Chapter 181 - Feng Group? Are You Kidding Me?

    Chapter 181 - Feng Group? Are You Kidding Me?

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng wasn't only able to walk sideways in Acropolis City, he could walk however he wanted to. He shook his head and said: "No, your group is still too weak."

    Qin Feng wanted to talk to Liu Wen Jing about how to expand the Wen Group, and Liu Wen Jing misunderstood him. She thought he was rejecting her again and said quickly: "Qin Feng, if you're willing to join the Wen Group, I can be your girlfriend right now."

    Qin Feng suddenly became serious, and said extremely earnestly: "Didn't I already agree to join the Wen Group? I just want to talk about the next steps and the tactics for expansion."

    Liu Wen Jing was briefly shocked, then suddenly smiled charmingly: "Right, right, you did agree. Then I'll tell you about our most recent plans.

    "Our current abilities are comparatively lacking, so we need to take action on the little powers that sprung up most recently, defeat them, and take their power." Once she began talking about the Wen Group, Liu Wen Jing became earnest: "I've done some research recently, and in these past couple of days, there's a newly arisen power called the 'Feng Group.' I believe that since they have just arisen, they don't have that many people. We're preparing to make a move on this group in the next couple of days.

    "Qin Feng, during that time, you'll certainly come help us right?" Then, Liu Wen Jing added: "If we take down the Feng Group that day, we'll go celebrate at night. After we're done with our celebratory drinks, you can take me anywhere to do anything."

    "Of course." Qin Feng said firmly: "As a member of the Wen group, this fight has to be loud and clear, so of course I'll participate."

    Liu Wen Jing took the initiative to sit beside Qin Feng at once and naturally hugged his arm. She said: "Dearest, then leave me some way to contact you. When we set off, I'll call you."

    Qin Feng told her his cell phone number and Liu Wen Jing immediately saved it under "Dearest" before putting her phone back away. She had a self-satisfied smile and gave Qin Feng a peck on the face as light as a dragonfly touching the water.

    "Dearest, that was my first kiss. I'll go back and tell everyone about you joining the Wen Group to make them happy." After kissing Qin Feng, Liu Wen Jing ran away with her face slightly flushed.

    Qin Feng touched the spot that she kissed and shook his head. He pulled out his phone and called Long-hair.

    Not a minute after hanging up, Long-hair appeared by the dance floor of the bar and looked around for someone. Qin Feng took the initiative to walk over. He patted Long-hair from behind, and Long-hair shouted loudly with excitement when he turned to see Qin Feng.

    "Young Master Qin, you finally had time to come over... What do you think? Are you satisfied with what we three brothers have accomplished?"

    "Not bad, keep up the good work," Qin Feng said with a nod.

    "Don't worry Young Master Qin, we'll continue to work hard." After getting complimented by Qin Feng, Long-hair was even more excited: "Young Master Qin, come with me, we'll go talk inside."

    Long-hair brought Qin Feng past a good number of tables. Then, they arrived to the innermost private rooms of the bar and passed through another collection of private rooms. Lastly, they arrived at a secluded little pathway. After getting to the end of the path, he opened a set of imposing red double doors. Inside was a large room that was hundred square meters.

    The doorway of the room had a red carpet extending tens of meters, and there was a row of youths standing on both sides of it. Each of them had their heads raised, chests puffed and in high spirits. They were as serious as one would be when receiving a senior official. Wherever Qin Feng went, the two sides would resound with: "Young Master Qin is mighty, the Feng Group is mighty!"

    "Young Master Qin is mighty, the Feng Group is mighty!"

    "Young Master Qin is mighty, the Feng Group is mighty!"

    Qin Feng walked to the end of the red carpet. It wasn't until then that the bold cheering stopped. However, the sounds still echoed through the room. At this time, the baldie and man with the wolf-tattoo welcomed Qin Feng with smiles. Taking into account the long-haired man behind Qin Feng, the three brothers were now all present.

    "Young Master Qin, are you satisfied?" Long-hair asked with a happy smile.

    "Not bad, not bad." Qin Feng furrowed his eyebrows slightly and said: "That's right, what's our newly-formed group called? I wasn't really paying attention at first."

    "Young Master Qin, it's called the Feng Group." The man with the wolf tattoo said with a smile: "It's your name, Young Master Qin. It's the word 'Feng' from the phrase 'Feng Ye.' And that's how we got the 'Feng Group.'" [TLN: "Feng Ye" translates to "maple leaf."]

    "This name isn't bad, I like it." Qin Feng smiled and found that these three brothers were quite dependable. But, his smile became stiff halfway. He grabbed the man with the wolf tattoo by the collar and shouted: "What is this group called? Feng Group? Are you kidding me?"

    Qin Feng suddenly thought about Liu Wen Jing. The first new power she wanted to deal with was the Feng Group.

    The name "Feng Group" was decided on after a lot of deliberation. It was simple, tyrannical, and didn't lose any elegance. The most important part was that it was also created based on Young Master Qin's name. The three thought this name was pretty good, so they were so shocked that they trembled from head to toe now that Qin Feng had randomly become angry.

