work here. Do you think opportunities don't need money?"

    "Oh Xu Ruo Rou, Xu Ruo Rou, what do you want me to say? You're a girl who has just graduated from college, so you should focus on work. Don't go around partaking in some office romance all day. Do you think I'm blind? Royal Group forbids office romances, and once they're discovered, you'll be terminated immediately." Wang Chao's yelling got louder, scaring Xu Ruo Rou into taking two steps back involuntarily.

    "Group Leader Wang I-I'm not dating." Xu Ruo Rou lowered her head and spoke cautiously.

    "Bullsh*t." Wang Chao became even more agitated: "You hang around that Qin Feng all day. Just you wait, that brat's month was worse than yours. Until now, he hasn't even made a cent. At the end of the month, I think he's going to be fired. At that time, you can leave with him."

    Xu Ruo Rou became afraid. It wasn't easy for her to get into Royal Group using her education and abilities. She could not get fired, she relied on herself for a good number of years already, and if she lost her job, she wouldn't be able to feed herself.

    "Group Leader Wang, I-I'm just friends with Qin Feng, we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend." Xu Ruo Rou added quietly: "A-and Qin Feng is actually pretty hard-working. I hope Group Leader Wang doesn't fire us."

    "Look at this, look at this, and you said there was nothing going on between the two of you?" Wang Chao got up from the chair and arrived before Xu Ruo Rou. He pointed at her and said: "You're now beyond salvation, and you're even defending that brat Qin Feng.

    "Alright, I don't have time to talk to you about nonsense. The end of the month is coming, and every end of the month the Sales Department has a performance review. I have the power to terminate the person at the bottom of the list. You do what you need to.

    "Also, if I see you and Qin Feng whisper sweet nothings to one another in the office, I'll immediately report it to upper management and you two will have to f*cking leave!"

    After getting ruthlessly scolded by Wang Chao, Xu Ruo Rou walked out of the office and her mood dropped to the depths of the valley. She felt that she was hard-working enough, and she and Qin Feng were just friends. Though Qin Feng always took advantage of her, at least she never thought about liking or loving him.

    She never thought about wanting to date. She had just come into society and almost couldn't feed herself. Plus, there were also some family matters pressing down on her. She didn't know what to do anymore.

    Xu Ruo Rou sat in front of her own work desk and stared at the empty desk across from her in a daze. She felt wronged, very wronged.


    Qin Feng slept extremely well because he lay on the balcony under a parasol and slept in the nude. A light breeze caressed his body like the jade hand of a lover.

    He leaned drowsily on the chair, and found that once he slept, day became night. He was in the midst of recollecting the lovely feeling of sleep when a phone call shattered his delight.

    "F*ck, who is it?" It was an unfamiliar number, and Qin Feng was really angry.

    "Young Master Qin, I'm Long-hair. You haven't forgotten us three brothers, have you?" Once the call connected, a fawning voice passed through the phone.

    Qin Feng quickly remembered Long-hair and his other two brothers. The first time he saw them was in the Northern District Sub-Bureau prison. Afterwards, Qin Feng bailed them out of jail and they helped him take care of Liang Zhen Wei's corpse. After that, when Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou went to the Vodya Department Store to collect a debt from Chairman Xu, Chairman Xu called over the three brothers. At the time, Qin Feng had given them a task: he gave them thirty thousand yuan to take one of the Wild Wolf Gang's territories within a week, and use that territory as a foundation to take over the entire Wild Wolf Gang in the Northwestern District.
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