Chapter 187 - Lets All Give a Warm Welcome

    Chapter 187 - Let's All Give a Warm Welcome

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng had a bad couple of days, and he was extremely bored at work.

    Xu Ruo Rou was independent as ever and kept at a cold distance from Qin Feng. Li Yu Chen said she had to think about it, and three days had passed, yet there was no answer.

    Now, once she saw Qin Feng in the company, she acted like a mouse who saw a cat: if she could hide, she did.

    Qin Feng felt really depressed. He hadn't done anything, so how did things come to this? After getting off work, he rode his low-key 28" bicycle alone and prepared to rush back to the Qin Manor when his cell phone suddenly rang.

    When he saw the unfamiliar number on the screen, Qin Feng answered it coldly: "Who is it?"

    "You're Qin Feng, right?" An uncertain voice passed through the phone.

    In an instant, Qin Feng's expression changed completely and became energetic. After all, it was an extremely pleasant female voice. From Young Master Qin's years of experience picking up girls, he could tell from this pleasant voice alone that the person on the other line was a beautiful woman.

    "I am Qin Feng."

    "Qin Feng, do you still remember me? I'm Liu Wen Jing!" After confirming his identity, the voice became happy.

    Qin Feng thought the beauty's voice sounded kind of familiar. Now that he knew it was Liu Wen Jing, her sunny and pretty face floated into Qin Feng's head.

    "So it's Jing Jing. I kept thinking about you these past couple of days." Qin Feng hadn't even recognized Liu Wen Jing's voice earlier, and now he was smiling shamelessly.

    "Darling, if you're thinking of me, then come look for me!" Liu Wen Jing's voice suddenly became tender and coquettish: "I'm waiting for you at the Ru Jia Hotel on the pedestrian walkway."

    Ru Jia Hotel?

    After ending the call, Qin Feng smiled evilly. He was slightly embarrassed that Liu Wen Jing was so forward.

    It was rush hour after everyone got off work. Qin Feng rode his 28" bicycle through the extremely busy streets, yet his speed never decreased. He was like a gust of wind. With a blow, he arrived at the Ru Jia Hotel across from the Northern District walkway.

    "Qin Feng, here, here!"

    He had just stopped his bicycle when he heard Liu Wen Jing's clear voice. She stood at the entrance of the Ru Jia Hotel and waved him over. Qin Feng pushed his bicycle to the side and greeted her with a smile.

    "Jing Jing, why are you suddenly in the mood to get a room with me?" Once he walked up, Qin Feng held Liu Wen Jing's shoulder.

    Liu Wen Jing instinctively moved away, but she quickly calmed down and took the initiative to take Qin Feng's arm. She said a bit shyly: "Dearest, let's go up first. I've already gotten a room, and I'm just waiting for you!"

    "Okay okay okay, let's go up first." Qin Feng was liking Liu Wen Jing more and more.

    He looked at her, then thought of General Manager Li. When could General Manager Li come to the same awareness as Liu Wen Jing? If so, she would be promoted to higher management in the company. When he thought of Li Yu Chen, Qin Feng shook his head in disappointment. He sighed internally: "Li Yu Chen isn't considering progressing!"

    The two of them were intimate the whole way and arrived at the 11th floor. Under Liu Wen Jing's lead, they arrived at Room 1102. Liu Wen Jing's slender and beautiful hand lightly swiped the room key and the door opened. Qin Feng almost couldn't suppress himself and was about to carry Liu Wen Jing onto the bed. He had just squatted down when his whole body froze.

    He saw a large, scattered group of men sitting on the two beds in the room.

    All of these men were strange shapes and sizes, with various hair types such as green hair, yellow hair, and afros. They wore tank tops and baggy pants. A conservative guess was that there were over ten men.

    They all turned towards the door. Their gazes first fell on Qin Feng and they sized him up with a disdainful and dissatisfied expression. Then, they pinned their gazes onto Liu Wen Jing's body in unison, looking as though they wanted to pull out their eyes and stick them on Liu Wen Jing's chest. Their gazes glowed green. They were clearly a pack of big perverts.

    Qin Feng stood and looked at Liu Wen Jing with seriousness and anger: "What are you doing? You brought me here to play with so many people? Liu Wen Jing, I must say, I have limits!"

    Qin Feng stared at Liu Wen Jing indignantly. He was so angry that his hair was about to stand on its end. Liu Wen Jing knew that Qin Feng misunderstood because she didn't clarify the situation with him. She was just about to explain it all to Qin Feng when he fiercely interrupted her.

    "If we really are going to play, this young master has to go first!" Qin Feng added without rejecting.

    Liu Wen Jing's mouth twitched and she had the urge to slap Qin Feng to death. She didn't continue talking nonsense with Qin Feng and pulled him into the room. She smiled at the audience in the room and began the introductions.

    "Brothers, this is Qin Feng, the one I told you all about a couple of days ago. He is extremely skilled, so I believe that adding him to our Wen Group will double our power and raise it up a level."