    The man with the wolf tattoo whose collar Qin Feng held was even more afraid. He said: "Young Master Qin... I-if you don't like the name, I-I'll change it immediately. You choose one yourself; choose whatever you like!"

    Qin Feng had only become agitated because he had just thought of the matter regarding Liu Wen Jing and the Feng Group. Now that his emotions were stabilized, he let go of the wolf-tattooed man's collar, patted his shoulder, and said: "It's fine, the name is quite good, I was just too moved!"

    The three brothers sighed with relief after hearing Qin Feng's words. This Young Master Qin was indeed someone of importance in the upper society, even his way of expressing excitement was different from everyone else.

    Qin Feng looked around once. This room that was over a hundred square meters was a large office, and was considered the Fei Tian Bar's boss's resting room. At the same time, it could be a small base. This was temporarily the Feng Group's base in the Northern District of Acropolis.

    The room went through lot of renovation. It was clear that the dazzling decorations had a lot of class. Qin Feng walked up to the largest work desk and sat in the owner's seat. He spun a bit, looked out the window to see the night view of the Northern District's pedestrian walkway, and felt a little bit affected.

    Young Master Qin, these office desks were prepared for you. Our Feng Group officially started today, and you're our number one big brother. We believe that under your leadership, our Feng Group will rise to the heavens like the bar's name: 'Fei Tian Bar.' We took this bar because of its name." Long-hair told Qin Feng smilingly. [TLN: "Fei Tian" translates to "soaring to the heavens."]

    Qin Feng nodded. He was thinking more about helping Liu Wen Jing expand her power and completing the quest. He was quiet for a while, then said to Long-hair: "How many people are in our Feng Group?"

    "Young Master Qin, Baldie, Wolf-Tattoo, and I used to be in the Wild Wolf Gang and we didn't have low positions. There were a large group of decent brothers under us, and when they heard that we three brothers were forming a new group, and that there was a mysterious boss backing us, a good amount of brothers fled to us.

    "There are currently thirty-three core members of the Feng Group. Including the members in the outer circle, there are over eighty people. Currently, we three brothers are focusing on the pedestrian walkway in the Northern District. In these couple of days, we've already scattered a whole section of Wild Wolf Gang strongholds so it's our Feng Group's territory," Long-hair told it like it was.

    Qin Feng hadn't paid attention to what the three brothers were doing for a period of time, so if Long-hair didn't take the initiative to call him, he would have forgotten about it. Who knew that after less than half a month the three brothers would build up a considerable force and even have their own territory? It was evident that these three were remarkably capable.

    When he thought about Liu Wen Jing, his face became serious and deliberated about the first fight against the Feng Group. The Wen Group only had 13 people, so if there really was a fight, they wouldn't even know how they died.

    Though Qin Feng had only seen Liu Wen Jing once, he found this girl with the strange personality quite interesting. Good thing she met him today. Otherwise, she would have been beaten into a pig head.

    "Young Master Qin, what should we do next?" After explaining the Feng Group's most recent situation, Long-hair looked at Qin Feng and inquired.

    "The Feng Group has just arisen, so a good number of older powers are watching us. Plus, Acropolis City's powers are in great turmoil, so a lot of them are dividing their territories. Currently, stabilizing our current power is the most important. Then, we can quickly gather forces to build up our power... Let's not be anxious to take territories right now. Go get some dependable people and stabilize the Northern District's pedestrian walkway. We'll wait to act after accumulating more power."

    Qin Feng originally didn't have much interest in developing power in the underground, but the System was jealous of his talents and forced him underground, so Qin Feng could only pay attention to this matter: "As for the problem of money, if you need more, just ask me anytime for some."

    Qin Feng talked to the three brothers at the Fei Tian Bar in detail about the next steps. Then, he returned home to the Qin Manor. Qin Huang and the two beauties finished eating and returned to their respective rooms. Qin Feng thought about his plan to intensify Xu Ruo Rou's training and walked into her room with a smile.

    The room door opened. Xu Ruo Rou wore pink pajamas with cartoons on them and leaned on the headboard of the bed. She held a stack of charts, furrowed her eyebrows, and bit on her pen cap. From time to time, she scribbled something on the chart.

    She was earnest and focused, so she didn't even know when Qin Feng came through the door.

    Qin Feng smiled, tiptoed, and arrived beside Xu Ruo Rou's bed. He suddenly shouted and pounced at her, pressing Xu Ruo Rou beneath his body and onto the bed.

    "Haha, your elder came to a mansion today to steal some money and was able to meet such a beauty. Your elder will do you to death tonight!"

    Qin Feng's intensified training had already begun. This time, he was acting as a rapist.

    Xu Ruo Rou was almost scared to death when Qin Feng suddenly leapt on the bed. She fought wildly. Then, she realized it was Qin Feng, and her heart that had previously jumped to her throat slowly went back to its place.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? You scared me to death!" Xu Ruo Rou glared at Qin Feng and complained.

    "Little b*tch, don't yell. If you yell for someone, I'll cut up your face." Qin Feng held Xu Ruo Rou's hands and pressed down on her thighs to prevent her from moving. He yelled while glaring fiercely at her.
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