Chapter 179 - So Youre Not Called "Brother Cat"?

    Chapter 179 - So You're Not Called "Brother Cat"?

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    Ten days had passed since their previous exchange. Qin Feng asked casually: "Are you guys done with the matters I instructed you about?"

    "Young Master Qin, we completed that long ago." Long-hair's chuckles passed through the phone: "When we got the money, we formed a new power. In five days, we took a small territory in the Northern District. These past couple of days, we were just waiting for Young Master Qin to find us, but we hadn't gotten any news from you. Originally, we were worried that Young Master Qin was a very busy person and we were worried we'd bother you, but half a month had passed so quickly, so we took the initiative to call you and report the situation."

    "Where is the new territory you've occupied?" Qin Feng asked directly.

    "Young Master Qin, it's the Fei Tian Bar, the one on the pedestrian walkway that used to be the most famous in the Northern District." Long-hair said this with a bit of pride. This Fei Tian Bar was the one with the best business in the Northern District. It wasn't easy taking this territory, so this showed that the three brothers were pretty capable.

    "Okay, then I'll go look." Qin Feng hung up and rode his 28" bicycle to the Fei Tian Bar.

    Fei Tian Bar was a famous bar on the busiest walkway in the Northern District. When Qin Feng was in high school, he was a frequent customer of this bar. But when he went to college, the quality of his taste became higher, so he went to high class clubhouses and rarely went to places like bars.

    It was currently past nine at night, which was when the bar's business was the best. Qin Feng stood outside the door of the Fei Tian Bar. He realized how popular the bar was when he saw the endless stream of people coming and going.

    When he walked into the Fei Tian Bar, he was struck by deafening music, garish, head-shaking lights, and men and women wildly flipping their hair and twisting their bodies. Qin Feng felt as though he had returned to high school. Back then, right after school ended, he wouldn't go home. Instead, he went straight to the bar. It was also the bar where he met Bai Qing that time.

    The corner of Qin Feng's lips quirked. He felt that this bar wasn't bad.

    He first strolled around the bar and watched the flow of customers and the bar's decorations. The bar was unordinarily bustling, and the decorations had changed from before-they were more modern. This territory was clearly a vital one for the Wild Wolf Gang. Who would have known that Long-hair and his brothers would be able to take it in a week? Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction.

    "Stinking woman, it's your luck that your elder wants to pick you up, and you're f*cking evading me? What the hell, are you looking down on me?" Qin Feng was in the midst of examining the bar's condition when a yell came from behind him. He turned to look and saw five large, bare-armed men with tattoos surrounding a girl and causing a ruckus.

    The girl wore a clean and simple white tracksuit. Her hair was tied into a little ponytail on the back of her head, revealing her clean and attractive forehead. They say that the most effective way to test a beauty is through a simple ponytail that reveals the forehead. This beauty before him was clearly a natural beauty with no bad angles.

    She looked to be a college student, and was brimming with youth and vigor. At the moment, even though she stood in the middle of a large group of hoodlums, she didn't look too nervous. She just looked coldly at these good-for-nothings and said clearly: "That's right, your mother is f*cking looking down on you. What are you going to f*cking do about it?"

    Once she opened her mouth, Qin Feng's mouth suddenly quirked and he almost stumbled and fell to the ground. So you really can't judge people by their appearances. This was f*cking too large of a difference.


    Amongst the five bare-armed and tattooed men, a man who had a tattoo that looked both like a tiger and a cat roughly grabbed an empty beer bottle on the table. The bottle immediately shattered and a fair amount of glass shards flew out. He held the sharp end of the bottle, pointed it at the young beauty, and said maliciously: "F*ck, you stinking woman. If you don't obediently lick your elder's body today, then I'll scratch up your face so you f*cking turn into a ghost!"

    The young beauty was so angry that her face darkened. She clenched her small pink fists and said coldly: "Don't be f*cking delusional and f*ck off!"

    "Tch, your elder likes the ones with strong personalities like you. If you don't want to take the initiative, then your elder will use force today." The tiger-tattooed man was already angry. He extended his arm to slap the young beauty.

    But, his slap didn't make an impact, and a crisp slap resounded off his face.

    This young beauty wasn't only savage when cursing at people, she was just as quick, accurate, and ruthless at hitting people. She didn't wait for the tiger-tattooed man to come to his senses and sent over a second slap.


    Though her lily-white hand was slender and fragrant, the slap still hurt quite a lot. The tiger-tattooed man immediately gave a strange cry and came back to his senses: "F*ck, all of your attack her, tear off all of this b*tch's clothes, throw her onto the dance floor, and let all the men feel her up."

    These five men were angry, but the young beauty was angrier.

    She took the broken beer bottle from the tiger-tattooed man's hand and stabbed it into his stomach without hesitation. Fresh blood instantly flowed out and formed a pool. In order to show off, this dunce didn't wear a top. Now, he was taught a bloody lesson.

