Chapter 183 - Golden Assassin Crew

    Chapter 183 - Golden Assassin Crew

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    The beauty leaned languidly on a pillow with a seductive pose. There was not a thread on her body, but the vital parts of her chest were covered by her arm that was holding the book. Her legs were crossed, so nothing could be seen, yet it was even more alluring. This time, the beauty's beautiful long legs were shown completely. The attractive, smooth and flat belly had no excess fat and her full small waist was extremely enchanting.

    One could be sure that this photo was actually taken by a real person, but it was even more enchanting than the photos of beauties that could be downloaded from the internet. The main point was that this kind of captivating picture had both beautiful legs and a beautiful chest.

    However, Qin Feng's gaze was glued to the woman's charming face and ignored her other enchanting parts.

    The woman's beauty wasn't a point of importance, the main point was that Qin Feng knew this woman, it was his superior Li Yu Chen who he had just been fantasizing about.

    Qin Feng was fairly interested in Li Yu Chen, she was an intellectual and beautiful woman. She looked extremely good in professional clothing, and would typically wear ornamental black-rimmed glasses. She was an absolutely enticing white-collar worker.

    In the past when Qin Feng wasn't working, he wasn't interested in white-collar workers. Now that he was working and starting as a sales representative, he was extremely interested in these kinds of office romances-especially the kind involving his female superior. Every time he went to Li Yu Chen's office, he wanted to push her down. However, this superior wasn't really interested in him, and didn't express any hints towards him either.

    He would have never thought that Li Yu Chen was actually a woman that was outwardly cold but inwardly passionate.

    At night, she added him as a friend and sent him alluring pictures. Wait, how did she know about his identity as Young Master Qin?

    "It must have been that last time when Sun Ye and Wang Ying came to show off and buy the villa. Maybe the Deputy Manager of the Administrative Department Wang Jun was too reverent towards him and Li Yu Chen found out who he was." Qin Feng muttered to himself and guessed: "Yes, that must be it."

    After confirming that the other person was Li Yu Chen, Qin Feng immediately became interested. He quickly replied: "Not bad, you really are an exquisite beauty. You can cut in line... Why don't you send me a picture where you're not covering your chest?"

    After sending the picture, Li Yu Chen waited restlessly for the response. When she saw that Young Master Qin had taken a liking to her, she was a bit excited. However, Li Yu Chen was in a difficult situation when she saw his next request.

    After hesitating for a while, she said: "Young Master Qin, we just met tonight, it wouldn't be good to move so quickly... Why don't we chat a bit every night from now on to slowly get to know one another. And when the time is ripe, we can meet, eat a meal, and take the next step?"

    Qin Feng was a bit disappointed when he saw this message, but Li Yu Chen knew his identity. They would see one another frequently in the future at work, so Qin Feng couldn't be too vulgar.

    "Okay, then rest early Beauty and I'll see you tomorrow!" Qin Feng meant that he would see her at work tomorrow.

    Li Yu Chen saw the message and understood it to mean that they would chat again tomorrow night, so she replied: "Good night Young Master Qin, see you tomorrow!"


    Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen thought about one another and slowly drifted into their dreams.

    In an abandoned alley in the outskirts of Acropolis, there was a hair-raising, close-quarter fight going on.

    It was a murderous night where the moon was dark and the winds were high. An elderly man covered in wounds ran for his life. Behind him were four big and large men wearing black suits and black sunglasses.

    The four didn't wear sunglasses at night to look cool, the sunglasses were multi-functional and were currently used as night vision goggles. They could see perfectly clearly in this dark night where one couldn't see their hands in front of them.

    There was no where else to run, this old man faced certain death!

    "W-who are you people? Why are you chasing and trying to kill me?" The old man realized he had nowhere else to run, so he stopped. He panted and looked at the four people.

    "You know who you've offended, and you've found out about the grudges a long time ago. Be satisfied that you've been alive until now." The leading man in black pulled out a pitch black handgun and aimed it at the old man.

    The old man fell limp onto the ground like a deflated ball.

    He wasn't anyone else, he was the Hao Family Elder who had started the war against the Qin Family: Hao Long Tian.

    Hao Long Tian guessed long ago that these people were sent by the Qin Family. It was as the men in black said, the core members of the Hao Family had long been eliminated by the Qin Family, and Hao Long Tian should be satisfied that he lived until now.

    He underestimated Qin Feng's abilities and the Qin Family's power. He originally thought that even if he couldn't win this fight and if they fought a life and death struggle with the Qin Family, he could at least pull them into a bad situation. However, Hao Long Tian didn't even touch a hair on Qin Feng and Qin Huang's bodies and the Hao Family was already about to be completely annihilated.


    There was the sound of gunshots. Hao Long Tian covered his eyes and was prepared to say farewell to his not very satisfactory life.

    Bang bang bang!

    Then there were another three gunshots. Hao Long Tian was immediately roused. He realized that the gunshots weren't fired at him, and he didn't feel the sharp pain of gunshots.

    The scene before his eyes made Hao Long Tian wide-eyed and slack-jawed. The impossibly large Qin Manor security guards that were standing there all fell into pools of blood. Hao Long Tian didn't even hear the cries around him, he only heard four gunshots, and the four people all died.

    This clearly showed the accuracy of the hidden killer's aim.

    They died with one fatal attack, and didn't even have an opportunity to fight back.

    "Who is it? Who's hiding in the shadows? Come out. Hurry and come out!" Hao Tian Long's voice trembled as he yelled out. He couldn't be sure whether the other person was a friend or foe.

    Currently, he was in fear of being killed at any time.

    "Hao Long Tian, correct?" Suddenly, a refreshing breeze blew past Hao Long Tian, and someone suddenly appeared.

    This person was dressed completely in black, and he wore a black mask so one couldn't see what he looked like. He was like a shadowless spirit in the night that left no traces of itself, so he almost scared Hao Tian Long's heart out.

    "What kind of person are you? What do you want to do?" In the face of the man in black, Hao Long Tian had an even more frightened expression.

    "You don't need to know my identity, and more so, you don't need to be afraid I'll harm you." The man's voice was deep. He spoke nonchalantly: "Conversely, I'm here to help you!

    "Help you take revenge and eliminate Qin Feng."

    Once he brought up Qin Feng, the fear in Hao Tian Long's face immediately turned into ruthlessness. He gritted his teeth and said: "Sir, if you'd help me kill Qin Feng, then I'll do anything."

    "I won't help you kill him personally." The man in black's voice was dull from start to finish, it didn't carry a sliver of emotion: "But I can provide you a way to kill Qin Feng."

    While speaking, the man in black tossed a golden business card on the ground. There was gold lettering etched into the card in large letters: "Golden Assassin Crew." The golden words flashed, and it was even more apparent in the night.

    "This is the number one assassin group in the country. They only accept gold as compensation and they've never failed an assignment. You know what to do."
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