Chapter 184 - Multiple Personality Disorder

    Chapter 184 - Multiple Personality Disorder

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    Hao Long Tian immediately picked up the gold business card. There was a cell phone number on it, so this was clearly the method to contact the murder group. He held the business card tightly in his hands as if he were bestowed a precious treasure. He immediately lifted his head and said: "Thank you sir, thank you..."

    After saying half of his sentence, he found that the expert was already gone.

    He came without a shadow and left without a trace like a ghost.

    Ten minutes later in a lone hidden villa in Acropolis, the man in black appeared again. Across from him, an impressive-looking youth lay on a sofa.

    "Second Prince, I've completed the task as you instructed. That Hao Long Tian was impossibly thankful to receive the business card, he's sure to deplete all his money to hire the Golden Assassin Crew to deal with Qin Feng." The man in black spoke respectfully towards the youngl man.

    The second prince played with a piece of jade and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly. He said casually: "Previously, I underestimated Qin Feng's abilities. I don't believe we won't be able to subdue him now that the Golden Assassin Crew will be deployed."

    "Uncle Ghost, you kept a close eye on Hao Long Tian recently, are there any other developments you'd like to report to me? The Qin Family is beginning to have suspicions about my identity, we need to quickly eliminate Qin Feng." The evil smile on the youth's face widened.


    After arguing with Qin Feng, Xu Ruo Rou didn't ride Qin Feng's 28" bicycle. She squeezed onto public transportation to go to work instead. This made Qin Feng gloomy. Right from the morning, he was unhappy.

    Qin Feng got to the company earlier than Xu Ruo Rou and looked at her empty seat. He opened his phone and played games unenthusiastically. After playing for twenty minutes, a familiar scent wafted over. Xu Ruo Rou had just arrived at work. Once she sat down on her seat, she began to prepare the materials she needed for today.

    Recently, she always looked very busy. She didn't raise her head the whole morning. She kept scribbling like her life depended on it and unceasingly called customers on the phone.

    Since he couldn't pass time by teasing Xu Ruo Rou, the morning was extremely long and slow. With a lot of effort, he made it to the lunch break when Xu Ruo Rou then stood up. She instinctively walked up to Qin Feng and stopped. She was about to call Qin Feng to eat together, but she had just opened her mouth when she looked as though she suddenly realized something. She immediately lowered her head and walked away with a bit of disappointment.

    Qin Feng didn't think this little girl would really draw such a clear boundary between them. A gloom arose in his heart. At this time, he just so happened to see Li Yu Chen walk out of her office. Qin Feng immediately followed. He had almost forgotten the outwardly cold and inwardly passionate Li Yu Chen.

    "Chen Chen, let's go eat together."

    Due to last night's flirting, Qin Feng felt much closer to Li Yu Chen. At this time, he called her by a nickname and pinched her raised bottom.

    Li Yu Chen was so shocked that she almost shouted aloud. She looked at Qin Feng with a dark expression. A murderous air filled her lovely eyes and she shouted coldly: "Qin Feng, what are you doing?"

    Li Yu Chen's response was too excitable, and Qin Feng was a little distracted. Last night, didn't she take the initiative to add him, chat with him, and send alluring pictures of herself?

    Could it be that Li Yu Chen had Multiple Personality Disorder?

    She was a cold and arrogant older woman during the day and a bold maiden when she was lonely at night.

    "I came to find you to eat together," Qin Feng stated after coming back to his senses.

    "Are you crazy? Am I close to you? Why would I eat with you?" Li Yu Chen was so angry that she wanted to die. She looked at Qin Feng like she wanted to hack him into ten thousand pieces: "Qin Feng, don't think that because you're part of the Qin Family you can get fresh with everything related to the company. I'll have you know that if you dare to do frivolous things like you just did, I don't care who you are, I'll kick you!"

    After saying these harsh words, Li Yu Chen walked aggressively far away in anger. The crisp clacks of her high heels on the ground expressed her current angry mood.

    Qin Feng was stunned still. He suddenly smiled: "Haha, this woman must have some sort of condition like multiple personality disorder."

    Without Xu Ruo Rou, and with Li Yu Chen going crazy as well, Qin Feng was in no mood to eat. He just returned to his work desk and continued playing games.

    Qin Feng found that he had bad luck with the ladies recently. He and Lin Bei Bei confessed to one another but Lin Bei Bei was a human vegetable; he found his beloved Bai Qing from five years ago, yet she returned to her old home; he thought that with Xu Ruo Rou love would find a way, but even this gal had changed; in the end, he encountered a beautiful superior that was outwardly cold but inwardly passionate but she had a multiple personality disorder.

    Qin Feng suddenly felt that his life was difficult and that the heavens were unfair to him. But, after declaring this complaint, he was afraid he would be struck dead by lightning, so he quietly rescinded it.

    Some people like having someone to worry about them. Qin Feng was now extremely anxious, but Group Leader Wang had an expression of someone flushed with success. He smiled so much that the pockmarks on his face were about to bloom.

    "Haha, Manager Han, I saw that there was no one here, so you wouldn't mind me sitting here right?" Wang Chao was eating in the cafeteria and purposely waited until Han Ying Ying arrived before getting his food.

    After getting his food, Wang Chao arrived beside Han Ying Ying like he was about to ask for her opinion. He already shamelessly sat down.

    Han Ying Ying's name was spread all over Royal Group. She was beautiful and elegant, and arrived as Chairman Qin's secretary. She was swift and decisive, and always put people at a distance-especially the male employees.

    As a little group leader in the sales department, Wang Chao didn't have the guts to peer at Han Ying Ying's beauty. But this afternoon, Wang Chao sat over fearlessly. He didn't eat the wrong medicine, he was made restless by Qin Feng's previous words and wanted to try for himself.

    That brat Qin Feng already had a passionate time in Han Ying Ying's office, and I'm over a hundred times better than that brat, how wouldn't I gain Assistant Han's attention?

    This was what Wang Chao currently thought.

    "Assistant Han, why are you eating so little?" After sitting for a bit, Wang Chao was moved to see that Han Ying Ying didn't shoo him away. He took the initiative to ask: "I know you beauties like to eat less to preserve your figures, but this is bad for your body... Assistant Han, I happen to know a friend that has a gym. How about I help you start a membership card with them after work today?"

    Han Ying Ying lowered her head and ate her food. The whole time, she didn't look directly at Wang Chao. She was a bit puzzled internally. Had this Wang Chao gotten his head squeezed by a car door in the morning traffic? Why did he take the initiative to run to her and look for unhappiness?

    "No need," Han Ying Ying said coldly.

    Since she was at Uncle Qin's company to learn about management, she also had to learn how to manage relationships between superiors and lower-leveled employees.

    "Oh Assistant Han, you don't have to be polite with me, we're co-workers. You don't have to reject something so small." Wang Chao almost shouted with joy when Han Ying Ying spoke to him.

    One of his hands secretly extended into his pants pocket and grabbed the condom he prepared. He hesitated and wondered whether or not he wanted to take it out and toss it at Assistant Han.
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