    "Ah... B-b*tch. How dare you stab your elder. Hurry, attack, kill her. I can't do it anymore, I'm about to die!" That tiger-tattooed man was so frightened to death by the stab. He covered his stomach and squatted motionlessly on the ground.

    The remaining four brothers immediately rushed over. One of the hoodlums kicked the young beauty's stomach. She was a thin and weak girl, so she directly fell off the platform and landed at Qin Feng's feet.

    The four men quickly caught up to her. The young beauty hid behind Qin Feng and looked at the four people in alarm.

    When the four moved, the young beauty moved as well; when the four circled Qin Feng, so did she. It felt like a game of "Eagle Catching Little Chicks." Qin Feng really wanted to ask them if they ever asked him how he felt.

    "F*ck, get out of the way you brat, move to the side!" One of them yelled angrily.

    After chasing the young beauty for half a day, these people vented their anger on Qin Feng. One of them threw a punch at Qin Feng's face.


    There was a dull sound, and Qin Feng stood there casually and upright like before. Meanwhile, the man who wanted to hit Qin Feng already flew away and lay beside the tiger-tattooed man. He was in so much pain that he wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf.

    The remaining three that were about to rush forward stopped abruptly and looked at Qin Feng with terror. They looked as though they had seen a strange monster. They were not even a meter away from Qin Feng, yet even at this close of a distance, they didn't see how Qin Feng made his move.

    He was as fast as lightning and his moves were very simple.

    A fist went out and came back in in less than a second and knocked over a grown man.

    "Y-you brat, don't f*cking cause trouble, we're all just getting along in society. Y-you hurry and f*ck off." The three stared blankly for a while, but they pretended to be calm and glared at Qin Feng in a lofty manner.

    "I'm not meddling, I'm just standing here. I haven't even moved." Qin Feng said with a wronged expression.

    The three looked at one another, and their expressions turned cold. They brandished their fists and pounded at Qin Feng again. They believed that Qin Feng hadn't moved because they really hadn't seen him move.

    It was no longer important how that brat A-Pao was sent flying.

    "Brat, I'll let you f*cking stand there as a hinderance. Your elder..."


    Another person hooted at Qin Feng. He hadn't finished speaking and was directly sent flying. He landed between the tiger-tattooed man and A-Pao.

    This time, even if the remaining two people were stupider, they'd understand that Qin Feng hit these people. Though they still didn't see Qin Feng move, they didn't dare give Qin Feng a lesson. They felt as though Qin Feng was a devil that knew magic, and that he could just stand there and use his thoughts to hit people.

    "F*ck, what are you guys doing here? Where's the woman your elder told you to capture?" The tiger-tattooed man squatted on the ground for a long while, and he suddenly ran up toward Qin Feng. He realized that the glass shards just caused some skin damage. Though it looked like he lost a lot of blood, in actuality, he was fine.

    "Elder Brother, we were capturing the girl, but someone came to cause trouble." The only two remaining lackeys said immediately.

    "Who f*cking dared to cause trouble with this elder?" The tiger-tattooed man patted his stomach grandly. He suddenly patted his wound and immediately bent like a dried shrimp due to the pain: "Cough cough... w-who is looking for trouble? Step out."

    "It's him," the two lackeys said in unison while pointing at Qin Feng.

    These people were too dishonest. The two didn't dare make a move, and they shifted the conflict onto their big brother. Wasn't the big brother used to be betrayed?

    "Stinking brat, are you f*cking looking for trouble?" The tiger-tattooed man glared viciously at Qin Feng and pointed at his nose. He asked with bullishness: "Do you know who your elder is?"

    "You must be Brother Cat." Qin Feng said with seriousness.

    The tiger-tattooed man was slightly stunned: "Who told you I was Brother Cat?"

    "There's a huge tattoo of a cat on your arm. Aren't you called Brother Cat?"

    "A cat? Open your eyes and look clearly, what is your elder's tattoo of?" The tiger-tattooed man was so angry that he wanted to spit blood. After all, Qin Feng wasn't the first one to say his tattoo looked like a large cat.

    Thus, he specifically brought his brothers to wreck the dog sh*t tattoo shop and beat up the boss.

    "F*ck, look f*cking closely this time brat. If you say the wrong thing, your elder will kill you!" He clearly got a tiger tattoo, yet people always said it was a cat. The tiger-tattooed man was so angry that he wanted to bite someone.

    Now, he even forgot that Qin Feng was looking for trouble. He wanted to prove that his tattoo was really a f*cking tiger.

    Qin Feng leaned in and lowered his head to look more closely. He said earnestly: "It's not a cat, it's not a cat. So it was Doraemon!"

    "Brother Cat, say, you're a grown man, why would you tattoo Doraemon on your arm? You really have interesting taste."

    The tiger-tattooed man's expression burst into a flower, and the flower immediately withered right after. His face became sinister, and a hate-filled, vengeful fist punched towards Qin Feng.

    "F*ck, your elder's f*cking tattoo is a large..."


    When the tiger-tattooed man had just gotten to the important part, there was a loud sound. He flew outwards and accurately fell back to the place that he was squatting at before.
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