    "Come, brothers, let's welcome Qin Feng's arrival with a round of applause!"

    Clap clap clap!

    The audience clapped, but the applause was sparse. These large men leaned on the bed with a careless expression and looked unwelcomingly at Qin Feng.Their collective applause was softer than Liu Wen Jing's.

    Qin Feng was stunned. He wondered if Liu Wen Jing pulled him into a cult. He was just about to ask Liu Wen Jing about the current situation when her cell phone rang.

    "Hey, yes, Older Brother Biao. Okay okay, I'll go get you. I got the room, you can just come up with me!" After hanging up, Liu Wen Jing looked apologetically at the audience, waved, and ran out of the room.

    "Everyone, wait. Another new member has joined the Wen Group!"


    Liu Wen Jing had left for a good while, but Qin Feng hadn't come to his senses. He once again experienced how sh*tty his romantic luck was. It was fine that he couldn't pick up any beauties, and also fine if no beauties presented themselves at his doorstep, but now he was getting played by the beauty. Qin Feng was really mad. He already pulled out his phone in preparation of calling the cops and looking for Liu Bing Bing to arrest these hooligans.

    "Brother, don't stand around like a dummy, sit on this side." He hadn't pressed all the necessary numbers on the phone when a youth with dyed purple hair looked at Qin Feng in contemplation. He stuffed peanuts into his mouth and spoke at the same time: "We all have numbers. You're the fifteenth to join, so you're number fifteen. Even if you stand there, we still won't let you go first."

    Qin Feng hesitated before sitting next to the man with the purple afro. He asked a bit suspiciously: "What order? Does it mean anything?"

    Purple afro looked at Qin Feng disdainfully and shook his head with a smile: "I say brother, since you're already here, what is there to pretend about? After all, we all came with the same intent, so there's no need to hide it. Just be at ease and wait, the fifteenth person will be you."

    Qin Feng still didn't understand. He took the initiative to ask: "Is this the Wen Group's base?"

    Purple afro nodded.

    "Are you all members of the Wen Group?"

    Purple afro nodded again.

    "Is that woman at first Wen Group's boss lady? Does the Wen Group have a large mission tonight? Are we going to annihilate the Feng Group?" Qin Feng asked a string of questions.

    Purple afro was too lazy to nod. He looked despicably at Qin Feng and said: "I say brother, how long are you going to pretend? It's not a lie that we're Wen Group members, and it's also correct that we invited everyone here tonight because the Wen Group is going to make a big move. However, everyone is using the Wen Group's name, and came because they've taken a liking to that gal Liu Wen Jing. Do you think your elders are stupid? There aren't even twenty people in our group and we're going to pick a fight with the Feng Group?

    "Do you know who the bosses of the Feng Group are? They're Long-hair, Wolf-tattoo, and Baldie, priorly vicious members of the Wild Wolf Gang. Though they just built up a new power, the Feng Group has the ability to easily call up hundreds of people. To fight the Feng Group... haha, that little girl is dumb. How could us elders be dumb with her?

    "These elders have a goal tonight. When everyone gets here, we're going to close the door and do this girl together according to the order of arrival. Each person only gets one turn, and after finishing, each person will return to their own homes."

    After saying all this, Purple afro tossed a peanut into his mouth and glanced despicably at Qin Feng. Then, he stopped caring about Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng didn't know what to say. If he didn't have Liu Wen Jing's quest, he would certainly have left. He looked at the room full of large men: some were smoking and some were picking at their feet. Smoke and stinky foot odor wafted through the room. Everyone's faces were filled with happiness and anxiousness. They looked like there were waiting for everyone to arrive before they carried out their big plans.

    "Older Brother Biao, Older Brother Biao is here!" At this time, who knew where Liu Wen Jing got this stalwart and strong man, but she wasn't hugging him. In reality, of the fifteen people present, only Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing and felt the benefits of getting hugged by her all the way up to the room.

    "Everyone welcome our new member Older Brother Biao... He was a prominent member of the Flying Dragon Gang, and a lot of people in the streets heard of his name. It was said that he single-handedly defeated ten people and became famous back then. Our Wen Group's abilities have greatly increased to be able to acquire this bold, powerful, and unrivaled person!

    "Let's all give a round of applause!"

    Every person Liu Wen Jing brought in was first praised, then everyone welcomed him with applause. The couple of hoodlums that came in the beginning gave Liu Wen Jing some face and passionately welcomed the new group members, but now these people saw this scene repeated over ten times, so they were no longer in the mood to clap. They wanted to immediately pounce at Liu Wen Jing and tear off her clothes.

    Those sitting were all small-scale hooligans of Acropolis, so they had heard all kinds of rumors about prominent people. They could tell right away that this dog fart A-Biao and that nonsense about single-handedly defeating ten people were all lies. After all, when they joined Wen Group, they also made up various lies and bragged to make themselves sound great.

    But everyone clearly knew the reality...
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