Chapter 186 - A Famous Celebrity

    Chapter 186 - A Famous Celebrity

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    In the dead of the night, there was a dim yellow light shining out of a window on the third floor of the villa. Two beauties lay on a large red spring mattress double bed.

    The two of them wore thin silk custom-made nightdresses. The nightgowns were handmade, and were even more delicate and of a higher quality than a good number of people's formal clothes.

    One gown was dark blue with various flowers embroidered onto it. The other was a light purple with some ancient auspicious items on it. It was extremely fitting and beautiful for these two long-legged beauties to wear these exquisitely-made nightgowns. Their exposed fair and tender skin seemed as soft and smooth as a newborn's. Just by looking at it, one could smell a milky fragrance.

    "Older Sister Qing Xue, your nightgown is so pretty, I really like it. The exquisite flower designs were all embroidered with gold thread, the embroidery is fine, and the material is light and soft. I've never worn something so fitted and comfortable, it's like I'm not wearing anything at all." The beauty wearing dark blue laughed, and her vibrant eyes became crescent moons. Who knew how many fans she mesmerized to death with this smile alone.

    Dong Fang Qing Xue, who wore the light purple nightgown, had a calm expression. She looked at Rao Shi Man and said: "Younger Sister Shi Man, if you like it, then this nightgown is yours."

    A smile immediately blossomed on Ran Shi Man's face. She hugged Dong Fang Qing Xue's arm and smiled: "Older Sister Qing Xue, you're the best!"

    Dong Fang Qing Xue smiled slightly before her expression fell again. Her shapely eyebrows furrowed a bit like she was thinking about something that was bothering her.

    The girl currently hugging Dong Fang Qing Xue's arm had a bit of a background as well. She was this year's top celebrity that was extremely popular both in China and abroad: Rao Shi Man.

    Every one of her movies did extremely well at box offices, and she was a new actress that famous directors fought over. Though she was a new actress that had only debuted for a year, her fame had long surpassed many veterans in the industry.

    Not only did she know how to act and sing, her singing was as vibrant and clear as she was. She debuted with a pure image, and was only twenty years-old, so she brimmed with youthfulness. Ever since her debut, there were no scandals, and she was a pure beauty that could do no wrong in the fans' hearts.

    "Older Sister Qing Xue, it seems like there's something on your mind?" Rao Shi Man blinked mischievously. She could tell that Dong Fang Qing Xue was a little off today.

    "Just a small nuisance. That's right, you're going to Acropolis City in a couple of days?" Dong Fang Qing Xue asked while touching Rao Shi Man's long and beautiful hair.

    Originally, she didn't even know China had an Acropolis City. She lived in the provincial capital and was the Dong Fang Family's sole descendant, so she didn't care about any other city below the capital. After all, those little cities weren't worth mentioning in her eyes.

    However, Dong Fang Qing Xue recently paid a lot of attention to Acropolis. There was only one reason for that: her fiance was in this city.

    "Older Sister Qing Xue, you know about Acropolis City?" Rao Shi Man had a shocked expression. She was really casual and relaxed in Dong Fang Qing Xue's room. If her fans saw this girl-next-door image of her, they would be so excited they wouldn't be able to sleep for several days.

    The paper-making business would also wildly prosper.

    Dong Fang Qing Xue nodded. Her grandfather and Rao Shi Man's grandfather were long-time family friends, so the two were like real sisters. Dong Fang Qing Xue had nothing to hide in front of Rao Shi Man. She suddenly turned towards Rao Shi Man and spoke earnestly.

    "Shi Man, Older Sister Qing Xue wants to ask for your help."

    Rao Shi Man immediately jumped up. She raised her little hand and said: "Older Sister Qing Xue, whatever it is, tell me. Younger Sister Shi Man will certainly do everything she can to help you."

    "It's like this..."

    Dong Fang Qing Xue proceeded to tell Rao Shi Man about the Qin Feng situation.

    Her grandfather Dong Fang Ming Wang set the wedding, and she was especially called back from America because of it. During this time in the capital, Dong Fang Qing Xue researched information about Qin Feng and extremely hated this rich, dissolute, and hedonistic young master. She suggested many times to her grandfather to cancel this wedding, but no matter what she said, Dong Fang Ming Wang wouldn't budge.

    When Dong Fang Qing Xue heard that Rao Shi Man was going to Acropolis City for the opening ceremony of an estate, and that she was staying there for a couple of days, Dong Fang Qing Xue thought of a plan that could help successfully rid herself of this wedding.

    "Wow! Older Sister Qing Xue, you're someone's fiance." After hearing Dong Fang Qing Xue's story, Rao Shi Man gaped and said with exaggeration: "If those rich young masters of the provincial capital heard this, they would jump off buildings. And those Four Hands of the provincial capital, if they knew about this, they would join hands and annihilate Acropolis City's Qin Family."

    The Four Hands of the Provincial Capital that Rao Shi Man mentioned were the four hedonistic young masters of the most prominent families in the capital. All of them had powerful backgrounds and power that could cover the sky. Each of them represented a hand, and with the four hands joined together, they could pretty much hold up the entire sky above the provincial capital.

    Even more people called them the Four Beasts of the Provincial capital because they always did things that not even beasts would do.

    "Younger Sister Shi Man, that Qin Feng is also a hedonistic young master. You know that I hate those people that rely on their family's power, how could I marry him?" Dong Fang looked earnestly at Rao Shi Man and said: "That's why I want to ask you to help me do something this time to cancel the wedding."

    Rao Shi Man and Dong Fang Qing Xue were really close. When Rao Shi Man saw that her older sister was troubled, she immediately expressed her support: "Older Sister Qing Xue, tell me, what should I do?"

    "Little Sister Shi Man, I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you this time." Dong Fang Qing Xue looked at Rao Shi Man with a bit of regret and said: "After going to Acropolis City, find Qin Feng and seduce him. Then, record him trying to violate you. Your older sister will then take the footage and show Grandpa. Grandpa would definitely fly into a rage. At that time, I won't need to open my mouth, and he'll take the initiative to cancel the wedding."

    Rao Shi Man was quiet. This matter really was difficult for her. She was a famous celebrity that had a pure image, how could she take the initiative to seduce a hedonistic young master? If the paparazzi captured this, the results would be unthinkable.

    And maybe before getting some useful footage, she'd be violated by that horrible Qin Feng. That would be even worse.

    After Dong Fang Qing Xue was done speaking, she shook her head and hugged Rao Shi Man lightly. She said gently: "No no, Younger Sister Shi Man, pretend your older sister didn't say anything. How could I let you do something like that? I've just been too annoyed by this wedding that I lost my senses."

    Rao Shi Man said nothing. She could feel the concern and love Dong Fang Qing Xue felt towards her.

    When she had just debuted, a lot of older princes in the provincial capital wanted to spend lots of money to buy her first night. When Dong Fang Qing Xue found out about this, she used the Dong Fang Family's power to eradicate these men's families. There was a pretty large effect to this situation, and in the end, everyone in the capital knew Rao Shi Man was protected by the Dong Fang Family so no one dared to have any crooked thoughts about her again.

    She always treated Dong Fang Qing Xue like her real older sister. She knew that her older sister had extremely high standards, and marrying her to an idle hedonistic young master was the equivalent of killing her.

    Rao Shi Man said nothing, but this didn't mean she didn't have her own thoughts. She already decided that she'd meet that hedonistic young master when she went to Acropolis and find a way to get some footage that benefited Older Sister Qing Xue to get rid of her marriage problem.
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